Sunday, June 27, 2010

Paris capsule revisited ~ three black summer looks and capsule wardrobe #13

I've been caught up this weekend, with too many things to do, and did not have time to take any new photos. Instead of posting nothing, I've transferred my Paris travel wardrobe from last summer into style sheets.

I have had the top and the trousers for ages, both are reliable and much loved capsule pieces. The simplicity of the cut and colour makes this a timeless combination, and a great canvas for adding accessories.

It also makes a great travel wardrobe, as small changes in the choice of accessories create very different looks. The sleeveless top was saving the day, as it was very hot, and because of the overall 'all black', the combination was dressy enough for a city trip, while being easy and comfortable at the same time.

1. Lift pendant in black laquer/horn, and 'Fantaisies Indiennes' GM mousse, worn in the basic bias fold
2. With Lena horn necklance, ebene Kelly, and Elephants and Torana enamels
3. With a 70 Vintage Carré worn as a belt, secured with a Gavroche ring. Lift horn earrings, and Elephants enamel


  1. Dear MaiTai,

    So simple and yet so stylish! My favourite outfit is the one with the beautiful long necklace. A lovely Sunday to you too. M.

  2. Dear Mai Tai,
    You take my breath away, as always. Black is so chic, the decolleté en V elongates the look and brings out the Lena and horn pendent, and the little splash of orange mousseline in the first look is simply lovely and sunny.
    The second look I remember from a previous posting, and is the ultimate in understated elegance.
    The third look illustrates the less is more, the trouser and top equivalent of la petite robe noire, isn't it? I absolutely love it.

  3. Dear Mai Tai,
    What a chic,elegant look you have put together for the summer travel style file! Black is definitely the go to look for travel,no matter what the season.The fun then begins with the myriad of H accessories to bring it all together.You are stunning as always in all of the looks!
    Big hug and a toast to you...have a wonderful week ahead.xxT

  4. Thank you, dear Manuela, how fun to hear what everyone's favorite is! Love the Lena option too, especially when it is too hot to wear scarves.. it always saves the day <3

    Merci, chère MonSacHermes, and happy you have not seen all of them before, lol! I agree with you on the 'V', it makes a simple vest just that little touch dressier, and yes, in combination with black pants, you can dress up to be on par with LPRN, love it too :-) My next post will be with the CPDM x

    Thank you, dearest Trudye! Here's to black as a all year round color. And yay to the fun of accessorizing! Did you notice 'our' bangles? I never travel without them, they always add so much.. Hugs to you too, and a wonderful week ahead! <3

  5. I am in love with the first outift with the stunning scarf. It really does take center stage and the clothes provide a perfect backdrop.

  6. It is my most flamboyant scarf, dear Stephanie, and when the right mood catches (and with the matching lipstick..), it makes you feel flamboyant too! Happy you like it, thank you for your lovely comment :-)

  7. Hi again! Oh, yes these "eagle eyes" noticed our bangles! I wore mine yesterday.I have decided a girl just cannot have too many H bangles!They have become as addictive as the silks and the other H much fun:-)

  8. Thank you so much for this post! I found your blog a few days ago, as I was researching what to wear on my upcoming trip to France.

    I have been practicing dressing with scarves and other accessories per your suggestions and have been really liking the effect!

    Recently, I inherited a beautiful bright orange "Grand Manege," and have been wearing it often after finding the tying cards that you posted. It is one of the most beautiful things that I own, and for many months I was afraid to wear it, but your posts have inspired me!

    Thank you again for all your lovely and very helpful tips,

  9. Dearest MaiTai, You are a true style guru! I just adore these posts - when you revisit, present in a new light, and juxtapose. It's such a wonderful study in transformation - showing it's not what one wears but how one wears it!
    Your black foundation is a must-have - love the sleeveless v-neck collar top - it's so feminine. I also like traveling in black, especially in a forgiving material. Each variation is my favorite - all so unique and beautiful!
    Thank you for the Coaching tying directions. Can I ask how you take care of you mousseline scarf - do you hand wash it? Thank you, MaiTai <3
    Hope you'll have a wonderful week ahead, hugs x

  10. My Sunday just made lovlier. Thank you so much for sharing as always, which helps to make the world a more beautiful place.

    Maisie Z x0x

  11. Love your three black summer looks. We will be traveling this summer and It gives me some wonderful
    ideas. I always bring too much. I have you to thank
    for getting the Lena Horn necklace and lift earrings!
    They are so perfect for summer with black, brown, tan,
    white! Love the black v neck top to show off your

  12. Wow, you are so stunning! I love all of these outfits! I love the third outfit the most (love the Omnibus scarf), but they are all so effortlessly chic.


    Have a joyous week, MT! Thanks for the beautiful photos!


  13. MaiTai... I love all three looks. My favorite is #2 I love the Lena :) I need this necklace around my neck. All the best for a great week ahead. Blessings -P

  14. Dear Maitai, Again so simple... so beautiful. I have never been a "black" person, rather a "navy" one. Using navy as the base colour I am using the inspiration of your outfits with effect, the principles you outline do move across the tones - thank you for the encouragement to experiment with confidence!
    All the best.

  15. Only you can make black look this radiant, warm and summery! <3, HM

  16. There's nothing like a black outfit with just the right accessories. You look perfect as always dear MaiTai. And I love your sleeveless V-neck top.
    Everytime I see the Lena necklace, I rush to the website! But it'll have to wait: I'm saving for the farandole (which is at the top of my list).
    Have a great week ahead.

  17. Cheers from one enamel addict to another, dear Trudye! It’s a happy addiction, and I agree, a girl can’t possibly have too many of them! :-)

    A warm welcome to my blog, Julia! Congrats on your Grand Manege, it is such a beautiful design. As special as these scarves are, they are to be knotted and enjoyed, so it is great to hear that you are having fun with yours. Have a wonderful time in France! :-)

    Aww, dear Scarf Enthusiast, you have done it again! You write such an elegant commentary to go with the pictures, juxtapose... I would have never thought of it! I agree with you on the top, I only wish I’d had it in other colours too :D Re the mousseline, I am too much of a chicken to hand wash them, so I’ll take them to the best dry cleaner I can find. A dear fellow scarf enthusiast hand washes hers with great success, and says the key is to use a cool iron on the still damp scarf, and to spray a little mist of starch/sizing on the backside. She'd only hand wash her light/pastel coloured ones though. Good luck! x

    And your post made my day lovelier, dear Maisie. Many thanks for your sweet and kind comment <3

    Thank you, dear pamella. So lovely to be twins on the Lena and Lift, I have not seen you with the Lift earrings, but I bet you look gorgeous with them! The Lena is absolutely stunning on you, and as you've said, great with so many beautiful summer neutrals! <3

    You are way too kind, dearest Pauillac, especially since every pic I have seen of you shows that you are epitome of effortless chic! Have a lovely week too, santé!

    Thank you, dear Penney. It sounds as if you definitely need a Lena! I am sure you won’t regret the purchase, it is truly exquisite. Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week :-)

    You are so right, Rosekirk, the concept works just as well on navy, or any other neutral base colour, as it does on black. A simple canvas, brought to life with accessories! Have a fun time experimenting <3

    You are so sweet, dear hair-mess. Only I can think of one more thing, your smile! x

    Thank you for your lovely words, dear booksnchocolate. Given the price tag, it is a good plan to tackle the Farandole first, and get it 'out of the way'. It is such a classic and beautiful piece, to be cherished forever. I hope it will be yours soon x