Saturday, March 5, 2011

Playtime with the Fleurs d'Indiennes- capsule wardrobe #30

Capsule pieces: purple sweater, checked wool trousers/white jeans
Shoes: chocolate oxfords above, mesh ballet flats below
Accessories: Fleurs d'Indiennes 90 Carré, bourgogne clic-clac bracelet and Picotin bag
Scarf tying method above: Ascot knot with MT fox fur collar in taupe
Scarf tying method below: Asymmetrical shoulder wrap with MT grande scarf ring in bone

Capsule pieces: khaki sweater, jeans /checked wool trousers
Shoes: two tone ballet flats
Accessories: Fleurs d'Indiennes 90 Carré, bleu indien clic-clac bracelet, BdP Bolide/etoupe Picotin
Scarf tying method above: basic bias fold
Scarf tying method below: criss cross knot with MT grande scarf ring in honey

To illustrate the design's scale (following up on a previous blog comment), see the highlighted coloured stripe below: it's how the scarf comes out in the basic bias fold/criss-cross knot in the 'khaki' pics above. The blocked out areas represent those parts of the scarf which get folded away, or disappear behind the neck.

Chocolate leather jacket added to jeans version above

Please excuse the colour variations in the above snaps. I still haven't quite got the hang of my (relatively) new camera!

Today, we are heading en familie to the Alps, for our annual skiing holiday. DS has been counting the days, and we all look forward to spending some time on the slopes. While away, I won't be able to come back to comments or emails, but look forward to seeing you again soon

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  1. Marvellous carré,great post & great and marvellous MaiTai.
    Enjoy your holiday in familie.
    We'll miss you.

  2. Perfect combinations! It's such a versatile cw.
    Enjoy your week in the Alps dear MT. Wishing you another perfect combination: snow, sunshine and family.

  3. Great work, MT! thank you so much for sharing!

  4. MaiTai - Love how the scarf pairs so nicely with casual and city-chic looks. This would be a great scarf for work/fun travel.

    Thanks for sharing so many great options at one time.

    Bonnes vacances!!

  5. MaiTai Thanks for all the options. Enjoy your holiday. Blessings -P

  6. The new scarf if beautiful, and you wear it so well!
    Enjoy your lovely alpine holiday!

  7. Dearest MaiTai

    I love your post!!! The second picture with the purple sweater and the asymmetrical shoulder wrap is absolutely stunning!You look just beautiful!!!
    Thank you so much for the previous posts as well. You are a source of inspiration for us all and I am so grateful for all the time you spend giving us new ideas, again and again. Thank you, my dear!
    I wish you and your dear Family a great skiing holiday and look forward to seeing you again soon! Big, warm hugs, Manuela

  8. Seeing your photos have made me re-think that design. You are correct that it is so versatile.

    I'm curious what size your Picotin is?

    Have a marvelous time skiing. I'm looking forward to seeing your new ski outfit!

  9. Dear MaiTai - You continue to amaze and delight us with your wonderful creativity and "joie de vivre".
    Wishing you and your Family a safe and happy holiday.

    Maisie x0x

    PS Please ignore this if it is a duplicate. An odd page came up after I hit submit so I thought it best to re-send it.


  10. lifeatmyfingertipsMarch 6, 2011 at 5:55 AM

    What a pleasant surprise, this colourway works well with so many different colour palettes it's refreshing =) Thank you for sharing this, enjoy your holiday on the slopes! xx

  11. You never cease to amaze. How in the world did you find the time to try on so many different looks,take the pics,and post them while trying to get dear family ready for a Spring ski ?? I am truly happy that you did ;)
    Really love your choices with the FDI. My fav,of course, is with the khakis and browns.I have looked at this design for several months and was just about to give up on it thinking it was a little to busy and " flowery " for me. Your inspiration led me to examine again the other day. Lo and behold, I came away with the same cw,but in the plisse!
    Never would I have imagined this one to hop into my bag.
    The plisse still allows the pattern to come through while hilighting the beautiful depth of color. The plisse also works very well for our long,hot and humid summer. Thank you dear friend for the inspiration!
    May the slopes be gentle to you and yours and your holiday filled with good cheer and sweet memories !
    Love and hugs, T xx

