Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saturday night

Enjoying a quiet moment with a Sudoku puzzle on the kitchen terrace. While dinner is all ready and prepared, there is nothing left to do than waiting for everyone to join for drinks, and to look forward to a shared alfresco meal. It is such a relaxing and happy time of the day.

Wearing linen pants and a cotton tunic, a waterfall neclace in black/rosewood, Grand Apparat enamel bangle and a stole wrapped around the shoulders

Hope everyone enjoyed a lovely weekend x

Next: NYC travel wardrobe style sheets


  1. Exactly what a Sunday is for...relaxing and doing whatever comes to mind! Ah, sheer bliss and the smile on your face says it all! Cheers to more chillaxin' moments;)
    T xx

  2. You look so relaxed and happy, dear MaiTai; this is a dreamy summer scene! I've been so glad to see that you've been having great family adventures this summer. Here's to more fun and relaxation! XO

  3. What a lovely post MaiTai, you look so relaxed and chic! This is how summer evenings should be.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing the NY style sheets too.

    Melusine x

  4. I love those "diners sur la terrasse" with family and friends. They are a synonym of summer time to me: sharing a happy moment with loved ones.
    Have a wonderful week ahead dear MT.

  5. You look wonderful even during your leisure time. I must frankly admit that I did not use to wear any jewellery in similar unwinding moments, but, thanking to a sort of magic, I got used to wearing a MT horn bracelet in my free time - it was a gift of a friend of mine who knew I never wore any bracelets, particularly not when home. The bracelet is so light and I do not even notice it is on my hand after a while. It was a good choice for your collection, congrats! Gorgeous, upmarket piece and practical to use it at the same time. Lilian

  6. You look lovely, my dear, and what a beautiful smile! To relaxing Summer days and "joie de vivre"! Cheers! Wishing you a lovely week ahead! Warm hugs, Manuela

  7. You look lovely!

    I'm a fellow Sudoku lover, and I suppose I go through about 20 books a year.

  8. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Even better, you look very happy. I hope your Sunday was just as grand.

  9. Love your pants. Wide-legged linen is essential on these hot summer nights!

  10. MaiTai... Hello, you look great. I have linen capri pants in all colors. They are made just for lounging. I hope your dinner was great. I am back to school in the morning :( it was fun while it lasted. Have a great week ahead. Blessings -P

  11. My dearest MaiTai,
    This is one of my favorite pictures of you - such a special, serene moment indeed. And what beautiful colors that surround and envelop your happy calm - the lovely chair is simply exquisite. Hope you and yours had a most wonderful evening, and Sunday too. Sending you all my love and warmest hugs always xx
    PS I'm Sudoku fan too, so very relaxing <3

  12. You look the perfect picture of relaxed elegance and joie de vivre there Mai Tai.

  13. Looking absolutely lovely for Saturday night!

    So glad you had a wonderful in NY! Looking forward to your NY street style post!

    xo, sam

  14. Gosh - I can only wish to look this chic, when lounging at home. Oh wait, maybe I should just try harder (but not look like I tried at all, of course ;-). Hope, you had a lovely weekend, xox, Macs

  15. Yikes! Having a blonde moment...title of post is Saturday Night,NOT Sunday night! So,sorry:) It must have been my relaxed Sunday frame of mind:D Txx

  16. What a lovely photo of you, dear MaiTai. A perfect weekend evening.


  17. My dear Trudye, Dr.V.O, Melusine, booksnchocolate, Lilian, Manuela, Laura in Georgia and Aesthetic Alterations, Cashmere Sweater, Penney, Scarf Enthusiast, Bourbon&Pearls, Samantha, hair-mess and CS ~ so nice to hear you enjoyed sharing this moment with me, many thanks for the lovely comments.

    Trudye, you come up with the best words.. chillaxing, pure genius! Chin-chin to your creativity <3 PS. lol re the blonde moment! Sunday night looked much the same ;-)

    Dr. V.O.. hope you are enjoying a great and happy summer!

    Melusine, cheers to summer evenings! Hope you’ll enjoy the upcoming style sheets :-)

    booksnchocolate, I wish you many of these moments to come for the rest of the summer, and many happy l’heure bleus spend with your loved ones.

    Lilian, so nice to hear you enjoy the bracelet! What a lovely surprise gift from your friend. So pleased you are happy and wishing you many chic unwinding moments x

    Manuela, chin chin to summer and the joys it brings! Wishing you a most lovely week ahead too <3

    Laura in Georgia, those books are addictive! I even have them in my car and handbag, in case an opportunity comes up..

    Aesthetic Alterations, hope you had a most wonderful Sunday too :)

    Cashmere Sweater, so true! The equivalent of cashmere sweaters in summer. ;)

    Penney, can’t believe how fast the last three weeks have gone by! Your collection of linen pants sounds fab. Wishing you a ‘bonne rentrée!

    Scarf Enthusiast, Sudoku lover twin hugs to you! How I wish you could have joined, there is always an extra chair waiting x

    Bourbon&Pearls, many thanks, dear Tabitha :)

    Sam, so nice to hear, thank you. Hope you’ll enjoy the upcoming style sheets.

    hair-mess, as so often, you made me laugh. You are just the sweetest x

    CS, thank you. Hugs to you too

  18. I think this is one of my favourite photos of you. Chic, elegant but also completely relaxed and at ease... beautiful!

  19. I can only echo what everyone else has said

    Looking relaxed and pretty, I love your big smile .

  20. Many thanks, dear Lilian Harlow, so nice of you to say :)

    Dear Estrella, so happy to hear you enjoyed the post, thank you.

  21. Hello Mai Tai - I recently discovered your blog while searching the internet for travel capsule wardrobe ideas for an upcoming trip to Italy. I was completely captivated by the wealth of information and wonderful style ideas and have spent hours reading every post and watching your scarf videos. I have many scarves but never knew what to do with them. Since finding your blog - I've been wearing a different scarf - and tying a different knot - every day - and looking very chic! Can't wait to see your latest tip sheets from NYC! Thank you. Thank you.

  22. Henrika - IndonesiaAugust 11, 2011 at 8:52 AM

    Dear MaiTai,

    Your picture is very awesome, you look so relaxed with lovely MaiTai smile. The scarf was matched with your bangle and necklace. I love your appearance in the picture, everything's so perfect. Looking forward your next wardrobes. Warmest regards,

  23. So glad you like the pic, my dear Henrika. Can't tell you how much I love the scarf, thank you for everything xox

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