Friday, July 23, 2010

Today wearing ~ black and etoupe

Today we went 'en famille' to the airport, to pick up friends. I wore a simple cotton piqué dress, and accessorised with a black Clic bracelet, etoupe Picotin and etoupe wedges.

A few months ago, a new Apple store opened near the airport, which is why I think DS and DH were so keen to accompany me, lol. We all had a good time there, and I checked out the iPhone4 and iPad, miraculous devices, both of them. While DH and DS continued to play around..

.. I went to the T. Hilfinger boutique next door, where I scored a gorgeous casual suede jacket and a great pair of jeans, for a cool 50% off. Happy Days! :D


  1. MaiTai.... I love the dress. I need that jacket for fall. It is 103 degrees here today in Georgia. But I can still shop from the computer :-) Have a great weekend with your guests.

    Blessings -P

  2. MaiTai, you are clearly the most gorgeous woman on the planet! I am constantly flabbergasted and inspired by your graceful, easy, elegant style. Congrats on the sale purchases. The suede jacket will be a fabulous fall capsule piece.

  3. Love the cut of your cotton piqué dress. Your entire look is cool and elegant..... Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks as always for everything you share on your blog.... congrats as well on your new sale items.

  4. Dearest MaiTai, Oh my goodness...I can't tell you how much I've missed my visits here ever since I've been away. My day is just not the same. If you could hear me sighing at all the gorgeous posts I'm catching up on.

    You are positively glowing in the Capsule wardrobe #15! The colors and the textures are a perfect mix. It's magical how you create each outfit so totally complete - like nothing else will do. Captivated by the silver Orans.

    What a beautiful soothing shot by the pool - truly a joie de vivre. The color composition is so striking.

    Absolutely adore the aqua outfit - it's one of my favorite summertime colors. There is nothing like the crystal clear blue sea - always so healing. Love the basket too. A huge thank you, dear MaiTai, for a head to toe shot - I have been secretly wanting to ask you for them. You have already been so generous in sharing your amazing shoe collection. But seeing them on you really completes the picture<3

    And finally, the piéce de résistance - the ultimate summer chic classic black dress. Fabulous cut, and looks comfortable too. The etoupe bag and sandals make the outfit stand out and so special. And again, the head to toe shot does it for me - can see all the great colors, shapes and the proportions in its entirety. You are simply amazing, dear MaiTai. Hugs to you, xx

  5. PS Not only are you a breathtaking beauty, you are also a shopper extraordinaire. Congrats on fantastic finds <3

  6. OMG! As much as I love the beautiful bursts of color you have shared,I must say this LBD ensemble blows me away! So French,so chic,so are the chicest of the chic! Love love love this look!
    Great find on the TH jacket. I just scored a Ralph Lauren olive green suede safari jacket @ 65% off!
    Yahoo,more to save for H!
    Have a wonderful weekend with your guests.
    xx T

  7. Dear MaiTai, I adore that dress on you, so simple, so chic, love the cut of the shoulder straps, perfect! Bx

  8. MaiTAi - Gorgeous!

    Any chance you could share source of your LBD? I am a 50 year old woman who knows exactly what I need in terms of clothes (and your LBD is one of them...) but I am hard pressed to find suitable, simple things in North America. Any & all help would be welcomed! :)

  9. MaiTai, I hope Apple is giving you a huge commission! :) You look beautiful, as always.

  10. You look so like Grace Kelly in that outfit! So glam, so chic! I love the simple accessories! You definitely inspire me to get dressed up more for simple occasions...

  11. i'm having problems posting! anyway... sexy lady! did the iphone tempt you away from that charming antique you had last time i saw you?!

  12. You've just perfected the art of beeing well dressed - wearing and accessorizing as little as possible, but as much as necessary - never looking boring or overdone and always a lady! <3, Macs

  13. Thank you for your sweet comment, dear Penney. 103 degrees, omg! Keep cool, and happy online shopping!

    You are way to kind, dear xandrah, thank you for the lovely compliment. You are right about the new fall capsule, looking so much forward to wearing it!

