Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas treats

I love making Christmas cookies, they fill the house with the most wonderful and heavenly scent, are fun to bake and make ideal little gifts. Giving them away is one of the last errands I run before Christmas, something I look forward to every year. With everything else done, it is wonderfully relaxing to go and see friends, neighbours and 'angels', dropping by the parcels and wishing everyone a Joyeux Noël!


  1. Everything you do is extraordinary! Those cookies are perfection. And I like that they are unusual and not the usual stuff. Did you wear your apron??? Thank you for your lovely little blog and Joyeux Noel!


    PS Your blog is a slice of beauty in a world that isn't always so!

  2. would you consider it a last minute errand to jump on a plane and drop those delightful treats at my house? c'mon you could fly back the same day!! and there's an H store here too!

  3. LOVE your blog. It always reminds me how beatiful life could be with passion, creativity and love.

    Thanks again for sharing these wonderful ideas.

    Merry Christmas

  4. Dearest MT, how beautiful!! Like dogbiskit, wow how I wish I could have some of these wonderful cookies!! And so fabulously packed as well! Thank you for sharing the love..

    Merry Christmas to you and warmest wishes to all at home! :)

  5. oh these look professional!! is the recipe on your blog?love the ones with cherries on....merry christmas

  6. Merry Christmas MT. The cookies look delicious.
    Sweet picture of your ds on tpf.

  7. emilyatheart, dogbiskit, jingmei, DD, davina and SMR ~ thank you for your lovely comments ladies, wishing you a very merry and joyeous Christmas and happy Holidays! xox

    emilyatheart, bien sûr I wore my apron! ;-)

    dogbiskit, I'm on my waaaay!!

    jingmei, your lovely note reminds me of those things too :-)

    DD wish you were here to share!

    davina, have not had time to copy the recipes out yet, sorry!

    SMR, thank you for your sweet comment re DS's pic :-)

  8. MaiTai, you have no idea how much I enjoy your blog. I completely agree with Donna, "Your blog is a slice of beauty in a world that isn't always so". I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. And thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas with your many, many fans.

    (Pour ma part, je pars pour Biarritz demain...qu'est-ce que j'ai hate d'y etre! Merci encore. :) )

  9. I wholeheartedly agree with Donna, 'a slice of beauty in this world' could not have said it better!! Thank you for your wonderful blog, 2009 has been so much richer for it, here's to a wonderful 2010!!

    Wishing you and yours the most wonderful Christmas, and peaceful New Year!


  10. no problem just wondered!! you have been so very busy baking..

  11. Thank you C'est ma vie, really happy you enjoy it here, very sweet of you to say so. Have a wonderful time in Biarritz et meilleurs voeux!

    A fabulous Christmas and New Year to you too, darling DB! Thank you for your wonderful friendship,you are beautiful inside out. xox

    davina, I will include a couple of recipes in the New Year, once DS goes back to school! :-)

  12. Wow. You are so busy. That is impressing.
    And yes. I'd like to support what emilyatheart and jingmei said about your blog.
    I love to look it up and it makes me feel good.

  13. Aww, so nice of you to say, angolfa, thank you! :-))