  12. You have shown us a "how-to-lecture" thank you! So good to see how you move from one look into another and it shows the scarf beauty even more. Once upon the time in the future, I guess it would be helpful for us to see your scarves used in different type of outfits, e.g. casual, business, evening. Of course, some of them would not work that way, whereas others would, but need a stylish owner to get them into the proper outfit :-). When writing your book, I could give you a number of totally wrong outfits (for the "how not to" section) created by myself :-). Hope you are having a nice holiday. Hugs, Lilian

  13. I adore the match of chocolate color with the scarf.. and of course great is the match with purple and white jeans;) really fresh, great for spring which I hope, is coming to us! Have fun in the Alps:) (in Poland we say: break Your legs;))

  14. Although I shied away from this scarf at first, I am loving it on you! It really picks up all of the colors of your wardrobe beautifully. And the asymmetrical shoulder wrap, done casually (yea! - thank you, MT!) really showcases the pattern and all of the colors in this stunning scarf.
    Even though I thought the scarf was too bold for me, I went back to the store for a second look and came home with the plisse in cw03 (violet/turquoise)! So much for the fear of being bold! But it really works for me in the plisse.
    I nearly spewed my morning tea out at the computer monitor after reading Lilian's comment regarding your upcoming book and the "how not to" section. I can supply a few photos under the section of "if your scarf looks like this, keep trying". Those photos were all until I found your blog. Now, thanks to you, and your detailed videos, and a little practice, my knots look - not MaiTai perfect - but they have greatly improved.
    Seriously, dear MaiTai, your patience, and how you pause and sometimes turn to show the twists, loops, and knots at all angles is superior. H corporate should be in touch with you to do videos for their website, and SA training. {hint}
    Enjoy your holiday and time spent with your family.
    Warm orange hugs, CS

  15. My dearest MaiTai,
    What an incredible playtime extravaganza - the treat of all treats! I am so deeply in awe of your talent, dear MaiTai. I don't know where to begin - you have brought us full circle and have shown us what it truly means for a scarf to 'flatter and illuminate one's face." In each version, the gorgeous Ms. FdI magnificently frames you. And by presenting the many wonderful points of view, you have illuminated us with the light of your special vision in the fine art of beautiful styling with our cherished scarves. Each variation highlights and brings out so marvelously a unique aspect of this incredible scarf in its own special light - and you made me fall in love with each one.
    The first purple outfit is pure elegance - so luxurious with your fabulous taupe fur collar. I love how the delicate pattern of your pretty purple sweater picks up the pattern of the scarf end. The second purple outfit is such a cheerful surprise, so fresh and vibrant - just madly in love with the amazing bone scarf ring <3 - it is simply extraordinary how its presence helps to bring the whole outfit together. The khakis are another world - I feel the power and the strength of this glorious scarf with the basic bias fold of the first outfit - love the counterpoint of the striking blue Bolide and the jeans. The second khaki outfit totally hits a personal soft spot with the low criss-cross knot on a v-neck - my current favorite <3 Your blending of the khaki with the soft etoupe Picotin and the grey checkered trousers is sheer perfection. The chocolate version is spectacular - deep, rich, most stunning. It is very inspiring to notice a different pocket of color I didn't 'see' before with each new surrounding.
    I can't thank you enough for all your hard work, dearest MaiTai. You have given us such a rare gift - a gift that keeps on giving - a road map that will serve as an invaluable reference.
    I most sincerely hope you've had a chance to rest up from this tour de force mini series prior to your departure and all the wonderful treats you've given us these past weeks, and that you're having the most joyous holiday with your loved ones in the heavenly Alps. Wishing the loveliest remainder of your vacation, with all my love and warmest fun filled hugs xx

  16. Ahh, how lovely. I crave new scarves now. Just out of curiosity: how many scarves do you own? And do you wear one every day? Oh, and one more question: I often find that my scarves are wrinkly after wearing, but not soiled enough for a wash. Do you ever iron yor scarves in between wearing them without washing them first?

  17. Hello from a fellow tPFer, new to your blog! Love how you've styled all the carres, makes me want to go dig up all my old pointu scarves. You create lovely combinations - enjoy your holiday!

