Friday, November 5, 2010

Back home again

During the fall-break, we had the most wonderful and happy time staying with family in England. DS had fun playing with his cousins, and we all enjoyed going for long walks in the beautiful autumn colored woods, and having drinks by the fire before dinner. I only wish we could have stayed longer, but sadly DS had to be back in school today!

On our walks, I've been wearing jeans, a sweater and boots, combined with a jacket or cape, while adding a scarf and fur collar for warmth and cosiness.

'Monsieur et Madame' 90 Carré in a half bow knot and a brown MT collection fox fur collar

La Femme aux Semelles de Vent 90 Carré in an Ascot knot with a black MT fox fur collar

Wishing everyone a great weekend!


  1. wow, that gray cape looks amazing on you! :)

  2. You are one of my biggest style inspirations and as soon as I can get a hermes scarf, your ring is on the list of accoutrements!

  3. Thank you, mangoblüte, so sweet of you to say. I love the cape too <3

    You are very kind, Kalee, and I hope you will have your Hermès scarf soon. Will put a scarf ring aside for you ;-)

    Merci, dear Scarf Addict!

  4. So beautiful and relaxed you look strolling through the stunning English countryside with DS!
    I adore the fur collar with your leather jacket....I will try to duplicate the look as the weather permits.
    ITA,tres chic!!
    Welcome back dear MT:) Hugs,T

  5. MaiTai... Welcome back and I love the gray cape. Have a great weekend. Blessings-P

  6. Such lovely pictures, MaiTai!! Gorgeous as always! <3

  7. Glad you had a lovely trip.Your photos are always wonderful.Welcome back.

  8. Welcome back dear MaiTai. I love the fur collar with the leather jacket. Thank you for sharing your lovely pics.

  9. MaiTai-
    Always inspired by your fashion vignettes. Is it possible for me to order a fur collar and have it shipped to the US of A ? Any idea of the shipping cost.

  10. You look utterly fabulous and what legs!

  11. Welcome back MT. Love the cape as well. Delightful pictures. Have a wonderful week.

  12. Yes, welcome back Dear MaiTai! Such beautiful surroundings in which to stroll. The fall colours really show-off the MetM CW - how beautiful. And yes, those legs, even in Wellies ;-). Oh, I just had a thought - what do you think of Bolduc ribbon laces?

  13. Dearest MaiTai,

    Welcome back - what a heavenly autumn vacation! There is nothing like the splendor of mother nature. I love the picture of your sweet DS with a friend by his feet. Thank you, dearest MaiTai, for granting my request to include some outerwear shots - sending you a big kiss <3 I couldn't believe my eyes - I make a wish and voilà, you made it come true. I knew you had incredible coats - the cape is marvelous and the jacket very chic - both made extra special with your fur collar and H scarves. Your outfits are just lovely for the beautiful surroundings. Have a wonderful Sunday, warm hugs xx

  14. Two of my very favourite scarves (still looking for the M & M one...), worn with perfect style as always! Hope you enjoyed your little break, MaiTai!

  15. Happy to read, you had such a lovely time with the family! You look divine as always - think I've never seen anybody wear a leather jacket as graceful as you do (yet still rockin' it all the same ;-). Good to have you back, hugs, Macs

  16. Many thanks, my dearest Trudye. The english countryside is stunningly beautiful indeed, and we had such a lovely time. Hopefully the weather will allow you to rock your fur/leather combo soon. Twin hugs to you xx

    Thank you, dear Penney. Your sunny avatar picture always makes me smile, it looks so happy. Have a great week ahead <3

    Merci, dear tiphanie, so nice of you to say :-)

    My dear uyenchikr, it’s always so lovely to see you stopping by, hope you are happy and well x

    I thought you’d love the leather jacket, dear booksnochocolate, it’s chocolate brown after all! ;-) <3

    Happy you liked the post, Patricia, and thank you for your interest in my fur collars. I do ship world wide, and you can find further information by following this link:
    If you have any more questions, please email me at:
    Thank you!

