Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Capsule wardrobe #8

For today's capsule episode recreating the outfit, I wore on my last trip to Paris (when choosing the 'Cent Plis de Miao' Carré and turquoise enamel bracelet). Back then I accessorized with the LFASDV scarf, a black Clic-H bracelet and white Converse canvas sneakers. I like breaking up outfits, as it creates natural and easy looks, here combining a pair of jeans with boots or sneakers, and a layering of more formal tops.

Capsules: black jacket, white shirt, black pinstripe waistcoat, and blue jeans
Shoes: Ankle boots
Accessories: 'Cent Plis de Miao' 90 Carré, Clic Clac enamel and BdP Bolide
Scarf tying method: Basic bias fold. Click here for a how-to


  1. trying to look for a compliment, that is as perfect as your look, but to stunned to think of something decent! ;-) hugs to you, HM.

  2. Ms Bolide, Les Cent Plis and your blue Clic Clac really compliment each other. Wonderful look.

  3. You are the sweetest, dear hair-mess, and thank you <3

    So true, dear booksnchocolate, they truly work together well, which is why I could not resist the latest two additions! The Bolide proves to be a rather expensive bag in the long run, LOL. x

  4. With the jacket or the waistcoat,you look just stunning, dear MaiTai. The scarf is beautiful and it goes so well with the bracelet and Ms. Bolide!!!One of my favourite outfits so far. Hug to you, M.

  5. Just FABULOUS as always !! just goes to show even humble blue jeans can look chic ! Amou

  6. Wow, the Cent Plis de Miao' Carré and turquoise enamel bracelet look beautiful with black, white and denim. Two great looks. Thanks again for including shoes.... Also want to say how nice it was seeing you on TPF today.

  7. that scarf is divine. You look wonderful.

  8. Ooooh, I'm so happy to find your blog! I am nowhere near as chic as thou, but I am an Hermes scarf aficionada and I also go for classic looks. Thanks for all of the inspiration, and especially for the scarf-tying tips!

  9. Ah, chère Mai Tai, how beautiful you look with the colours of the Cent plis. Love, love, love the look, all pulled together by the clic clac and Ms Bolide, aka the enabler!
    Also love that you would wear Converse in the look you described with your b/w FASV.
    Saw you on TPF, but I prefer commenting here.
    So sorry our paths won't cross this time in Paris, bientôt j'espère!

  10. i consider your blog is my first hand of learning how French lady dress themselves.

    no fuss, classic, ladylike, elegant. as always. :)

  11. MaiTai, you look wonderful as always. Have really enjoyed all of your capsules but this one is my favorite thus far. Have been wondering how to spice up my super casual wardrobe, which includes a pair of Converse :-), for a wknd away and once again you have come to rescue.


  12. To echo what manuela and valencia have said, this is my favourite 'capsule' look so far too! Love the waistcoat and jeans look! x

  13. SUBLIME !!!
    Or what Mai Tai is able to get with a blue jeans.

  14. Wow!I agree,this is my fav look so far!You are rockin'the Blues!
    I love the CPdeM scarf and the new CliClac.Not only do they compliment Ms.Bolide,but your eyes are the true
    benefactor of les Blues.
    Great way to dress up a pair of Chuck Taylor's and be comfortable at the same time!
    Can't wait for the A/W silks to start their way to local H.
    Have a wonderful weekend and we all know you will look stunning whatever you do!!

  15. Dear MaiTai, Wow! You are just stunning. What an amazing blend of colors and mixture of casual and formal. Your beautiful blue Clic Clac really brings out and adds an extra dimension to the gorgeous scarf and Ms. Bolide - a true feast for the eyes. I love your shoe collection - I'm a comfy shoe girl too - big thank you again!! Bowing down to the most amazing style guru <3

  16. Many thanks for your sweet comments and compliments, dear manuela, Ann, SMR, Faux Fuchsia, Corry, ABG, Julia, Valencia, sushi queen, cecilia, Trudye and Scarf Enthusiast. Hope you all had a good week, and wishing you a great weekend!

    manuela, so true about the trio, which is why I could not resist the bracelet, lol!

