Sunday, January 15, 2012

FSH windows - part three

FSH update part three - the corner window of the Hermès store at the rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré

Console table and vase sculpted out of bone by highly specialized chinese artisans


  1. Stunning! There are not enough adjectives to describe this lush, opulent display! Wouldn't it be fun to curl up in one of the windows for awhile? At least before prying eyes came to intrude! The Chinese console is TDF! I wonder what they do with the display items when they are no longer in use?
    Thank you so much for taking us along and you photo prowess never ceases to amaze...superb dear friend!
    Lazy Sunday hugs, T xx

  2. Stunning pictures MaiTai, thank you for sharing these with us! xx

  3. Tai, your pictures are stunning. As if right out of the Vitrines book. Thanks so much for your time, effort and passion. It is always so rewarding to visit your site. Jxo

  4. It is always a treat to view your blog MaiTai- your photography brings out the very best in H! Thank you for the window shopping experience - more like visiting a museum of H delights! Happy New Year and cheers for the Year of the Dragon!

  5. What a treat to be able to visit these gorgeous windows.
    It is a breathtaking view of metallic only Hermes can accomplish!'
    I add my thanks for taking the time and energy to share this vision with the rest of us around the world not as fortunate to be able to see it in person!
    Your blog has become my favorite place to go every morning with my cup of coffee!!

  6. ITA and Thanks to all previous commenters for writing out my (almost) same thoughts. :-) xox, Macs

  7. Fantastic! It must have been simply glorious to see it all in person. Thank you for sharing the opulence!

    I wonder what the craftsmen think when they are making these beautiful objets d'art? Wouldn't mind have one of those pieces :)

  8. those embellished bags!!!

  9. Dear MT, have love love loved the series. Afraid I can only dream about a gold croc Birkin, can't imagine seeing one in real life! Wow! Pure indulgence, pure opulence. Fantastic. So tell us, did you indulge on your visit to Paris??? Ax

  10. Reading your comments always brightens my day, many thanks my dearest Trudye, sushi queen, Jan, lanit, Paula, hair-mess, gracekelly, Debbie and msT xx

    Paula, a very warm welcome to you <3

    msT, yes I did indulge! Brought a CdC back as a souvenir..