    Mwah, Tabitha, and mille merci!

    As wonderful it is to be away, it’s lovely to be back too. Thank you for the welcome back, dear SMR, and for your lovely words.

    Bolduc ribbon laces, woohoo, what a great idea, dear Maisie! The MetM is the first scarf I reach for when autumn comes, it’s been such a long time since wearing it last. Happy you liked the post, autumn hugs to you my dear. x

    Thanks a lot, She Wore It Well, love the cape too :-))

    Thank you for the warm welcome back, my dear Scarf Enthusiast. So happy you enjoyed the outerwear pictures. As always, your suggestions enrich my posts, so many thanks to you and a grand bisou! As with my clothes, I prefer simplicity in jackets and coats, and because of our relatively mild climate, it's mainly jackets (the fur and scarves always add extra warmth when needed) It will be great fun to include them sometimes, something to look forward too! Have a great week ahead xx
    PS. DS says 'bonjour' to you <3

    At least we are twins on one of them, dear sushi queen! I’ll keep my eyes open for the MetM. Talking about being twins, the JdM appeared in my dream last night (funny enough not in the vin cw I was eyeing, but in the pearl grey), maybe a sign, LOL x

    Many thanks, my dear Macs, you are the sweetest! The chocolate colour (foraying into your domain here) softens the look considerably, less r'n'r so to speak. Can’t help but think how gorgeous it would look with your chocolate yummy Birkin! We could swap sometimes (I'll include Ms Black B), what do you think! <3

  17. Anytime, can hardly wait :-) - not only would I love to see how Ms. Choc looks on you, but that would also mean, we could meet up for a real life glass of champagne, or more ;-). Wishing you a lovely week, your dhls <3

  18. Good thinking, my dear! Hugs and love from your bhbs!

  19. Well, as you say, the English countryside IS stunningly beautiful, but I can't help but think is was made more so by your presence.

    And, how did you find that perfectly wonderful mushroom? I half expected a fairy or two to pop out from behind it any minute.

  20. Welcome back, dearest MaiTai! You were trully missed! Love the beautiful pictures of you and your little prince surrounded by the wonderful Autumn nature! Your gray cape is very pretty and Madame et Monsieur has always been a favourite for me. Unfortunately I have never been able to find one.
    Wish you a lovely week ahead! Thank you so much! Big hug, M.xx

  21. Adore the cape on you, and your amazing lace-up boots too! Do I see a peek of fuchsia there? =) Welcome back, and thank you for sharing your lovely trip photos, love them! Time to whip out those furs again, what a year! xoxo

  22. Dear MaiTai; Speaking of cooler temperatures, do you own any C/S PMs? I don't recall seeing any, and I could just be overlooking them.

    Hugs, Maisie (so looking forward to the postman's visit). Mx0x

  23. Aww, you are too kind, my dear Jerrine! The mushroom got spotted on our walk, and I could have sworn tht I saw a couple of elves rushing away as we approached..

    You are the sweetest, dear Manuela, how could my heart not melt when DS is referred to as ‘little prince’! I very much hope you will come across the MetM one day, fingers crossed! x

    Thank you, dear DD <3 I adored the boots too, but they were just borrowed for the walk, miss them already! Yes, what a year it has been, here’s to 2010!

    Hello, dear Maisie! Hope the postman has visited by now. I don’t have any CS PMs, but if they’d bring out one like the Damier, I'd be very tempted!

  24. Truly Mai-Tai, it should be illegal to have such slender thighs! And I have to say that in all my years I haven't ever witnessed anyone look so fabulous out on a casual walk - you really do inspire me to make more of an effort....

    Love Katie

  25. Aww, dear Katie, you are so sweet and kind, thank you <3 The look gained so much from the accessories, which were quick and easy to add.. my magic little friends! <3 x