Thursday, April 7, 2011

Springtime in Paris

Early this week I went to Paris for the day, entering a most fresh and beautiful spring atmosphere. Here a few snaps taken while strolling around.. left the clipped trees of the Tuileries Gardens, right the bay trees along side the Hôtel Crillon on the Rue Boissy d'Anglas, and below some of Ladurée's delectable patisseries.

After visiting FSH, I continued down the Rue St Honoré until No 213, where the über trendy and cool Colette store is located. Last year, Colette and Hermès collaborated on the 'J'aime mon Carré Project, and came up with a special edition polka dot Brides de Gala..

This year Colette and Nike teamed up on the 'Away Project', and on March 28 launched the new 'away kit' of the french national footbal team (Nike is the sponsor of the team), consisting of products created by Hermès, Chanel, YSL, Ladurée, Comme de Garçons and six others (eleven in total, like the number of players in a football team). All products have blue stripes, and Hermès' contribution is a stripey Brides de Gala, currently sold in the boutique and via Colette's online boutique in a limited edition of 300.

A petit tour of the store... on the first floor, men and women's ready to wear

And tucked away, inbetween floors, the 'Beauty Box'. On the ground floor you'll find an eclectic mix of scented candles, latest techno gadges, canvas sneakers and bags, girly bathsalts, sweets, CDs, books and hundreds of other small items.

The windows were decorated with pretty sumer dresses of Stella McCartney's spring/summer collection, and I only realized at home that a stylish bypasser walked past the second I took photo, she looks as though she has stepped right out of the display!

Coming next: FSH windows!

231, rue St Honoré
75001 Paris


  1. Always love your trips to Paris and the wonderful pics and inspirations you bring back. Once again thanking you for thinking about us and looking forward to the FSH-windows! <3, Macs

  2. We'd like to know what you wore to Paris as well, dear MaiTai, even if it isn't H (though I can't imagine that!) :-)

  3. Ahhh MaiTai, your fresh Spring pictures of Paris and Colette made my day... The woman passing by in the photograph does look very chic.... Thank you for sharing your recent Paris visit.

    Can't wait for the photos of the FSH windows!

  4. Lovely pics MaiTai - thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you so much dear Mai Tai, for the spring eye-candy! Delish! It's lovely to see Paris through your eyes. The polka dot BdG is so charming, but my goodness, would take much panache to pull it off. :)
    We'll have to see what new creations will emerge from the next 'J'aime mon Carré' project. Thanks again, dear MaiTai, for this inspiring photo essay. XO

  6. Everything looks just lovely! Counting the weeks now until we're there!

  7. I live vicariously through you and your trips to Paris, MT. Thank you for sharing these lovely pics. I'm looking forward to the FSH windows.

  8. Sigh....a mini Paris trip from 8063km away. The Tuileries, patisseries, and the chic window displays are all a mini vacation, even for a brief moment. Thank you for sharing your photos, dearest MaiTai. Hugs, CS

  9. Dear Mai Tai, thanks for posting pictures of Paris! I miss Paris already!! LOL!

    We are twins on both the Brides de Gala polka dot and Bayaderes striped version. Love these projects which Hermes collaborates with Colette! :D

    Can't wait for your pictures on the windows of FSH. When I was in Paris on the week of March 21, the display was a big metal horse beside the main entrance. Not sure if it has changed in April though. I took some pictures of the window but didn't come out too well coz it's too sunny and the images are exposed. :P

    Looking forward to your next post! If you have time, please please take some modeling pictures of the new carre so we can all have inspiration from you. :D

    Take care!


  10. My dear hair-mess, Dmiko5, SMR, Scarf Addict, Dr.V.O., Deja Pseu, booksnchocolate and CS, very happy you enjoyed coming on this trip with me, many thanks for your sweet comments <3 Have a wonderful and sunny weekend ahead x

    Dmiko5, this is what I have been wearing, except I paired it with my new Converse sneakers instead of the ankle boots:

  11. Dear Mia, our comments must have crossed, I did not see yours in time! Sorry for the confustion re the BdG, the Colette scarves are not mine, I just included the pics for reference. The corner window was still like you saw it, the ultra modern steel and wood display is quite a change from the opulent flowery one before! Hope you can schedule another visit to the city of lights one day soon :)

  12. My dear MaiTai

    Thank you so much for sharing those beautiful photographs of Paris in the Spring with us. Paris is magical, no doubt about that, and the way you present it to us makes it even more magical! I can hardly wait to go there myself.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Warm hugs, Manuela.

  13. So glad you enjoyed, my dear Manuela. Have a most wonderful weekend too <3

  14. My absolute favourites on your photos are the long as there is no Hermes around :-) I like spring, the only minus it has are (already) high temperatures in the region where I live - since I rediscovered my scarves, I have been sad in spring not to be able to use them as much as I would like to...which of course will not limit me in purchasing new ones for the autumn and winter... lol

  15. Is there any place on earth more beautiful than Paris in the spring? I highly doubt it.

    I will have to settle for Paris in the fall, but I certainly thank you for allowing a glimpse of the springtime magic.

    And, those FSH windows in your latest post - jaw dropping!

  16. My dearest MaiTai,
    Oh, how beautiful is spring in Paris! Our dear Manuela said it so wonderfully, "..the way you present it to us makes it even more magical!" Each picture is so inspired - you have such a deeply sensitive, poetic eye and a true gift for the most artistic compositions. I can feel the fresh vitality of the tree lined streets that seem to go on forever - and like our dear Lilian, I am just too happy to see the gorgeous rows of the prettiest little cakes <3 How wonderful to see the BdG in their fun variations, and so enchanted by the sweet Colette skirts. Stella McCartney's windows are really very they're going to spring into air! Thank you as always, dear MaiTai. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, sending you all my love and sunniest fresh spring hugs xx

  17. Ah the cakes!! Hermes is luckily just around the corner, my dear Lilian, so you can have both ;) We had a hot week too (over 30 degrees) but hopefully some cooler spring scarf weather will come to all of us soon!

    In answer your question, my dear Jerrine, Paris in fall!! The golden autumn leaves go perfectly well with the Paris’ grandeur, and the crisp air will calls scarves.. such fun!

    So happy you enjoyed coming along on this little trip, my dearest Scarf Enthusiast, thank you for your sweet and lovely words <3 Your beautiful narrative brought these recent memories back in the most vivid way, such a treat.. x