  18. Dearest MaiTai, I have been counting the days until your return, when we hope will be able to see your new outfit and playtime photos with your scarves. Of course, two scarves which frame this your post (Carre en Carres on the left side (which I am totally crazy about, as already known) and a lifelike Indian face on the right side (which I also have not managed to buy) have not contributed to my peace of mind in this intermezzo, lol. Hoping you have enjoyed your vacation and wish you a nice travel back and looking forward to the future posts. Love, Lilian

  19. I wore the asymmetrical shoulder wrap for the first time yesterday and received so many compliments! Thank you, MaiTai, for this wonderful blog that I'm just getting to know.

  20. I love this scarf in this colourway, it was my first choice from this season collection that i snapped up straight away. Great combinations in latest post!

  21. Many thanks for the sweet good holiday wishes and lovely compliments, dear cecilia, booksnchocolate, Birkinmary, Valencia, Penney, Reese Manuela, memoline, Maisie, liftatmyfingertips, Trudye, Lilian, KaRolka, CS, Scarf Enthusiast, Miss B, featherfactor, mountainsandmagnolias and msT! Our trip was wonderful, we had a blissfully sunny week with plenty of snow, and fabulous skiing. Missed you all xx

    Cecilia, missed you too x

    booksnchocolate, your good wishes all came true, mille merci!

    Thank you, Birkinmary :)

    Valencia, so true re the FdI being an allround talent!

    Penney, so happy you enjoyed the melange :)

    Reese, many thanks!

    Manuela, you are the sweetest <3

    memoline, the Picotin is a MM size :)

    Maisie, sending you much love and joie de vivre x

    lifeatmyfingertips, it has been such a wonderful surprise for me too, thank you for sharing the joy.

  22. How wonderful to be FdI cousins with you, my dear Trudye, excited hugs to you! The fuchsia contrast hem must be ‘da bomb’ in the Plissé, so glad it hopped into your bag. Will have to check the pleated versions, they sound divine! x

    Many thanks for the great suggestion for a future post/series, my dear Lilian. It’s a wonderful challenge, and so much in tune with my kaleidoscope approach to the capsule wardrobe. Mille merci <3

    KaRolka, the saying from your home country worked like a charm, we all came back safely and in one piece :)

    Oh CS, so wonderful to hear about your Plissé, many congratulations and welcome to our growing FdI family! So lovely to hear you enjoy the videos, and LOL re the ‘how not to’ section. No book in the making though, although worth considering for the sake of having launch party!

  23. My dearest Scarf Enthusiast, thank you for the most wonderful and heart warming words. The elegance, richness and beauty of your expressions simply blows me away! I bow to your eloquence, insightfulness and observation skills, you are so very special and talented. I’m brimming with happiness you love Ms Bone, and am thankful for your inspiration re combining the low criss-cross knot with a v-neck, you were very much on my mind when putting the look together <3

    Miss B, the answer to your first question: not enough! (although DH might disagree, lol)Your second question: yes! Third question: I always wash my scarves before ironing. A lot of times the wrinkles just ease out by themselves. When you take your scarf off, you could try hanging it over the back of a chair for the night (I fold mine along the pleats into a rectangle).

    featherfactor - a warm welcome to my blog!

    Lilian, if anyone will be able to hunt down a CenC, it will be you! And if you see a Pani on the way, please get one for me too :)

    Welcome to my blog, mountainsandmagnolias, so pleased to hear the ASW was a success. Hope you’ll continue to enjoy it here.

    Happy twin hugs to you, msT!

  24. Very welcome comeback, dear MT! I cannot ski, therefore I cannot envy you for that part of your activity, but however can so much envy you for your insight into AW scarf collection! I am trying to imagine our Little Monkey Mrs. Faivre playing with compilation of her scarves and of course have enjoyed my scarves on daily basis until you were absent, hoping you will come up with new outfits when back - you have become an incredible style inspiraton, not only for me, but also for all my friends and colleagues. Thank you for making our days bright and enjoyable! Hugs, Lilian

  25. A belated thank you for the lovley comment, my dear Durdica. It is truly wonderful to hear that you share this place with your nearest and dearest, as well as colleagues. Looking too very much forward to the AW collection, looking forward to exchange about it's treasures here! <3