    Dear SMR, you are always so very kind, thank you. Have a wonderful weekend too! x

    Welcome back, my dear Scarf Enthusiast, missed you! Hope you had a lovely time while away, and so pleased to see you again <3

    Now if you could here ME sighing at your lovely commentary! Reading your beautiful prose is such a treat in itself, and thank you for the sweet compliments. Happy that you like the various colour combinations in the recent posts, and I agree with you on the soothing quality of the blue sea, a day spend at the beach (or even the pool) always recharges the batteries. The silver Orans are one of my favourite summer sandals,they are amazingly versatile and go with so many colours, black, white, grey, brown, pink, taupe etc etc (and match the hardware of my bags, lol) I absolutely see your point re the head to toe shots, and will try to take them more often. I may not always succeed though, as it is a tricky camera angle, and an awkward 'leaning against the wall position', but I will try! Hugs x

    Aww, classic always wins, dearest Trudye!! If I could only have one dress, it would have to be black. Congrats on your fabulous sale purchase, what a steal! And yay, more $$ for H!! Have a wonderful weekend too <3

    Thank you, dear Blighty. ITA with you, the shoulder straps are perfect indeed. I wish every single sleeveless item in my wardrobe would have them x

    Hello A, and thank you. I had the LBD made, which is often the best way to get exactly what you want. I have a similar dress by Lacoste though, and just recently checked their collection.. they have some realy nice basics, with classic clean cuts. Wishing you the best of luck :-)

    That would be the day, dear Ana, but apparently the new iPhone sells like hot buns! ;-)

    I am sure GK was never as tomato red as I am now, dear Miss Kitty-Cat, but thank you :-) Wearing things I love while going about mundane tasks always bring some 'joie de vivre' into my day, have fun!

    Haha, dear dogbiskit, I can’t tell you how much I miss that old phone! It packed up a few months after we had our lunch, and I still have not got used to the new one. Can’t decide between the iPhone and the iPad. I still prefer a phone to be just a phone, and surf the web on a big screen with a proper keyboard attached, but am intrigued by these little wizards and the gadgets that come with them!

    You and I think very much alike when it comes to clothing and accessories, my dear Macs, so I am very happy that you 'approve'.. thank you for the beautiful caption <3

  14. A very elegant look. Is it correct that you are going to be a model or stylist for Jaime Mon Carre?

  15. Happy you like the look, dear lanit. Re the JaimeMonCarré, can't wait to see the site, and wish I could confirm your question with yes ;-)

  16. Tres chic MaiTai!
    Oh how I wish we had some of your lovely sunshine I am tired of the grey skies we have been having here in NW England for weeks now! Glad to see the sun in your posts:-)

  17. I really do echo everyone else, what a gorgeous chic way to dress up a simple black dress! And congrats on amazing sale finds too <3

  18. Thank you, dear Scarf Addict and DD <3

    Sunshine is on it's way, Scarf Addict. Would you mind sending me a cloud or two?

    This is high praise, DD, coming from the queen of (H) sales! ;-)

  19. Love the neutral black/etoupe wardrobe so cool and fresh, simple and elegant !

    How did you manage to leave Apple without the ipad !! (will no doubt be worth hanging on till 2nd generation !! if being sensible and head ruling heart !)I adore new gadgets,and the visuals are great on this one !! not so sure about the new iphone , seems there are a few issues to be resolved !

    Hope you friends and family had a wonderful time together.
    ps. thanks for the knotting card preview x Amou.

  20. MaiTai, looking gorgeous as always.

    Is that one of your Horn Cuff Bracelets you are wearing? Are they going to make up part of the Mai Tai Collection - I love it!

  21. I'm sure that airport and all the passengers coming and going thought a celebrity had landed, as that's exactly what you look like in that little black dress and sunglasses. So chic and so perfectly put together.

  22. And I thought H dilemmas were the sweetest, dear Amou! Hmm, I might have to check both of them again. Happy you liked the knotting cards, and thank you for the sweet compliment x

    Thank you, Alison! The horn bracelet is indeed part of the MT Collection, and will hopefully become available soon. Happy that you like it! :-)

    Aww Jerrine, you are too kind. Your lovely comment made me smile all day, thank you <3