Sunday, October 18, 2020

Autumn colors

Most autumn posts in the past have been filled with rich and warm colors such as yellow, rust, browns, and gold, and probably featuring staple fall pieces such as my mustard-colored skirt and the Carré en Carré 90 scarf.

This year my autumn wardrobe consists of jewel colors and cool neutrals, which I partly blame on the offerings of two French clothing brands: Tara Jarmon's jewel-tone coats and sweaters are such a joyous distraction from the bizarreness of 2020, and Majestic Filatures' casual chic items are fabulously easy to wear and soft and beautiful to the touch. Since most of these additions are fairly new and therefore still available online,  I'm adding the links in the descriptions below (I am not affiliated with or sponsored by any of the brands mentioned in this post).

Hope you had a great start into the scarf season and have a wonderful remaining autumn!


Plumes en Fête 90 scarf in a Petit Bib. Hermes Kelly Double Tour bracelet in Rose Sakura and Elephants printed enamel bracelet. Coat by Tara Jarmon (spring/summer) and navy sweater by J Crew (here).

Plumes en Fête 90 scarf as above, this time tied in a Palmier. Hermes Kelly Double Tour bracelet in Rose Sakura as above. Mathieu coat by Tara Jarmon (here in a different pink).

Les Bassets 70 Vintage silk in a Sautoir knot. Coat and flared trousers by Majestic Filature (here and here)

Coat as above with a Ceintures et Liens CSGM tied in a looped slip knot. Hermes Marche du Savanne printed enamel bracelet. Sweater by Tara Jarmon, Trousers by Massimo Dutti (here). Coat as above.

My Coupons Indiens 90 scarf dates back to 2008 and I was thrilled to find how beautifully it goes with my new pink coat . . . mixing old with new is my favorite way to put an outfit together. Scarf tied in a Sautoir knot. Hermes Kelly Double Tour bracelet in Rose Sakura.

Below the stripey brown version of the Coupons Indiens, tied in a Sautoir as above. Hermes Kelly Double Tour bracelet in Ebene with GHW. Shirt by Majestic Filature (here

The Coupons Indiens is a perfect example for the importance to pay attention to the diagonal axis of a scarf design: it is the part that you see most of, in the majority of scarf ties and knots.

The Coupons Indiens has two different diagonal axes, which result in two distinctly different versions when folded in the basic bias: 

Shirt, trousers, and accessories as above, but with a Chaines et Gourmettes 70 Vintage silk instead of the Coupons Indiens

As above but with a coat and the Les Bassets 70 Vintage silk (instead of the CSGM) in a Sautoir knot. Trousers and coat by Majestic Filature (here and here).


  1. :-) Beautiful styles, dear MaiTai!
    And your new bracelets are just the right dash of color for fall.
    Stay healthy and a very HAPPY week to you!
    Claudia :-)

    1. Thanks so much for the kind comment dear Claudia, glad you like the happy fall colors! Hope you are enjoying a beautiful autumn, and stay healthy and safe, too. xx

  2. Dear MaiTai,
    autumn is my favourite season and so I love the autumn colours and autumn clothes in general. I am really "flashed" from the pictures and colours in this post. I have to scroll again and again. Beautiful! And so beneficial for the soul! BTW: my son has fulfilled my urgent birthday-wish for a golden scarf ring! I was so happy when I recognized the grey MTC-box! Thank you so much for all the joy you give me!
    Liebe Grüße von Claudia

    1. Dear Claudia, - thanks so much for the lovely words. Wishing you a very happy belated birthday and hope you had a wonderful special day (what a sweet DS you have!) I love autumn too, and it's been fun to discover a different color palette this year. The leaves are finally turning golden here, so I might be doing another autumn post in more classic colors next. After all, autumn happens only once a year! Ganz liebe Grüsse

  3. Dear MaiTai,
    Thank you for inspiring by sharing your elegant and creative ideas in gorgeous setting. I loved your Hermes bag inserts, shown in the Shop section. Could you share the dimensions of Evelyn 29 insert please? Thank you!

    1. Dear NP, - thanks so much for the kind words, happy you enjoyed the post! For the E29 insert measurements, could you please send me an email: Many thanks!

  4. Thank you so much for this informative and beautiful blog. I have just taken delivery of my Tara Jarmon Mathieu coat in rose pink and look forward to styling it in a similar manner to you. I have you scarf app and find it very helpful. Please keep the inspiration and photos coming ! Many thanks X

    1. Congrats on your new Tara Jarmon coat, there is nothing better than a bit of pink to bring some sparkle into an autumn or winter day! So happy that you enjoy the blog and find the app useful. If you have the time, it would be wonderful if you could give it a 5-star rating and/or review. Thanks so much! x

    2. My pleasure to rate your app 5 stars and a glowing recommendation - I hope more will download it and find it as inspirational as I do !

    3. Thanks so much, that it is very kind of you!! Hope you continue to enjoy the app, and the new tutorials to come x