Monday, April 4, 2011

Capsule wardrobe #34 - Back to wearing roll a neck sweater

Many thanks to everyone for their kind good wishes, feeling back on form again. Not being fooled any more by the promise of spring, wearing a roll neck sweater today, but very much hoping it will be the last time before next winter. It's hard to believe the navy blazer had a summery outing only last week, and now it's back on winter duty. April weather!

Added a few white touches as a nod to spring, and wearing the Quadrige in the twist wrap knot from yesterday's how-to video.

Capsule pieces: jeans, black roll-neck sweater and navy blazer
Shoes: canvas sneakers
Accessories: Quadrige 90 Carré and chaîne d'ancre enamel bracelet
Scarf tying method: Twist wrap knot. Click here for a how to
Scarf ring: MT Collection grande size in black

Close up of the Twist wrap knot

Had to chuck my old Chucks, and here is the replacement.. one forgets how crisp they are when out of the box, but hope they will be looking more relaxed soon.

Miss Bolide was also part of the outing.. adding another touch of spring.

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  1. I had my white converse on yesterday, back to Wellies today! April indeed!

  2. MT, I had Chucks on yesterday - mine are raspberry pink and it made me feel like spring! xxoo Joanne

  3. Chucks have been on my list for a while - I practically lived in them as a teenager. Thanks for reminding me, how awesome they look in combination with our beloved classic style! I know you already want to stash it away - but still, you look chic as always sporting the wintery rollneck (hopefully for the last time ;-) xox, Macs

  4. Sorry to hear you've been unwell MT. Hopefully you're better already. It's indeed even harder than usual to choose what to wear with the weather we've had lately. (I often choose the scarf first and then adapt what i'm going to wear with it...;-P) Lovely Quadrige. I don't remember seeing it in this cw.

  5. My computer unfortunately betrayed me and refused to get me in touch with the Internet - how sad it was not to be able to take a perfect break with your blog after arriving home! I missed it so much. I like the outfit and have had so many troubles to find a "normal" navy blue blazer. When I ask in the shop whether they have a normal blue blazer, they tell me - NO. It means they know what "normal" means and many classic, usual things are obviously not in majority in the shops?! It is why I appreciate your nice blog even more - it is a nice, charmy island in the world which is not always oriented towards the beauty how some of us see it.

  6. Looking great MaiTai - hope the sunshine returns soon it is getting a little warmer here in the UK.
    May I please ask when might the horn bangles you mentioned a while back be on the MTC site?
    Best SAx

  7. I love sneakers, and I'm very happy to see you wearing them.
    You look great:strong and delicate at the same time.
    I'm glad you are back to form again, and I thank you very much for you blog again. Love :-)

  8. My dearest MaiTai,
    So very happy to hear you are feeling well again - you look wonderful! Thank YOU, dearest MaiTai, for your sweet get well wishes and hugs - it really helped so much, as I am also feeling much better now :-)
    What a fantastic outfit - a fabulous way to combine black, blue, brown, and white! And so very charming with the pretty twist wrap knot. I'm so glad the turtleneck is keeping you warm - here, it can be quite difficult to dress just right when one is going out for the entire day, almost need two outfits. Love your new white sneakers, so fresh and light. I always forget to mention this, but I'm so grateful to you for always including your shoes - you have the best collection, all so comfy and beautiful <3 Wishing you a wonderful week, and sending you much love and warmest healthful hugs xx
    PS Thank you so much, I thoroughly enjoyed the lecture - truly a rare treat - how I wish we could have been there! Dear monsieur Dumas was everything I hoped he would be and more.

  9. High five to converse sneakers, dear CashmereLibrarian and Joanne!

    You go girl, dear hair-mess! And they are so easy to wear too, had them on in Paris last week and my feet were still happy at the end of the day!

    It was a very short cold only, everyone's good wishes made it go away in a heartbeat, my dear booksnchocolate! Lol re choosing the scarf first, and since it’s so close to the face, it makes sense too!

    Bad, bad computer, dear Lilian! Glad you are back online after a couple of days only. It is hard to believe that wardrobe staples like a navy blazer could be so difficult to find. Makes me wish for a ‘capsule shop’, filled with simple but well cut pieces in good quality!

    Hope the sun is shining over the UK again, dear Scarf Addict! The horn bangles are all here, so the launch will be very soon..I hope within the next week or so :)

    Sneaker hugs to you, my dear cecilia. Always lovely to see you here, and wishing you a wonderful weekend <3

    I could not agree more with you on Monsieur Dumas, dearest Scarf Enthusiast, and as usual, you have put it beautifully. Wonderful to hear you are feeling better, and thank you for your sweet words re my shoes and the latest addition. I know mine must be one of the most unspectacular ‘collections’ - there is hardly any glitz and glamour, but they work for me and my lifestyle. The limelight is completely unexpected to them, and all are waiving excitetly to you! <3