Monday, March 14, 2011

In the Alps

On this year's skiing holiday, we returned to the Hautes Alpes and the Chalet Hotel we stayed in a couple of years ago. The conditions could not have been better, we had blue skies and sunshine for the whole week, and fantastic snow due to the heavy snowfall the week before. Below, one of the many fabulous pistes..

My favorite skiing scarf was the Brides de Gala Dip Dye, I wore it every day.
Scarf tying method: wrapped once around the neck, ends secured with a grande black scarf ring in the basic slide

The domain spreads across to Italy, and DS got a thrill each time when stepping out of a lift and being presented with the option to go left, and explore the italian slopes, or take a right and ski on the french pistes.

We had breakfasts and dinners in our cosy hotel..

..and for lunch we'd meet up with DS in one of the altitude restaurants, alternating between french menus on our side of the border, and antipasto and pasta dishes on the italian side.

A small italian café up on the slopes, serving the best thick, hot chocolate

At the end of our stay, DS took the rigorous tests to obtain the Étoile d'Or (Gold Star), here on a a timed slalom run..

..and he passed!

Having a last coffee while admiring the mountain panorama one more time before heading back home.

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  1. Ah, spring skiing in the Alps. The perfect vacation!

  2. Fantastique!! How fortunate that you had a combination of new snow and great weather!

  3. Congratulations to your son - Etoile d'Or looks fabulous, I guess, from his body positions on the slope, that he had a superb possibility to become a skiing champion! I adore skiers and their skills, for the fact I am not able to stand on the the skies at all! My favourite "adult" pic is you on the slope, wrapped into your Ex Libris, the pattern which I adore in the generous GM size showing its full beauty! If I continue writing about my love for both, Italian and French, cuisine, it would be a never ending story :-)Lilian

  4. It was wonderful and so lucky. Thank you for sharing, Belle de Ville and Deja Pseu!

  5. Many thanks, dear Lilian, I will pass your kind comment to DS, he'll be thrilled! The E-L GM is a favorite of mine also, and it seems we share similar tastes in cuisine too! <3

  6. Please, dear MT, tell your son that I am very strong in skiing theory, for the fact that I had a priviledge to be a neighbour to a World Ski Cup Champion and that way I learnt a lot (therefore, no failure in my estimate of your son's skills, lol)...although I never stood on skies. However, for us ladies, is there anything nicer than put a beautiful Hermes scarf and ski down the slope??? It MUST be THE feeling! And hot chocolate after - nothing missing. Lilian

  7. Looks like everyone had a fabulous time! I'm a life-long, hardcore/obsessive skier/snowboarder, and I don't look anywhere near as chic as you do on the hill, Mai Tai. You look smashing, as always!

  8. Welcome home dear MT! I am so thrilled that your time in the Alps was so much fun and relaxing,too! I love to see your beautiful relaxed smile.The pride on your face at DS prowess on the slopes is quite evident! Wow, I hope he got to eat BOTH French and Italian goodies after that run! He looks like a true champion in the making. When I was a young girl I had a HUGE crush on Jean Claude :)I am sure DS had the young girls swooning as he raced the course!
    You look lovely in your new brown ski suit and of course the BdeG is a fav. I doubt if there could have been a more handsome,beautiful family on the slopes!!
    Love the lazy look in the EL,also!
    Happy Days,indeed! Much love and warm thoughts, T xx

  9. What a wonderful place for a ski holiday! So happy that the weather held for you. Thank you for sharing your photos. I love the BdG in that colorway on you. Fabulous! Congratulations to DS for his achievement!

  10. A lovely post! And congratulations to DS :-)

  11. Dear Tai, Welcome home and thank you for sharing your lovely pics. Your DS is becoming an expert. You look glamorous en piste. xo Terese

  12. Welcome back MaiTai - I'm so glad all the elements cooperated to give you such a perfect combination of weather, food and fun. May I also add my congratulations to your DS on his accomplishment. And, of course, as always, you combine all the elements of elegance even on the slopes. Maisie xox

  13. Dear MaiTai,
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful vacation pictures and impressions with us. I have been looking forward to your return. Congratulations to your DS - what an accomplishment and the MAOAM tricot to top it off :)
    I am longing to be back in the Alps for skiing vacation and have such fond memories of ski adventures, Heisser Zitrone, beautiful sights and interesting people.
    I am glad you had a great time and your hotel looks super cozy.

  14. Looks like you had a lovely vacation! And congrats to your son on his achievement.

    I haven't been on downhill skis in decades -- I wonder if I'd manage not to break a limb. As a kid, I loved tearing down the slopes -- the next best thing to flying, winter version.

  15. Oh Lilian, I might have to hold back a bit, can’t have him become too full of himself! How fun to learn from a champion, being now overtaken by DS, I could do with a bit of advice!

    I bet I don’t look nowhere near as accomplished as you on the hill, dear Reese, I take my hat off to snow boarding!!

    Missed you, my dear Trudye! Hugs for the lovely and warm welcome back, and thank you for your sweet words re DS. Lol re JC, and maybe it was the power of a crush that propelled DS down the hill! Thrilled you like the combo of ‘our’ BdG with the suit, big mwahs to you.

    Thank you, dear CS. We were so lucky indeed this year. A few years ago, we’ve spend the entire week in a snow storm, so it was wonderful to enjoy the opposite this time.

