Friday, August 6, 2010

Today wearing ~ Head scarf

H-ing Up a life vest with a 70 Carré (Jeu de Omnibus et Dames Blanches) tied as a head scarf and my Farandole necklace, ready for a 12 km canoeing trip through the breathtakingly beautiful Gorges de Herault.

Luckily the canoe did not keel over, and I managed to get back home with a dry scarf..

DS and friends playing with baby fish after we had our picnic lunch..

I have to admit that would I not have an adventurous, almost ten year old boy, I probably would have never set a foot near a canoe. But I am glad I did, and it was a happy, fun and exhausting (!) day we all enjoyed very much.

On another note, some computer problems still persist, I had a few emails coming back to me as undelivered. So please don't think I don't answer your lovely emails, dear V.H. (it's been a while, but I loved the fur pics you have sent me), K.O. (I could not reply to you re the LF), T.K. (you were so sweet to write, thank you) and S.L. (thank you for your order)

I'll be away for a couple of days, but will answer comments when back early next week. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Talk about grace under pressure! Is there anything you will not do while wearing your H, dear MaiTai? I cannot think of absolutely anyone else who could look so elegant while kayaking!!

  2. Goodness MaiTai, is there anything you can't do? What a wonderful summer you are having with your DS. I hope it is/was a marvelous weekend.

  3. You are the only person I know, dear Mai Tai, that could make canoeing look glamorous! Love the outfit, although I think you are very brave for risking one of your gorgeous scarves like that! I have no doubt that if it were me I would have fallen out!

  4. Ah, been waiting for the canoeing adventure, and you make it look easy, yet all fabulous with H at the same time! Love your scarf as a head piece <3 Enjoy your trip my dear xxx

  5. How naive of me to think, your canoying adventure would be sans your beloved h-silk! :shame: and :snicker: I really should have known better! Your once again stunned by your chicness and elegance at all times friend, Macs. :hugs:

  6. I have also been awaiting the canoe trip.It looks like you are having a blast! Where does one sign up for Camp MT??
    You are the chicest camp leader with the scarf and Farandole that I have ever seen.I must say that if the canoe starts to tip..ditch the necklace because it might sink you! Or you could toss it out to tether to a tree.LOL..who knew there were so many ways to use that necklace?
    May that beautiful smile and adventurous spirit stay with you always,dear Tai.
    Hugs,xxo T

  7. MaiTai.... Only you could make a canoe trip chic. I love the scarf it matches the canoe :-). Have a good week ahead. Blessings -P

  8. How to make the best of every situation, chère MT, I love it, and how wonderful for DS to have such an adventurous (and stylish) Mum.
    LOL at Trudye's comments about the Farandole, and its many uses, maybe inspiration for H's next ad campaign, featuring you of course?

  9. Maitai you look glamorous doing this sort of stuff when the rest of us would be dishevelled! You look wonderful. I channeled you the other day- Hermes scarf, fur collar, cashmere twinset...Enjoy your trip.

  10. Dear sushi queen, SMR, Miss Kitty-Cat, lifeatmyfingertips, hair-mess, Trudye, Penney, MonSacHermès and Faux Fuchsia ~ thank you for sharing my summer adventures, as always, your lovely comments made my day. As much fun as the recent activities were, I am relieved that the ‘sportiv’ part of the holidays is over, and will hopefully spend the rest of the ‘grandes vacances’ in a more civilised way ;-)

    Many thanks, dearest sushi queen. I suspect any activity that doesn't permit wearing H, would be by far outside of my comfort zone, lol! <3

    Thank you, my dear SMR. We all had a great weekend, in the beautiful Aquitaine. Have a wonderful week ahead!

    You are too kind, Miss Kitty-Cat. Last year, the canoe flipped over, and I just hoped I’d know how to avoid it this year.

    Dearest DD, glad you enjoyed the adventure! The head wrap does not come to play often, happy you liked it <3

    I thought you’d enjoy the touch of H, my dear Macs :winkiss: Hugs to you too x

    LOL Trudye!! I always enjoy finding secondary usages for my accessories, so very pleased about the anchor chain suggestion, which after all is what the design is about! Looking forward to having you on board for the summer camp 2011!! Hugs x

    Thank you, dearest Penney. Glad you enjoyed the post, and have a great week too <3

    Aww, you are too kind, my dear MSH! In situations like this, one definitely has to make the best out of it. DS of course loved it, and kept leaping from the canoe straight into the water. Sweet memories to cherish! xx

    I felt pretty dishevelled after kilometer ten, dear Faux Fuchsia! Love the picture with your gorgeous scarf and fur, 10/11 glamorous!