Friday, August 13, 2010

Capsule wardrobe #16 ~ encore summer black and Twilly wrap how-to

Maybe, it's because the days are getting shorter, or maybe it's because of the recent black&white post.. today I reached for black again, this time teaming it with beige and cream capsule pieces. At the end of the post also a how-to video for the new Twilly wrap knot, which I very much like, as it gives great volume and structure.

Capsules: beige jacket, cream tank top and beige 3/4 length jeans
Shoes: black suede ballet flats
Accessories: En Désordre Twilly, black Birkin and black clic enamel bracelet
Scarf tying method: Twilly wrap
Scarf ring: MaiTai Collection, Classique Petite in black horn

Twilly wrap
A great way to wear your Twilly in what appears to be simply a double knot. The Twilly wrap however, gives the knot body while shortning the ends, for a neat and polished look.

Please click on the play button below for instructions


  1. It's a great idea, dear MaiTai!

  2. Thank you, Tereza. Happy you like it!

  3. Hello Mai Tai,
    It's taken me a long time to get the courage to logon to your blog, even though I've been aware of you through Blighty and Faux Fuchsia for a while. I always feel too casual and messy to participate, and I live in Australia in the far north where life is hot and casual. However, as I have heaps of Twillys I'm going to order some of your scarf rings and try out your instructions. Firstly (brave I am not) Arnie the chihuahua is going to get one for his Hermes Pink Twilly. Cheers, I LOVE your blog, Louise

  4. Yippie again!! But first of all I must say, how absolutely gorgeous, stunning and elegant you look. I love these kind of outfits with a birkin so much, giving the "oh so popular queen of bags" an understated, subtle look. As not expected differently you certainly excel in this "wearing birkin understated"-category! :perfect ten: Now on to the anticipated twilly-wrap 'How to', which I'll copy immediatly today. Thank you for sharing it so quickly! :hug: and have a lovely weekend, yours Macs

  5. Dear MaiTai, I absolutely love your "how to" videos, they are brilliant, and this one is super, what a neat knot, so clever! The other night I was looking at your other "how to" videos, I love seeing the different ways of tying scarves you show and trying them out; I am starting my campaign for a Hermes scarf from Mr B for Christmas Right Now - he doesn't know it yet! Would love your advice on what a good first (and possibly only!) Hermes scarf would be Bx P.S v envious of Louise's Arnie, in my next life definitely coming back as her dog, or would do if had been good enough in this life..

  6. Love this look, and how you're carrying your birkin in Summer too =) A lovely mix of light neutrals with black, very chic too! Can't wait to see you soon <3

  7. MaiTai you are fabulous as always... ;))

  8. Thankyou Dear Mai Tai
    I now know how I can wear my twilly I have always struggled with length of them but this puts it right for me

    I love your blog your one amazing lady

  9. You look so crisp. I was looking at the Hermes scarf book the other day and thinking how you could name them all in about 2 seconds flat.

    Do you have a favourite?

    Hi Louise, nothing to be nervous about! Maitai is always so gracious.

  10. Dear MaiTai,
    Maybe you recall I was discussing with you which scarf ring is preferrable as well as my plans to purchase one in VIenna and in Florence.
    It took me quie long but it was worth the waiting - finally I am a happy owner of the twilly from the latest collection - have forgotten the name but there is a specific sort of a chain on it, I am also proud of the same type of horn scarf ring which you demonstrate quite happily for me in this post- and last but not the least navy-blue 70 carre with Quand Soudain design. All bought in Nice and in Nice airport. And have forgotten - the lady in the airport was so nice and provided me with the latest cardes a nouer as well - so I have now a collection of two packs.
    Also wanted to ask about C-Block brought to find the name of Quand Soudain - does it contain all designs ever?

  11. Hey MaiTai, great blog, great sense of style. Would you consider revealing where you shop for the "capsule pieces"?

  12. Dear Louise, hair-mess, Blighty, lifeatmyfingertips, lilou, Neishy, Faux Fuchsia, adesigna and Sweetpea ~ many thanks for your lovely and kind comments, you always put a happy smile on my face x

    A very warm welcome to you, Louise! So glad you commented and hope you will continue to participate! In hot and casual areas Twillys are just the perfect little silk to give a petit ‘coup de coleur’ and a touch of chic and fun. Arnie is a lucky dog, a silky woof to him!

    Hope you had fun with the Twilly wrap, my dear Macs and many thanks for the sweet compliments. Have to give them right back, you always carry your yummy chocolate Birkin with understatement and grace!

    Hello, dear Blighty, great to hear about the xmas campaign! The best first scarf is the one that makes you look fabulous, with a colour that illuminates your face, and a design you can’t get enough looking at. Same goes for the size, find the one you feel most comfortable in! Tell the SA more about colors you love, and make her your complice to find the perfect one, while trying on as many as possible. Have fun! x

    Many thanks, my dear DD . Can’t wait to see you too! <3

    So happy you like the wrap knot, dear Neishy. Like you, I find the Twilly ends too long and thin when it’s tied in a double knot, so I was really excited when I found this method :-) x

    Ahh, so you’ve been to the H store, dear Faux Fuchsia! I wonder what else caught your eye, apart from the book. I presume you mean the ‘Le Carré Hermès’ book, which I am afraid I know by heart... I don’t have a favourite, I have ten, LOL!

    Dear Anna, congratulations on your fabulous acquisitions, you have certainly been busy! The Twilly is called Maillons btw. The Quand Soudain is not featured in the Carré Hermès book. Firstly, it came out after the book was issued, and secondly the book is not a catalogue. The book focuses on history, inspiration and colouring of H scarves, and the designs that are featured only represent a small part of all existing designs.

    Thank you Sweatpea, glad you like it here! I will be going on holidays tomorrow, so I’m a bit pressed for time, but will try and honour your request when I come back.