    Merci, mountainsandmagnolias!

    Many thanks for the sweet comment and lovely welcome back, dear Terese x

    DS will be so happy to hear the lovely compliment, dear Maisie, thank you! We had a blissful time indeed, and it is just lovely to share it here with you <3

    Hope you will be making it back to the Alps one day soon, heisse Zitrone et all, dear Maedi. The tricot made me laugh too, I thought immediately of ‘Was wollt ihr denn?!’ I knew, of course, what DS wanted...

    Wow, Rubiatonta, flying!! So adventurous and courageous!! You could always enlist a nice moniteur to help you get back on the slopes, you'll be tearing down the pistes again in no time!

    DS is so thrilled with everyone’s comments, and says bonjour and thank you to all of you lovely ladies <3

  16. French and Italian women are both famous for their chicness - you're neither, yet easily outdo them! <3 So happy to ready you had some fun and relaxing family days and a big wohoo to DS; obviously he is a handsome young ski star in the making. :D xox, Macs

  17. Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Beautiful pictures. I wish I could look as elegant as you do in a ski outfit...
    Congrats to DS for his prowess on skis and thank you for sharing your trip to the Alps with us.

  18. Welcome back dear MT... you were missed. It looks like a lovely vacation, and congrats to your DS.

  19. So much better to be a crush than a crash doing the propelling of DS down the slopes to the finish line!!
    Again,three cheers for him :) much love, T xx

  20. What a beautiful vacation with great skiing! Your dip dye was so perfect for your jacket and warm and cozy!
    Congrats to your son for a job well done! And to your "photographer" as well, he is always uncredited, but takes the best pictures. I think you should give him a croissant :)

  21. Warmest welcome back, my dearest MaiTai, most wonderful to see you again! First and foremost, I join all the ladies in extending the biggest golden congratulations to your sweet DS for his Étoile d'Or! - a superb accomplishment and a most proud moment - sending huge cheers and bravos!!
    Your Alpine pictures are breathtaking - the majestic snow capped mountains against the deep blue sky is simply awe inspiring. I am so very happy the weather cooperated for you - but nothing can outshine your radiant smile, dear MaiTai. Your beautiful BdG with your gorgeous chocolate coat is an unbelievable combination. And so adore the picture of you with the fabulous Ms. EL and Ms. B on your last day. The Hautes Alpes and the Chalet Hotel seems so ideal - fantastic location with a most charming and intimate hotel, and favorite cuisine all around. Thank you so much for sharing with us your very special holiday with your loved ones - you have brought so much joy and peace to my heart. And thank you, dear friend, for always showering me with your kindest, sweetest and most generous words. Sending you all my love and the warmest, happiest welcome back hugs xx

  22. What a fabulous looking holiday you had MaiTai in every sense! Bravo to DS on his Etoile d'Or!

  23. Welcome home, my dear MaiTai!
    I am happy to know that you had a great holiday with sunshine in the Alps. Snow is so beautiful when the sun is shining and the sky is blue!
    Congratulations to your DS for his Étoile d´Or. I am sure he deserved it!!! Your beautiful smile tells how proud you are about him!
    I particularly like the photograph where you sit in the sun wearing you pretty Ex-Libris scarf.
    It seems so relaxing!
    It´s great to have you back!!!
    Love and hugs, Manuela

  24. Welcome back, dear MT!!
    Great post, as always.
    I'm glad you've enjoyed your holiday, and I'm happy to see you again :-)

  25. Dear MaiTai, I hope you don't mind but I mentioned you again on my blog, I have been so loving your how to videos on scarf tying, excellent xx

  26. Welcome back, MT! thank you for the beautiful pics.

  27. Mai Tai,

    I love your lip color in these photos. I'm wondering if it is "Mademoiselle" by Chanel or perhaps, because it's my new favorite I see it everywhere!


  28. My dear hair-mess, booksnchocolate, SMR, Trudye, gracekelly, Scarf Enthusiast, Scarf Addict, Manuela, cecilia, Blighty and emilyatheart, please forgive me for coming back so late to your sweet and lovely comments, time flies and it is sometimes hard to catch up. DS was thrilled to receive your compliments, and says hi and thank you :)

    Macs, always the sweetest, mwahs to you x

    Missed you too, dear SMR!

    Lol, dear Trudye. And of course, I agree ;)

    A special thank you on behalf of the photographer, dear gracekelly. And you are right, he truly is the best.

    My dear Scarf Enthusiast, your lovely words and beautiful narrative brought back all the sweet memories of this trip so vividly.. Merci for the happiness you bring, my dear friend <3

    Thank you, dear Scarf Addict!

    Many thanks for the warm welcome back, my dear Manuela and cecilia. You ladies are the sweetest and kindest xx

    I am truly honored, dear Blighty, thank you so much!

    Merci, my dear Birkinmary <3

    Emily, The lipstick is by MAC, and the color is called ‘Hug me’. Will check out the Mademoiselle, many thanks for the tip :)

  29. Thank you so much for sharing! You have an ability to take shots that transport a person to feeling that one is almost there with you, wonderful talent!
    You look just beautiful as always, and your DS, huge, huge congratulations, a real star in the making, takes after his mum!

    DB xxxx

  30. My dear DB, so wonderful to hear you enjoyed the post, and so sweet re DS, thank you my dearest. Much love x