Thursday, September 5, 2013

Capsule wardrobe #107 - spring/summer recap

In a few days, DS will go back to school...although our temperatures are still very warm, this always feels like the official end of summer.

It is a good moment to recap, and while looking back onto the spring and summer posts, I've gathered the capsule pieces which were part of them into two looksheets... one consisting of old trusted staples, and one with this year's new additions.

existing pieces

 new spring/summer additions

And the looks they featured in:

burgundy and navy




coral and reds

yellow and mustard


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  1. Love this kind of posts, my dearest MaiTai!
    So inspiring!!!! I wish you would write a book one day...
    It would always be very close to me <3
    I wish your DS a good start in the new school year and wish you and your family a lovely weekend. It is still quite warm up here as well. Sunshine hugs to you my dear, Manuela

    1. You are so sweet, thank you my dearest Manuela <3

      Thank you also for the good wishes for DS's rentrée. After nearly three months of summer holidays, I hope he still remembers how to spell school!

      Enjoy the lovely weather, and have a wonderful Sunday x

  2. I am bookmarking this! This is absolutely fabulous....getting so many great ideas here!

  3. Yes it's a book of ideas dear Mai Tai mainly with colours because I stay always with same palette of camaieu not very cheer in fact! But it could change with your ideas...
    Have you seen new collection of H scarfs Jeux Divers??

    1. Merci, chère Monica. The upcoming winter palette might be a little bit more muted, although it could be fun to add little splashes of color here and there! Not sure which one you mean with Jeux Divers, could it be Pilotari, Hermès Sport or Aux Sports d'hiver? Amitiés

  4. Dear MaiTai,

    Love this with all your wonderfull style&colour ideas in one place.

    Loving a bit of each colour post as I cant chose between them,as they are all fab.

    Have a lovely weekend
    Jane x

    1. Thanks so much, dear Jane! Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend too x

  5. Would you be willing to share your attitude towards making an outfit? Do you study it or follow your inner feeling and "dress like that", always in a relaxed manner?

    1. First, I have the weather in mind, and then the occasion, or what kind of day lies ahead. The rest is partly down to how I feel (choice of soft or crisp materials, tone in tone or contrast, loose or structured shapes, casual or more dressed up etc), and partly inspired by images that come to mind. These images can be anything.. something I saw a moment earlier by looking out of the window, an evocative memory, a detail, a picture, a flower.. They often inspire color choices and combinations, and whenever possible, I try to capture them with my camera, and include them into the capsule wardrobe posts.

    2. Thx for the reply.
      But - what about daily duties? When you go to the market, "jump over" to the garage where the asparagus is sold, etc...
      Do you always "know at the first glance" how to combine your outfit?
      Ohhh...I know the answer - you are such the "outfit magician", I know you are never in doubt.
      I am often in doubt.
      For example, I watched your new wardrobe additions (the post after this one) - for some of them, I might find a solution to "mix them" into my outfit.
      For others - your suggestions are the only solutions.
      Thank you, our dear magician.

    3. Hello again, my dear Lea! I don't really change during the day (unless I am going out in the evening), so I'll got to the market or get a baguette in whatever I am wearing. If it's a day mostly spend at home with a few errands to run, I'd wear one of the casual looks (many of those above are just jeans with easy tops). Hope you'll enjoy the upcoming autumn posts, and have a wonderful autumn ahead x

  6. Oh, I'm late to the party. I wanted to add that I like the new colors that you've added to your summer wardrobe! And I love the photos from your birthday trip. It's clear that you were having such a wonderful time in Venice.

    Warm orange hugs,

    1. Glad you were able to come at all, my dear CS <3 Those summer pieces and the CetL shawl will always remind me of the wonderful time in Venice...such happy memories. Hugs x

  7. Extremely practical collages that make everyday dressing easier. Big thanks!

  8. I don't know why I hadn't discovered your website before now, but I discovered your fabulous wardrobe and scarf styling photos on Pinterest tonight. I am loving your capsule wardrobe selections. Especially your more colourful basics--navy, taupe, burnt orange, brown, with just a few basic black pieces are. I am a porcelain skinned auburn redhead who looks dead in black. It's frustrating to search for ideas on how to put together a classic yet luxe and dramatic wardrobe that isn't heavy on black. What I love best about your styling is your collection of gorgeous scarves. I also love scarves--I prefer tailored, simple pieces worn with beautiful scarves, handbags and jewellery. I have been looking for more interesting ways to wear my scarves. Your website is a breath of fresh air and inspiration for me. Merci!

  9. A very warm welcome to my blog, dear M! Thanks so much for the lovely comment, it is always wonderful to know how someone has found my site. So happy you find my style resonates with yours, and hope you discover many more ways to wear your scarves (you can find all my tutorials here: ) All the best, MT