Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Reader's style challenge - 'One outfit, different looks' #1

I have been asked a few times to show different ways to style the same outfit, just by changing scarves and accessories. A minimalist outfit works well for this challenge (making it a great travel wardrobe too). I opted for black turtleneck sweater and a simple pair of trousers, which I'll be wearing in a few variations over the next few days and posts.

Starting with the Ex-Libris en Kimono 90 Carré. Although colorful, there is enough black (especially in the corners) for a rapport to a black outfit, which is why it has been one of my favorites this winter. Today wearing it folded into a rectangle, with the ends pulled through a shawl ring. When designing the shawl ring, it did not cross my mind to use it for other scarves than GMs, but I love the way it brings out 90 Carrés in soft pleats and drapes.

Capsule pieces: black jeans and turtleneck sweater
Shoes: black ankle boots
Accessories: Hermès Ex-Libris en Kimono 90 Carré, MT Collection horn bracelet in noir, sanguine Picotin
Scarf tying method: fold your scarf into a rectangle (take it the way it comes out of the box, unfold into a rectangle, then half the rectangle by folding it one more time over), and secure the ends with a basic slide knot and a MT collection shawl ring. Please click here for a how-to
(note: the video shows the basic slide with a scarf folded in the basic bias, but the method is the same with as with a rectangular fold. Dont wrap your scarf around the neck first, but let the ends hang down
your front)

Create different effects by fanning out the folds, or leave one end shorter than the other

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  1. Sitting here in awe, trying to think of an appropriate compliment. Will come back as soon as I've found my speech again. ;-) xox, Macs

  2. Oh that bag is so beautiful and what a perfect shade of orange. I'm in my jumping boots today, my heels have finally acclimatised!

  3. I'm looking forward to this style challenge. Thank you MaiTai. Can't wait for the next look since I already like look #1. Hugs to you.

  4. What a beautiful and inspiring look! Your new Pico brings it all together in an unexpected it! I look forward to the next installment in this series. T xx

  5. This is lovely - I really like how the shawl ring makes the scarf look different. Looking forward to your next looks! xxx

  6. OMG! LOVE the watch .Have to ask what it is, looks amazing!

  7. Dear MaiTai,
    I wore my 90 cm scarf with a shawl ring yesterday, pleated it harmonica style and then pulled it through the ring like you did. I really like how it works with the 90 cm carres.
    You look beautiful as always.

  8. Merci beaucoup pour vos recommandations! C'est très élégant.

  9. Lovely, my dear MT!
    The colour of your lipstick is beautiful! The outfit is so simple and yet so chic! Perfect, as always! Have a lovely day! M xx

  10. Beautiful as always, dear MaiTai! I often get a bit overwhelmed by scarves with many colors like EL en K, but your all black outfit is just perfect with it

  11. Oh I love the look of a 90 with your shawl ring! This look is very inspiring! Can't wait for the next now!

  12. I love this look with the Ex-Libris en Kimonos, especially the colorway you have - works so beautifully with your minimalist outfit. It just adds that touch of elegance - and a glorious punch of color together with that deliciously coloured Picotin!

  13. couldn't come up with anything better - ITA with Julian.F! ;-)

  14. Nice work popping colour onto your black canvas, the Pico, scarf and lipstick (is that a new colour??) all sing out in this great outfit. I knew you'd work some wonders with your bright new Picotin!

  15. This also works well with a criss cross knot instead of the slide, using the rectangular fold you've described. I love the way one can utilise the folds to highlight the central or outer portions of a design.

    The ExLenK in these colours are divine on you and your outfit in black the perfect foil for its complex patterning. Looking forward to Look No. 2!!

  16. Totally Tangerine Tango! The ensemble, the scarf, everything is perfect! Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Dear Mai Tai

    LOVE how your scarf has the same colour accents as your picotin! Beautiful folding, you are making me think I should get another picotin with a brighter colour...

    SarahB (from now on after this using my blog name secretsofacoquette as I have seen a more negative poster with my name on Faux Fushia's blog :( Sarahx

  18. Chic as always! The EL en K scarf is so versatile given how it's folded, and I only wish H had done a colorway that would have worked for me. Like the bigger watch, too. I have my dad's old titanium watch, and it's about that size. Nice to be able to read it without my glasses. ;-)

  19. The Ex-Libris en Kimonos is very attractive on you. (Too busy on me). Also agree with Manuela, the new lipstick looks fabulous on you.

    Warm hugs,

  20. Aww, dear Macs, so sweet and kind <3

    Great news re the jumping boots, dear Tabitha! No two pairs are the same, my black ones took forever to become friends with my heels, whereas the mocca boots were easy going from day one.

    Glad you liked look number one, dear SMR and hope you’ll enjoy the coming ones too!

    Ms Pico says merci, my dear Trudye! She is a most lovely bag, and it is so much fun to wear a bit of color sometimes <3

    Many thanks, dear Mrs. Exeter. Happy you like the shawl ring look, isn't it wonderful that there is always something new to discover!

    Thank you, dear Syma, it’s a Rolex Submariner.

    Dear maedi I am so pleased and happy to hear! I love too how it brings out different aspects, so much fun to see parts of a design coming out which are usually hidden x

    Merci, chère Lara et bon week-end!

    Many thanks, dearest Manuela! I not often go for bold lips, but Ms Pico was an excellent supporting cast ;)

    The ELenK in this cw is surprisingly easy, dear SophieG, as there is quite a lot of black ‘at the right places’ :)

    So happy to hear, many thanks dear booksnchocolate! Hope you’ll enjoy la prochaine..

    Oh dear Julian, and I loved how you wore your beautiful Tourbillon in the same way, absolutely stunning. Can’t wait to include your pic in the next collage, many thanks again!

    Hugs, Macs!

    So true re Ms Pico, dear msT, she blows a fresh wind into my wardrobe! The lipstick is not new, but I used a darker tone lipliner (Spice by MAC) than usual. I always fill the lips with liner prior to applying lipstick (this one was a medium coral), so a darker shade makes quite a difference (I then added a bit of gloss to further intensify the color)

    Will try the the criss-cross knot, dear pussywillow! For a different effect, you could also pleat the scarf into a rectangle, both soft and tight pleats produce most wonderful folds.

    Completely Cute Comment! Thank you, dear Reshma :)

    Dear Sarah, sorry to hear about the trouble with your ID, but love your new one! I can just see a brighter Pico on you, and you already have the scarf to match ;)

    I've had the watch for a long time, dear Laura, and it came out when I dropped my regular one on the floor.. it takes forever to get it repaired, and in the meantime I’ve rediscovered my love for Ms Chunky (the big dial is definitely one of the reasons;)

    Many thanks, my dear CS! Hugs right back <3

  21. You always look fabulous!! Just wonder what your name means: MaiTai is Chinese?