Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Capsule series #49 - pleated bow knot

The wines in our area are slowly turning rusty, golden and red, and I have been wearing my richest autumn colored scarf, the Carré en Carré. To match the golden October light, I folded it in pleats, with the Brides de Gala and Tigre Royal facing up, tied in a new knot, the pleated bow knot

How-to: Pleat scarf into a rectangular strip, pull each end through one scarf ring opening, push scarf ring up towards the neck and secure ends in a single knot (video instructions to follow)
Scarf ring: Grande in ebony

Capsule pieces: camel corduroy jeans and chocolate sweater
Shoes: chocolate ankle boots
Accessories: 'Carré en Carré' 90 Carré, Kelly double tour bracelet in ebene, Kelly in ebene

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  1. Wow,my dear,I have waited for CenC (im)patiently,I do not have to explain my love for that scarf again (too boring,I guess).Having admitted that I do not play in your league,it is to openly say that I have bought a chocolate sweater inspired by CI post,which will be used for playing with CenC as well.Dear Mrs. Leo Messi,I am delighted to having met you and being privileged to watch your game!Thank you,dear Mrs.Dancing Feet for your beautiful dance!Love,Lilian.P.S.I missed your scarf posts very much and almost was unable to properly use the team leader.

  2. Absolute perfection...again! Wowzer:)) Absolutely amazing and with one of my fav silks to top it off! Again, I so love visiting autumn here! Wishing you continued autumn light, T xx

  3. P.S. Do you think I could borrow your chocolate v-neck ? I could pick it up when I pop over for that glass of the bubbly <3 T

  4. Dear MaiTai,

    Thank you for this variation. I did something similar and will email you a photo.

    The autumn light and color on the grape leaves is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your enchanted existence with us.

    Warmest regards,


  5. Love the autumn colours; I think these definitively looks best on a sunny autumn day. I shall try your new knot at the week-end. I suspect this works best with a new scarf than one of my vintage "rags": have you tried this with a much loved softer scarf? (because you could never have a rag ...)
    PS: if you have any spare sunshine, please send my way. It is grey day in and out, with the same temperature for day and night, very bizarre.

  6. Love this and even more so in combination with your "out of order" accessory - the kelly double tour with ghw adds a wonderful little "touch of glow" (as if there wasn't enough already with your gorgeous, warm smile :-) xox, Macs PS: Can't wait to find a CenC myself one day, it's the definition of h-magic!

  7. Oh, sorry my mistake. I was so excited waiting for the post (knowing it would be CenC) and was in bed, checking your site on my iphone. Then, very sleepy, I wrote the message and missed the last sentence. Please, forgive me. Instead of "I missed your scarf posts very much and almost was unable to properly use the team leader" it should have been "I missed your scarf posts very much amd was almost unable TO PROPERLY USE MY SCARVES without my team leader". I really faced the so-known-crisis when one is undecisive how to best use the scarf, how to round up the combination...I frankly hope the weather forecast was wrong and autumn will continue in the southern France region, LOL. Have a nice evening. Hugs, Lilian

  8. I love how your scarves and outfits match the colors of the season in all of your latest posts. It's always sheer perfection.

  9. How stylish! And that's the perfect pick for this time of the season.

  10. Dearest MaiTai,
    As dear Lilian and Trudye said, there is only one word - wow! What a most spectacular golden post - with an amazing scarf triptych, an ingenious bow knot and a most fabulously glamorous shot. I love and admire how everything you do is so wonderfully in harmony with nature and your beautiful surroundings - most inspiring. I have long adored the 'bow knot' but never could get it right - thank you so much for the perfect solution and for creating another great knot with the very special and indispensable scarf rings <3 Wishing you a most beautiful happy weekend with much love and giant golden hugs xxx

  11. My dear MaiTai,
    As Trudye said, me too "I love visiting Autumn here". You combine text and pictures in such a perfect harmony! I like this new knot very much. A great way to show the lovely and much cherished scarf rings. Wishing you a sunny weekend and look very much forward your next post, as always. Warm and sunny hugs, M.

  12. Your collection really sings in autumn MT, easy to see why CenC is such a favourite with all of us. I just had a look through older posts where this beauty has featured, it truly is a magic scarf. x

  13. Dear Mai Tai:
    Thanks for the wonderful knot! And the capsule wardrobe.
    I love the gold /black bracelet and the black bag's my question. I have black jumping boots with PHW, and I would like to buy a birkin possibly with it still a no - no to mismatch hardware, or should I just wear the boots with gold jewelry and hopefully one day, a birkin with GHW? Or is it better to match the HW? TIA.


  14. Dear Lilian, Coastalharp, Trudye, Pam, Bienchen, hair-mess, booksnchocolate, Reshma, Scarf Enthusiast, Manuela, msT and Fleurine, many thanks for the lovely and sweet comments x

    Lilian, so happy you enjoyed the post! When you first expressed your love for the CenC, I would have never imagined how quickly you managed to secure one, particularly as they were so sought after at this point already. Back then, I did not know yet how resourceful and determined you are, a scarf huntress par excellence! PS I knew what you were saying, but you were sweet to rephrase the last sentence. CenC hugs to you.

    Coastalharp, a very warm welcome to you :-)

    Trudye, my dear, the chocolate sweater is already laid out for you, and all is prepared for a play in the autumn light! Don’t forget to bring your CenC, and perhaps a CS, to keep cosy and warm for the apéro which follows. Chin-chin to a happy week ahead <3

    Dear Pam, many thanks for emailing the pic, your variation looks absolutely lovely (Pam pleated her scarf and pulled both ends through a small bangle, then pushed the bangle up towards the neck). Hope you are enjoying a lovely autumn too :)

    Bienchen, so true re the cw and it’s need for sunshine! Have sent some of it over to you, hope it arrived :) I have not tried the knot with softer scarves yet, but looking forward to do so in the next couple of days. Hope you had fun playing!

    hair-mess, well spotted, my dear! The GHW is so lovely with this scarf, and since I do not own many ‘golden scarves’, the KDT sadly does not come out to play that often. Very much hoping your sweet fairy will find the CenC for you one day soon <3

    booksnchocolate, you are so sweet, thank you. Seasons and nature are such a great sources of inspiration, and particularly autumn and spring. Enjoy a great autumn week ahead x

    Reshma, glad you liked the post, many thanks :)

    Scarf Enthusiast, golden autumn hugs to you! Your sweet words re the bow knot make me so happy, hope you had fun with some bows over the weekend! Nature’s offerings and our beloved scarves make such a wonderful and inspiring union, very happy that you enjoy it as much as I do <3

    Manuela, it is always wonderful to have you come and visit, my dear! I remember you liking a very similar knot some time ago, it was pleated and pulled through a scarf ring in the same way, but finished with a criss-cross knot (Carré Kantha ). Hope you had fun exploring the variation :) Enjoy a lovely Sunday evening <3

    msT, here’s to the wonderful CenC, and all the magic it holds! Today I tried the knot with the other splices showing, and of course it looked like a completely different scarf. I wish I had it in another CWs as well..

    Fleurine, so nice to hear you like the knot and capsule series, thank you. Re your question, I would definitely buy the Birkin exactly how you love it best, and not compromise on the look out of other considerations. In the above post, I have mixed metal colors too, the bracelet has gold hardware whereas the watch, rings and bag HWs are all white metal. The warm and golden tones made the look harmonious, so I think it is more about balance than hard and fast rules. Also, the HW on Jumping boots is ruthenium, which is darker and less shiny than palladium, and therefore does not stand out that much. Good luck!