Friday, November 18, 2011

Scarf it Up - brown and blue

As the days are turning darker and shorter, subdued and somber colors are beginning to have a wonderful appeal. I always enjoy mixing blues with brown or black,

and opted for navy, taupe and chocolate basics today. Teamed up with a 'Courbettes et Cabrioles' 90 Carré, (wrapped around the neck once, and then knotted into a basic slide secured with a Grande scarf ring in honey), a blue/silver chain d'ancre enamel bracelet and ebene Kelly

After having been away quite a bit recently, it feels good to be home again, very much enjoying the late autumn, and slowly starting preparations for Christmas.

Wishing everyone a most lovely weekend ahead x

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  1. What a great classic combination is blue, taupe and brown .I just love your Courbettes et Cabrioles :my fancy is returning to classic H scarves for Autumn . Much as I adore my newer scarves , the old cream background/horsey ones from years back seem to light me up in Winter.

    I was trying my scarves with a new black leather jacket , and the clear winner for classiness and most flattering scarf was my lovely rust and cream Reprise .

  2. Autumn is definitely here, too. I, too, like the brown and navy/blue pairing, or black and brown. Very nice, dear. And the 'Courbettes et Cabrioles' , another one I wish that I owned. Channeling Lilian, I'll ask if H is listening. Re-issue, please! LOL

    Enjoy perfect scarf wearing weather!

  3. I always love your change of season looks. This is supra élégant, brown and blue suits you so well!
    Happy Fall (hopefully sans pluie),

  4. Hmm, I need to see how my L'Hiver in blue looks with brown... You've got such great ideas!
    big hug,

  5. MaiTai,

    Your before and after pic today clearly demonstrates how a beautiful "H" scarf can tie things together. What a wonderful look!

  6. I love the brown and blue combination. My ex libris en kimonos in the navy and brown color way would go beautifully withe these colors - tied cowboy style so that you can appreciate the beautiful waves in the corner. You have fantastic taste

  7. Welcome home from your travels MaiTai, glad to have you back. And welcome back to your RL leather jacket, it is lovely when the weather turns enough for old favourites to return isn't it. PS is that a familiar friend hanging in the background?? Hello Ms BdG.

  8. A warmest welcome back to you, my dearest MaiTai, so very wonderful to have you back again. You look so radiant in this warm and beautiful classic blue and brown outfit. As always, your accessory parings are just flawless - truly inspiring.
    Coincidentally I was away this week too and now very glad to be back home again. It is amazing how time flies….already season for Christmas. Hope you have been well in your travels, dear MaiTai. Must have been so exciting to be at the Rhum Express premier. Thank you for sharing your many happy moments with us. Only you can put together such a stunningly gorgeous outfit that combines denim, lace, cashmere, silk and leather, wow!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend back home. Sending you all my love and biggest hugs always xx

  9. Beautiful combination! And I'm still in love with your leather jacket.
    Welcome home dear MT!

  10. Oh so sorry, dear MaiTai. Please excuse the typo - meant to write accessory 'pairings'.....
    Extra big hugs xxx

  11. Welcome back, dear MT. Your post is a beauty and a really good demonstration of the power of H silks! CS says, here is another vote for reissue...and BdG reissue...and many more I missed - I truly enjoyed unexpected reissues this spring/summer and hope H will continue this. Sometimes, when particularly desperate for some H design, I think "OK, dear Hermes, if nothing else, then gavroche at least...", LOL. Your site is so helpful to learn about real beauty of some designs - I used to watch H site for a long while, but some scarves simply did not make an impact I felt when you tied them and brought them into the outfit. Love and hugs, Lilian

  12. MT, I love the beautiful touch of blue on navy, it's a modern combination, one of the best ways of wearing those classic colors... together! thank you for sharing, you look beautiful.

  13. Looking wonderful as always,and I love the BdeG framed dipdye! I have doe the same with one of my older silks as a pressie for my daughter! With only 30 odd days to go till Christmas day have you any innovative ideas for family presents !!

  14. Dear Mai Tai!Your outfit in Paris with that magnifient black silk coat gives me no rest.I HAVE to know who made that exstraordnary design.Just to know, not to copy.Being an arthistorian I cannot help looking for the origian of the work i


  15. Welcome back, my dear MaiTai.
    Missed your lovely posts!
    Love your "Courbettes and Cabrioles" and its combination with the pretty and comfy brown cashmere sweater and the leather jacket. It looks so elegant and comfortable. Wishing you a great week ahead. Warm hugs, M.

