Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dressing up a bag

I've been asked for a secure and slide free method to cover the handle of a bag with a Twilly. It's a cute way to dress up a bag, and also prevents light colored handles from darkening.

Start by placing one end of the Twilly along the handle of your bag as in the pic below,

while holding the end firmly in place, start winding your Twilly around the handle..

cover the end by winding over it...

keep going..

until you have reached the end. Then fold the remaining Twilly into a narrow strip (it gives a neater result)..

create a loop..

and pull the other end through the loop

tighten, et voilà!


  1. Ooh thanks for this!! I've been starting with the twilly in the middle, and tie both ends. Love the little pop of pink on your kelly. Looking FAB as always, the pearls look amazing on you <3

  2. Happy you like this method DD, and thank you for the lovely compliments xx

  3. Hi MaiTai,

    I see you own both a Birkin and Kelly. Both look fabulous on you! Which bag do you like better or find yourself using the most?

    Thanks in advance for your response!

  4. Hi Christine, I love both and use them equally. If anything, I carry the Birkin more frequently in winter, as the proportions look better with a heavy coat, and reach for the Kelly more often in summer :-)

  5. Does it stretch or ruin the twilly?

  6. It certainly does not stretch the Twilly, and unless your hands are greasy it won't ruin it either.