Thursday, November 11, 2010

Capsule wardrobe #22 - Reader's style challenge

Today's post combining another capsule episode with a reader's style challenge, submitted by C.

"Here is another wardrobe challenge.
Wearing leather separates, such as a jacket, pants, or dress, with Hermes.
I chose the same basic outfit (jacket and jeans) I've been wearing for a walk in the countryside a couple of posts ago, as I thought it would be fun to see how much the overall look changes just by teaming it up with different accessories. And since it's been mild and sunny in the last couple of days, it was nice to dip into lighter colors again, and give the 'Modulation' scarf it's first outing.

Capsule pieces: jeans, chocolate tank top
Additional wardrobe piece: chocolate leather jacket
Shoes: chocolate loafers
Accessories: Modulation 70 Carré, Capitales enamel, Garden Party Toile H
Scarf ring: MT Collection Moyenne bone
Scarf tying method: Criss-cross knot. For a how-to video, please click here

Many thanks for the lovely comments on my previous post, and the warm welcome to the additons of my scarf ring collection. Will come back to you ladies shortly (when finished sending scarf ring babies to their new homes across the globe)

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  1. Hi Maitai,

    Another gorgeous outfit finished to perfection by a simply stunning scarf which is perfectly tied by your skilled hands.

    Thank you!


  2. Superbe!!!
    Dear MaiTai, I really think it´s the best word to describe your outfit! So simple and yet so chic!
    Thank you so much! Hugs, M.

  3. You look so toasty in your leather jacket! Although it's just started to get warm here I do long for a white Christmas at some point... But at the moment I am contemplating a dip in my swimming pool...

  4. Dear Maitai,
    It is inspiring to see how you incorporated a leather jacket into your capsule wardrobe by utilizing H accessories. All of the elements contribute to create a lovely image.
    Thank you!
    Best Wshes. C

  5. Gosh I love this jacket!
    Another fantastic outfit, and it's great to see your modulation scarf in action.

  6. Just like you I love to play around with one outfit, alternating it simply by choosing different accessories. As so often, you've mastered this Reader's style challenge with perfection - looking "hot" (in leather), elegant and stunningly chic at the same time. Wishing you a lovely WE, Macs

  7. So nice to see Ms. Garden Party out and about - your scarf is perfect with the whole outfit!

  8. Love this! I hope you will post a series of photos side by side, i.e same basic outfit with presto changes taking you from walks in the woods to out around the town, it goes to show it is all about the accessories (and a good eye).

  9. Looking fab as always =) Love the jacket, tres chic! xx

  10. O.K.....the more I see this divine litlle chocolate leather jacket the more I love it! Care to share any specs on it?
    Such a chic look you have put together( again) and I am loving that vintage in this vignette!
    Simply stunning dear MT! Happy weekend,T xx

  11. Perfection dear MT. Love the whole look.

    When I placed my scarf ring order the other day I completely forgot to order the Grande scarf ring. Argh, placed another order today. My 90 Carrés deserve special attention too.

  12. Hello, M! I could not agree more with you that a scarf is the perfect finishing touch! Lovely to hear you like mine, thank you.

    Your sweet words brought some beautiful sunshine into my day, Manuela, thank you, my dear x

    It is so amazing how we all come from different climate, geographical and time zones, dear Miss Kitty-Cat, the world has truly become flat! It’s so wondrous and fantastic. Hope you had a nice swim, and will try and blow a few snowflakes your way at Christmas!

    My dear C, thank you SO much for this fun and great wardrobe challenge! In fact I think it was your question that inspired me to buy the jacket, lol! So a huge double thank you to you <3

    Merci, dear booksnchocolate! If I’d had the ‘Bibliotheque’ scarf, I’d wear it with the jacket just for you, it would be your member’s ID in clothes! x

    Awh, you know me too well, my dear hair-mess! Playing with one outfit and getting different looks gives me a real kick! Thanks for the compliment re the leather look, it’s one I seldom hear! Have a great WE too x

    Ms Garden Party truly is such a fab companion, dear sushi queen, love carrying her. Happy you like her too, thank you <3

    Bonjour Jamais! Ah, that’s a good idea!! The side by side series would highlight the point beautifully, love it! Merci for this great thought <3 Here’s to accessories, and the fun we have with them xx

    Many thanks, DD! Have a great weekend, my dear <3

    Yes Trudye, the little chocolate number would be perfect for you (and also perfect with that brown fur of yours)! It’s by Lauren Ralph Lauren, from this AW2010 collection, so chances should still be good for finding one. Good luck, my dear! <3

  13. Thanks for the info dear friend ! I went on the RL website and was able to find the jacket ,but before I hit the order button, a little birdie said "Look in your closet" and lo and behold I found a very similar leather jacket in chocolate by Ralph! So, thank you for inspiring me to work this look and to remember to SHOP MY CLOSET!!!
    Champagne cheers to you, T xx

  14. Thank you, dearest MaiTai, for the gorgeous post with a jacket!  Love how the rich brown jacket pulls together and highlights your special Ms GP and the Modulation scarf.  And the hardware details compliment both so nicely.  What I'm crazy about is your bone scarf ring with the scarf - so chic - isn't brown and ivory just fabulous!  Have a wonderful weekend, warm hugs always, xx

  15. Dear MaiTai,
    Thanks again for the inspirations - I just loved the criss-cross knot and realised that the snowball knot is still to be implemented at one of my outfits.
    I thought about 2 puzzling combination tasks, where you could wish to participate:
    - wearing a scarf with a turtle-neck - frankly the only variants I can think of is gavroche or twilly as a wristband or carree90 as a belt
    - I know Hermes is not into that sort of scarves, however I am sure that many of your readers have in their wardrobes the scarves of silk which remind wollen scarves: they are long and narrow. Like 10-15 cm wide and 100 or smth similar long. Any ideas about those?

  16. Hugs to you too, Manuela <3

    Champagne cheers to the little birdie, dear Trudye! I am all for closet shopping, and would love to shop your closet too, LOL. Have fun, my friend x

    Merci, my dearest Scarf Enthusiast. The jacket was a lucky find, as I was looking for something to go with the GP for some time. So happy you like the bone.. it has such finesse, and I am mad over it too. Here's to delicious brown and ivory, and to chocolate with cream (to go with our Dalloyau cake)! <3

    Dear Anna, happy to hear you are having fun with the knots, and thank you for the great challenges! The turtle neck is a good question indeed, especially at this time of the year. I will try and get a post together soon. As for the oblong scarf, you could fold it over length wise, and you’ll end up with a strip which is very similar in size to a 70 Carré folded in the basic bias. From there, you could try out the knots for Carrés, especially those which don't take up too much fabric. The Twist wrap or Criss-Cross would probably work very nicely. Hope this helps :-)

  17. Dear MaiTai,
    Thanks a lot for the suggestion re oblong scarves. shall look into what I will get as a result.
    And am looking forward to turtle neck variants.
    have a vary nice and inspiring week.

  18. Good luck, dear Anna, and have a wonderful week ahead too. xx