Sunday, September 23, 2018

New scarf ring collection and FSH window inspiration

I am incredibly excited and happy to launch a new collection of reversible scarf rings today. It's been a long work process to achieve perfection, and I couldn't be more pleased with the result.  The new rings are available in all three Classique ring sizes (Petite, Moyenne and Grande) and come with a gold or silver plated metal base. If you click here, you can see the collection and different color combinations. More colors to follow in the months to come!

Our summer has been long and hot, which is why I am all the more excited for the scarf season to approach and to post an autumn blog. Also, perfect timing to introduce the new scarf rings!  The outfit and scarf combinations below are inspired by the current fall windows at Hermes in Paris and pictures of nature I take when walking the dogs ( in the Southern French countryside. 

For now, it is only our nights and mornings that are wonderfully fresh and cool, it still gets summery and hot in the daytime. The clothes I am wearing are therefore still quite light... if you live in a cooler climate just imagine them with long sleeves!

Carré en Carré with a Classique scarf ring in taupe/orange

Scarf and scarf ring as above, the scarf tied in a Cowboy knot with the orange side of the scarf ring

Reversible scarf ring in gold, orange side (here)

The above display instantly made me think of my first Hermes scarf which I received all the way back in 1985, Courbettes et Cabrioles by Françoise Façonnet

Tying it with taupe/orange/silver reversible Grande Classique scarf ring (taupe side up, (here) in a criss-cross bow knot. Also wearing MaiTai Collection multistrand bracelet in silver (here) and Hermes Chaine d'Ancre printed enamel bracelet and Picotin 18 in Bleu Sapphire (with a Picotin 18 insert inside, of course!)

Taupe/orange reversible scarf ring in silver (here). Also available in gold (here)

A cooler version of the above for hot Indian Summer afternoons (it is essential to dress in layers this time of year) - as above, but with the scarf in a criss-cross knot

corner window

La Presentation de Chevaux 90 carré in a looped criss-cross knot, tied with a new reversible scarf ring in cream/beige/gold. Also wearing an Elephant printed enamel bracelet and Evelyne 33 bag in Etoupe.

Reversible scarf ring in cream/black/gold

Same scarf ring as above, but with the black side showing (here)

Coupons Indiens Gavroche in a criss-cross knot with a Petite Classique reversible ring in Bleu Canard/Navy/Silver (here). Hermes Evelyne 29 in Bleu Agate and Marche de Savana printed enamel bracelet. MaiTai Collection multi-strand bracelet in gold (here)

OP'H 70 carré in a criss-cross knot with a  reversible Classique Moyenne scarf ring in black/ivory/silver (here) Hermes Picotin 22 in etoupe and Capitales printed enamel bracelet. MaiTai Collection multistrand bracelet in silver (here)

Black/Ivory/Silver Classique scarf ring (here)

Accessories as above, but with the scarf ring's black reverse side (here)

The Carré en Carré (as above) is one of my favorite autumn scarves. Here in a rectangular pleated fold with a Grande Classique scarf ring in gold (here). Hermes Charniere bracelet in rose gold/black lizard.

Coupons Indiens 90 carré in an asymmetrical knot with a Grande Classique reversible ring in Black/Ivory/Silver (here). Hermes Evelyne 33 in Etoupe and Clic Clac H enamel bracelet in Bourgogne (Evelyne bag insert here) MaiTai Collection multistrand bracelet in silver (here)

I hope you enjoyed the post and that you are having fun preparing for autumn and the scarf season ahead xxx


  1. What a beautiful Autumn post, dearest Mai Tai! Love the Autumn colours and look forward to wearing scarves again after the long and warm Summer we had.
    Congratulations on your lovely new scarf rings. What a good idea to be able to wear them on both sides. I already have a favourite :-)
    Have a good start into the Autumn season and a wonderful week ahead. Much love to you, Manuela xx

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment, my dearest Manuela! Summer has in the meantime returned to the South of France, I'm beginning to wonder when I'll ever wear scarves again. So happy you like the new rings, and hope you are enjoying a wonderful and happy autumn!

  2. What a fantastic, inspirational and transitional early Autumn post! Your pics set the scene perfectly and are way more inspiring than the H windows,IMHO!
    How exciting to see the new and improved scarf rings! Fabulous idea, darling Tai! Now,the only problem is how to choose! Love them all!
    Congratulations on yet another clever launch! Much love and mwahs, T xx

    1. Merci darling Trudye! Now if only the weather would spell autumn too, I can't wait to wear the new scarf rings. So thrilled you like them! Hope you are enjoying a beautiful and colorful fall! Biggest mwahs xxx

  3. The new scarf rings are beautiful and so are you. Heck, even the H windows are looking good again. Nothing like a new season and fresh, cooler days to make everything right again.

