Monday, August 13, 2018


Summer's been unfolding in beautiful colors, ripening fruit and very warm temperatures. Instead of taking the dogs for a walk in the afternoon I get up early in morning, when it is still relatively cool from the night. Everything looks beautiful and fresh then, and it is when I take most of my pictures. I hope you also enjoy the photos I took during a very enjoyable lunch at the Villa Gallici in Aix-en-Provence.. the romantic setting and plush decorations make it a haven of comfort, and the food is wonderful and delicious too. Thankfully a thunderstorm last week caused the temperatures to drop from the heatwave that lingered for far too long over most of Europe, and one can almost feel that autumn will be around the corner soon.  My scarves are making a re-appearance in the form of belts and sashes, or tied in cool and breezy knots which don't come into much contact with the skin, and featherlight mousseline scarves are of course perfect for the summer!

Hermes De Madras à Zakynthos 90 carré worn as a sash with a clic H bracelet in marron glacé and a Kelly 32 in ebene. 

Hermes Fantaisies Indiennes mousseline GM in a basic bias fold and a Picotin 22 in sanguine.

Well hello!

Variation - scarf as above, but teamed with white and gold. 

All black with a Hermes Brazil Maxi Twilly 

Queen Anne's lace - withering gracefully

Hermes Parures de Samourais 90 carré in a cowboy knot (and Grand Apparat extra-large printed enamel bracelet. 

Serene and beautiful the La Villa Gallici lunch terrace

If I'd known about the roses in the fountain at the Villa Gallici, I would have worn my gemstone petal necklace and Theory flower dress. Next time for sure, so today just an archive picture instead.

Same knot as above, but with last year's Parures des Samourais. With a relatively new scarf the knot appears more sculpted and three dimensional, it  hasn't developed a vintage silk's soft hand yet.

Have a wonderful remaining August everyone 


La Villa Gallici, 18 Avenue de la Violette, 13100 Aix-en-Provence, France. Tel: +33 4 42 23 29 23


    I'm not ready for summer to be over!
    Love carrying MY BASKET from YOU I believe it is called THE GEORGE!!!!!!
    POP by my BLOG to see the garden soiree!!!!!!I think you may enjoy it!

  2. Comme toujours, magnifique présentation. J'aime particulièrement la version jeans-sunflower.
    Belle journée !

  3. Hello Mai Tai,
    Beautiful post, filled with inspiration! Beautiful you.

  4. Beautiful rich colors and styling. I look forward to your posts.

  5. Dearest Tai,

    Another lovely post and a summer surprise - my favourite long gemstone necklaces in new colour palette! Already ordered one, before they are gone. Maitai, your beauty simply shines through these pictures, but I have to say that the Wiener Boys just made my heart melt! More chapters to add to that Seasons in Procence album mentioned im our comments to the previous post :-)

    Greetings to you dearest Tai and All Swans,


  6. Beautiful atmospheric photos and perfect wardrobe pairings for the end of summer, especially with the superb new necklace additions. You know what I like best about this statement, though? The word END. We've had what seems like an endless summer, and I want it to END - now!

    And, I'm ready for an autumnal glimpse of Provence and your fall wardrobe.

    Love to all the swans, sweaty or not,

  7. Loved every single pic/outfit! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  8. Dearest friend,

    It is always a pleasure to look at your posts. Your beautiful pictures always make me happy and, like in the beginning, I very much look forward to a newt post.
    Thank you for sharing them. Much love, Manuela ��