Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hermès window displays - Rue de Sevrès

What on EARTH is going on?

And who made all this mess!

Oh No! (and the door to the store is open too!)

I doubt our friends needed any 'help', but apparently the artist Jean-François Fourtou was involved too

it's a zoo!

More evidence.. this bottle of Chateau St Boutisse explains A LOT.

Hee haw..what a party!

Excusez moi, did I hear a belching sound?!

It's been a soirée magnifique!

Hermès Rive Gauche
17 rue de Sevrès
75006 Paris
Tel: (0)1 42 22 80 83

Next Paris stop: the new Hermès pop up shoe shop!


  1. Who said only the humans could have fun and enjoy Hermes?

  2. Exactly! I overheard them making plans for spending the night inside the store..

  3. Love your commentary MaiTai! It's fun to see Hermes (excuse lack of accent!) playing with the window displays. I adore their more traditional ones but these are fun too!

    Melusine xx

    PS: And a very belated happy birthday!

  4. Tai, this is so cute and fun! Your narrative is very clever. Cute, fun,clever forever is our fearless leader! Thank you and have fun filled weekend ahead, T xx

  5. What fun! Thanks so much for sharing. Lily is such a party animal, she'd love to join this group! :>}
    Marla in the OC

  6. At first I was appalled, but now I find it hilarious. That goose just looks SO cheeky! And your narration was priceless, especially the snail :-)

    Happy belated birthday! Here's to a beautiful, fun-filled year, with many more to come.

  7. Thank you, my dear ladies! It has been such fun sharing this with you, and it's so nice to hear you enjoyed coming along! Have a most wonderful weekend everyone! xox

  8. So very delightful, dearest MaiTai, you truly are a master story teller. What fantastic whimsy! Thank you as always and wishing you the most lovely weekend too <3 xox