Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Capsule series #44 - New York travel wardrobe style sheets

During the last couple of days, I've been playing 'paperdoll games' (thank you, Trudye!) with the NY travel wardrobe, greatly helped by Cecila modeling, and some archive pics

to see all wardrobe pieces and accessories, please click here

The resulting style sheets are only a part of all possible variations, I hardly used the blazer and long cardigans for example. Also, I did not get round to photograph the dresses and CSGM variations. The scarf knots are adapted to the hot weather and air-conditioned environments of our trip. Knowing it would be too hot for tying silk scarves around the neck, I only took one 90 Carré, and wore it mostly as a belt or top.

90 Carré as belt, folded in basic bias fold with ends knotted together

GM mousse in the basic bias fold

GM mousse in rectangular fold

Stole in criss-cross bow knot

CSGM in basic bias fold

90 Carré as belt, folded in basic bias fold and ends secured with the basic slide method

90 Carré as belt, folded in basic bias fold and ends knotted together

90 Carré as halter top with a blazer,

and without

GM in a cowboy knot

Asymmetrical wrap

90 Carré in a low criss-cross knot

90 Carré in the basic bias fold

Mousse GM in the basic bias fold

There are many more possible ways how to combine the wardrobe pieces, but even Cecilia got exhausted. For the little black dress, I have found some pics in my archive,

and even though they feature different accessories, they will hopefully give some further ideas

from left to right: asymmetrical wrap, Twilly in a bow and PM Mousse in the basic bias fold

Hope everyone is enjoying a great rest of the week x


  1. You and Cecilia are body twins!

  2. This post is a nice course of style and making fabulous combinations with several ingredients, remind me of skilled cooking very much. The result depends on cook's imagination and some cooks can never make a good dish, regardless of ingredients. You, our dear MaiTai, are, fortunately, a fantastic cook, and we can learn from you so much. I guess our new "member" Room Styles, who introduced herself in the previous post, will be very happy to see this post as well, as it shows best features and skills presented in your blog.

  3. You sure know how to pack for travel and still have a myriad of different and stylish looks to choose from.

    Thank you also for giving me such more ideas how wear my moussies.

  4. Dearest MaiTai

    Uau!!! Your imagination has no limits! I hardly have words to express myself. This post is just amazing! With a few pieces you can create so many different looks! And all of them so lovely! Thank you for this wonderful lesson, my dear. It´s difficult for me to say which look I prefer as I think they are all fabulous but there are two looks I like a lot: The coral necklace with the CI scarf used as a belt, and the "chocolate" dress combined with the mousseline scarf.
    I can´t wait to try all the looks myself! Thank you for all your engagement and dedication. I just love your blog!
    Lots of Summer hugs, Manuela

  5. It's amazing how these basic[but very nice...especially that little black top]things come to life with the scarves and necklaces .
    I always feel overdone in these, yet when I see you I realise it is discreet and elegant.
    If only I could restrict myself to such colours when I pack LOL

  6. What a wonderful post! I need to print out all your style cards and hang them in my closet for a daily dose of inspiration! :)

  7. Absolutely fab my dear! The possibilities are endless and I am sure even Cecilia needed a glass of bubbly,or two,after all of the styling
    So chic, elegant and easy this reference guide is for all to follow! ITA with are body twins with Cec.
    I could not help but notice the extra scarf length at the end of the belts. Better run,need to get to the gym;) Big mwah,T xx

  8. This might be my favorite post yet! More style sheets, please, this was a TREASURE! In an age of over-the-top excess and crassness, it is wonderful to see someone with style celebrate the beauty and simplicity of minimalism. I love that it isn't one or the other -- you aren't a Kardashian, nor a monk. It's rare to see luxury and quality matched with restraint. It seems like something Old World that hasn't existed for a long time ago. It's very refreshing! Like a classic font, as opposed to throwing a million Photoshop gimmicks at a design.

  9. Predivno. Koliko divnih kombinacija sa vrlo malo garerobe, sto nam govori da nije bitna kolicina u ormaru, vec umece kombinovanja. Svaka kombinacija je slicna, a opet toliko zenstvena i drugacija. Nikad se ne bih setila da marama moze da bude tako vazna i ormaru svake zene. Hvala ti na tome, veliki pozdrav. Drago mi je sto te "znam", Dragica.