  16. You're the absolute epitome of casual elegance and understated chicness. Wearing these (as some say) "old fashioned" items in such a cool way is ... - there we go again: words fail me. :D And Macs in speechless mode is quite rare, (as you know ;-), although at your blog it seems to become a regular habit. No wonder! hugs, me :-))

  17. What a lovely mix of the black, brown and blue! As you know,I am always fond of this jacket and I must say that I am probably partial to the AW posts most of all!
    Love everything about this look...especially your beautiful smile<3 Happy Autumn, T xx

  18. P.S. Ladies hurry over to the MT Collection and order your shawl rings! They are a must have and are TDF! Will make great Xmas gifts for your shawl loving friends,too T

  19. Dear Trudye, I would like to thank you for a great idea with the shawl rings as great Christmas gifts. I always had troubles with Christmas gifts, as my creativity is obviously limited, at least in that sense, LOL. Now I see our MT's collection items are very suitable for gifts - I can imagine also a nice MT scarf ring paired up with a charmy scarf (well, for the beginners, it might be non-H, LOL)as a beautiful gift. Don't you think we are a nice group, where so many ideas and questions come from different sides and our dear leader is channeling the answers and makes wonderful proposals? Lilian

  20. Dear Lilian,
    Oh,yes we are merry band gathered here with our fearless leader at the helm! A very special H cyber family indeed!
    Cheers, T

  21. Many thanks for the lovely comments and warm welcome back, dear ladies! After being away so much, it feels wonderful to be back home, and slowly getting Christmas preparations under the way. Loved reading everyone’s comments and thoughts, your contributions always make my day. It seems that quite a few of us are longing for classic scarf designs, and the timelessness of classic CWs!

    Estrella, your Reprise in combination with a black leather jacket sounds divine, what a great ensemble.

    CS, echoing your words, re-issues please! Happy autumn days to you, my dear.

    Jamais, we never had so much pluie than this year! Having trouble finding enough light to take pics, hoping there will be an end to it one day..hope the meteo is more favorable chez vous! Bisous x

    Vivienne, thanks so much! Awh-ing over your l’Hiver, it is such a gorgeous scarf.

    A, I have always loved the concept of before/after pics, they are my favourite blog posts.

    Twobisou, welcome to our chat corner! The waves are so special in the E-L en K (love the navy and brown cw), a cowboy knot is the perfect way to bring them out.

    Extra special twin hugs to you, dear msT. And yes, I have been longing to wear the jacket again, awh...the joys of seasons!

    Welcome back, my dearest Scarf Enthusiast, so lovely to see you again <3 Thinking of you so much this week, and yes, it is hard to believe that Christmas is coming round again. Hope you have been well in your travels too xx

    Many thanks, my dear booksnchocolate. Isn’t it fun to greet favourite clothes at the beginning of a new season, spring and autumn both bring such big and wonderful changes!

    Here’s to the power of H, dear Lilian!I am hoping for more surprise reissues too.. and yes, there are so many dimensions to a scarf, so many different ways to appreciate it. So much to discover, so much joy! Hugs to you.

    Birkinmary, truly well said! Loved your latest scarf profile so very much, your blog is such a place of beauty.

    Amou, the wall hanging kit is a great present, especially in combination with a scarf. Re Christmas gifts I cant’ think of anything innovative, but personally would always appreciate vintage Bordeaux wines or champagnes, anything from an apple store, orange boxes of any size, cashmere comforts (hot water bottle covers, socks, blankets or clothing) beautiful PJs, luxurious slippers, sudoku puzzles, candles, soaps, perfumes and creams, pens, note cards etc. in short, all things which are so much more special if we don’t buy them ourselves!

    Anonymous, the silk coat is by John Rocha, hope this puts your mind ot rest :)

    Manuela, it’s good to be back and looking forward to getting back into routine! So happy you enjoyed the post, many thanks my dear, and warm hugs to you.

    My dear Macs, let’s toast the old fashioned items, as they are the ones which last forever.. Looking forward to our Bellini date, we’ll be over the speechless mode in a heartbeat! <3

    Happy autumn hugs to you, dearest Trudye! We are probably wearing the same outfit and scarves as we speak, lol. So much longing to become CDC twins with you, hopefully very soon (too late for the JD do, but better late than never!)

    Trudye and Lilian, hugs to you both xx

  22. J adore votre foulard hermes autour de votre cou de vous va magnifiquement