    Here’s to the humble jeans, dear Amou, and to all good things in life x

    So nice seeing you on tPF too, dear SMR. Happy you liked both variations :-) Yesterday I hang the CPdM on my wall hanging system, it truly is such a beauty:-)

    Merci, dear FF <3

    A warm welcome to my blog, Corry, happy that you have found us! Hope you’ll continue to enjoy it here :-)

    Haha, Ms Bolide is quite an enabler, dear ABG, well observed! She might turn out to be my most expensive bag ever, LOL. Have a wonderful, fabulous and beautiful trip to Paris. One day we will be there at the same time, looking forward to it already.

    I feel very honoured dearJulia, you are so sweet and kind to say.

    How I love Converse sneakers, dear Valencia, and they always look so cool and easy with a pair of jeans. One of my pairs is quite battered, and they are my favourite ones! Have a wonderful weekend away x

    Merci, dearest sushi queen! Yours, manuela’s, Valencia’s and Trudye’s, combined votes makes this the best capsule ever, hooray!!

    Thank you, dear cecilia. I love wearing jeans, and I am happy to see that you ladies like it too. Will think of a few more looks for upcoming capusle episodes :-)

    Waves to you, dear Trudye, from one jeans and converse lover to another! I love the way the Chuck Taylor’s give a relaxed vibe, it allows one to dress up without appearing so. Hope the AW scarves will arrive soon at your local, isnt' H just great at teaching patience, lol :-)

  17. I cannot agree more with what everyone has said - you look wonderful!! xx

  18. Thank you sweetie, all the more so since you have helped me to pick the goodies <3

  19. I just discovered your blog... you are such an inspiration. I wanted to know if you had a color analysis done? I went through a lot of your pictures and I noticed that you are wearing many colors and everything looks good on you. I have a similar coloring like you. I have blonde hair and green eyes and fair skinned. I noticed that not all colors look good on me. I had my colors done once and I was told that I am Summer. This make sense since I love myself in fushia and turqoise shades. However, I had my colors done somewhere else and I was told I am an Autumn. I am going to stick with what I know looks on good me. I wanted to know if you had your colors done and if you were told what season you are?

  20. Dear moniquesar, the color analysis is an interesting concept, and I can imagine that it is great fun to explore. I have never done one though, but there are certainly colors that won't work on me, and maybe the reason for that is, that they are not my 'season'. For me, choosing a color is also to do with the texture of the fabric, and how it brings the color out. Another consideration is, that certain colors might only work in a muted shade, or vice versa. Wheater a colors looks good, is also to do where it is worn, a belt vs a scarf, for example. And last, it is a lot to do with the size of the piece. Some colors I can only wear in a tiny dose (like a Twilly), others in a bigger piece, like a dress, top, or coat. Basically, my rule of thumb is the same as yours, if a color suits me, it gets the green light! :-)

  21. Dear Mai Tai,

    Thank you for sharing your style and H collection. May I ask your advice? I don't wear navy, but was quite drawn to the Cent Plis with the dark blue (navy?) border, entirely for the beautiful dark rose and teal colors in the center and corners. I wear blue jeans, but never other navy, so I am a bit concerned about mixing this scarf with black (I was drawn to the Coupons Indiennes in blue but have the same concerns). What do you think? I love your purple and yellow Cent Plis but I already have five purple carres and think I really should choose another color! For what it's worth, you and I have similar coloring--blonde/pinkish complexion.

    Thank you.


  22. Dear Pamela, I remember the blue/pink CW very well, it is truly beautiful. The border is lighter and stronger thank navy, it is more like a royal blue. The same is true for the other colors, they are considerably brighter than they appear on Because of this, I think it would stand out well against a black, but it is also why it did not love me back when trying it on. If you like, I can email you a pic of the scarf in daylight.