  10. So many thoughts are rushing through my head, but somehow I seem unable to form them into a sense making compliment. This tutorial is truly amazing - I don't even know how to thank you for all your efforts. You know how similar our (basic) closets and also our philosophy on "less is more" is, but your wonderful way of drawing it out just gave me a bunch of new ideas! Thank you so much, my dear tbht ;-) and cheers! xox, Macs

  11. You are a style genius!

  12. Love every style in your capsule series, may i ask is your CI scarf very red have not seen it in person but looks fab on you and are there any favs yet for the a/w collection hope to see the booklet soon
    many thanks ladyjane963

  13. Thank you very much for this post ! I keep coming back for another look. I was thinking that I would love you to do a post of what you wore each day for a week, like they do in Vogue and other magazines. This is very helpful in showing how to rotate key items for different looks. Wonderful, thank you for taking the time to do this.
    I have just ordered Coupons from the website, I've always loved the adverts from that season and you have convinced me the scarf is worth getting. I don't see much (in silk) that I want from this Fall/ Winter. Looking forward to seeing your choices.
    Lastly, thanks for my recent scarf ring purchase. Karen x

  14. Dear MT, keeping my eagle eye (LOL) on your beautiful collection, I noticed that your high contrast bracelet is back into the stock. I love them all, but that one is irresistable! Is it made from water buffalo or zebu horn? Just curiosity, as I absolutely do not know any material of such the diversity, special&out-of-this-world look! TIA

  15. ITA with Tabitha and Trudye, you and Cecilia are body twins.

    MaiTai, you have such a talent for pulling together capsule pieces and creating such different looks for each outfit. I find myself referring back to your style sheets often. Once again, classic pieces pulled together with such elegance. And your NY travel set is very valuable as everyone knows who travels that it is always best to try to minimize ones luggage.

    Hugs, CS

  16. Fantastic post, MT! Extremely useful and the pics make it so easy to see the possibilities.

    But, I am dying to ask you a question. How did you possibly do all of that walking in New York in the shoes that you packed?

    They are all, indeed, GORGEOUS shoes but I know that my feet would be killing me after only a couple of hours (I need much more cushioning and support.) Do you just grin and bear it or did your feet actually not hurt?

    Every time I travel it is the shoe conundrum that leaves me stumped. I have the choice of being in pain and being "put together" or being comfortable and a "fashion don't" :-)

  17. This is such a wonderful and helpful post. It'll definitely come in handy when I pack for my next trip.

  18. Many thanks for the lovely comments, dear ladies. Hope everyone is enjoying great weekend, and will come back in more detail in a couple of days xx

  19. I agree with everyone else, this is a lovely post and the number of combinations is amazing - something I am trying to work on for my trip!

    Melusine x

  20. Dear MaiTai, thank you for posting your travel wardrobe tips. I will be waiting for more because I am going to New York soon.

  21. Dear Bourbon & Pearls, Lilian, Bienchen, Manuela, Estrella, RC, Trudye, ‘A’, Dragica, Macs, ‘A’. ladyjane, Karen, CS, ‘A’, Chocolate, Cookies &Candies, Melusine and M, because of traveling, it has taken me much longer to come back, apologies for this late reply. I am thrilled that a post so dear to me had such a wonderful response. Thank you so much for the lovely and generous comments, they truly made me happy.

    ladyjane, my CI is the same one as on, the ref number is 002430S CW 01. The colors on the H site are too orangey/brown, the scarf has more red/pink/fuchsia to it (like in the post above)

    Karen, many congratulations to your new CI, and welcome to our siblings club! Glad the post answered your question :-)

    Lilian, the high contrast bracelet is made of water buffalo horn <3

    A, the silver Orans sandals and the ballet flats were incredible comfortable to wear, especially in the heat. My feet did not hurt, but I am used to wear shoes like this. The black sandals were for the evening, when there was not much walking involved. Instead of reverting to walking shoes, you could check companies like Scholl, some of their models are rather cool. Same goes for ballet flats, there are companies which make them with support too. In cooler summer weather, a white pair of Converse or Superga sneakers look always great with jeans and a blazer/sweater/cardie, and if needed you can easily slip in an extra sole.

  22. Dear MaiTai
    Can I too just say thank you for posting your styling tips. As someone else observed, so elegant and discreet. Thank you for taking the time for doing this, it is a very generous thing to do.

  23. Dear PC, many thanks for the kind words, very happy you liked the post :-)

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