    The scarf rings are truly inspired. What a great idea, and they're so luxe looking. Okay, please remind me again - what size do I need for the 90 cm scarves? A medium/moyenne? Yes, I am
    truly embarrassed to ask!

    Happy Autumn, Swans,

    1. If only someone would drop a few of these gorgeous bags into my windows, they'd look good, too! So true about autumn, the big season changes are the best. To keep your neck warm in the coming months, you need a Grande size scarf ring. Happy Autumn and much much love xx

  4. Congratulations Mai Rai,

    Sucha a beautiful post... ande the new rings collections it's simply amazing!!!!!
    Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...
    Still quite hoy in Spain..but I can't wait for scarves season.. and fall it's my favourite!!

    Warm regards from Barcelona

    1. Still quite hot in France too, nearly a month later! Hope we'll all have scarf weather soon. Warmest best wishes and enjoy a happy Autumn!

  5. Dearest MaiTai,

    The new scarf rings are truly luxurious, the colours and the finish show outstanding quality and attention to detail, and there will be more colours to come? Wonderful news and just in time for planning holiday gifts and treats!
    I have to admit that the neverending summer did not discourage me from ordering yet another MT fur scarf collar!
    I know, I know, but now Ms. Charcoal has arrived and she is simply stunning, could not been happier. Cooler mornings and evenings will be here in no time and I will be ready.

    Greetings to all Swans and may fall weather inspire us all to take advantage of our scarf collections and our beautiful Tai's genius new scarf rings.

    With kindest regards,


    1. Thanks so much dearest Aneta for the kind comment. I'm so happy you like the new rings and that you are pleased with your new fur collar! Hope you are enjoying Autumn to the fullest, and have a wonderful and happy scarf season!

  6. :-) Dear MaiTai,
    fall is here - full force with gale winds and rain. But it's kind of nice after the endless summer heat.
    Can't wait to pull out my scarves! And your pictures are a lovely inspiration as always.
    Your new scarf rings are love at first sight. Just can't decide on color and size ;-)
    Have a very HAPPY week!
    Claudia :-)

    1. Dearest Claudia, - could you please send some of your winds and rain over? A temperature drop would be welcome too :) Longing to pull out my scarves too, hope yours have had a few outings in the meantime! Have a happy Autumn!

  7. I‘m flashed by the beauty of these fall pictures! This time, I couldn’t help but first secure my set of your inventive new scarf rings before I write a comment - I‘m convinced you landed yet another hit:) Very difficult to choose- I want them all! Seeing how nicely they match with the clic clacs and enamel bracelets, I feel tempted to go down that slippery slope, too. You surpassed all my hopes for an autumn post inspired by the FSH windows - your interpretation is even more to my liking. Thanks so much for your creativity. Enjoy the scarf season- seems like we can start shawl season right away, freezing temperatures in the morning...Love to all the swans and I‘m looking forward to IG pictures of the new scarf rings in action:) Katja

    1. Mille merci, my dear Katja. I've already admired your new rings on your IG page.. thank so much again for your order and for sharing the lovely pictures! The rings look beautiful with your scarves, and well observed re the clic clac and enamel bracelets. I think you've been etching towards them for a little while! Very slippery slope.. the moment you have one, you want more ;) Good thing that Christmas is coming! Have a wonderful autumn and a great week ahead xx

  8. Ces nouveautés sont fantastiques j'adore mes favoris sont sont sertis argent Toujours de si belles idées Bravo ! Tes assortiments de foulards sont magnifiques Vivement un temps plus frais pour remettre nos chers foulards Bonne fin de semaine ma chère Maitai Je t'embrasse

    1. Merci ma chère Myriam, je suis ravi que les nouveaux anneaux te plaît. Je te souhaite de beaux temps et un merveilleux automne! Bises

  9. Dearest MaiTai, This autumn post is just gorgeous. I love how your selections are in harmony with the FSH windows. Oh, did I spy a Wiener dog on the Carre en Carre scarf? Kudos to you, dearest Tai for your eagle-eye for details, and all things you love. My order for your gorgeous new scarf rings will follow soon.
    Grands bisous, Terese xx

    1. Well spotted, my dearest Terese! The 'snout' looks very much like a Dachshund's, but once the scarf unfolds, you see that the creature has much longer legs and is in fact a horse (it's the 'Couvertures et Tenues' part of the CenC). In the future I'll always try to highlight the Dachshund, love it! Bisous right back and have a wonderful Sunday xx