Friday, April 16, 2010

The power of accessories

Accessorising is my favorite part of getting dressed, I just love the way a few additions transform an outfit into a 'look'.

A few weeks ago, I posted this simple outfit, back then teamed up with a few items of jewellry (enamel bangles, silver rings, and earrings made by a friend) an etoupe Picotin and the turquoise Brazil II Gavroche.

Here's the exact same look, only replacing the Gavroche with a jumbo pearl necklace. It is such fun to play around, and to see how the swap of even one accessory creates a totally different atmosphere. It is also a great way to maximize one's wardrobe, especially when travelling.

To compare, here is the Gavroche version from a while ago. To view the full post, please click on the image below.

One outfit ~ several looks. Here's to the power of accessories!


  1. Definitely an ode to the power of the accessory, and to your style, my dear MT. Ravissant, et très chic!
    I thought about you when I heard from some family and friends in Paris, stuck because of the combined effect of the volcanic cloud and the SNCF strike.
    Here is to your lovely entries and joie de vivre avec style, and to your BDP Bolide, waiting to be picked up at the FSH.

  2. Each of your posts is a lesson on -and an ode to- elegance dear Maitai. Thank you for sharing.

  3. You're so right! I adore accessories because you can change the look of an outfit with the tweak of jewelry, scarves, handbags, etc.

    You always look so elegant. Thank you for sharing your wonderful style.

  4. Dear MaiTai

    You´re absolutely right! Two different outfits but no matter what you wear you always look stunning! Thank you for sharing and for inspiring...

  5. I agree. They really change the entire look and they are fun to use. I think they can really stretch a wardrobe.

  6. Your style shines through whatever the outfit and accessories you decide to wear.
    For travel, I like to stick to a few separates and use scarves to add variety to the same outfits. (I admit, this is what I do even when I am not away from home!) Still, I like to travel with just a carry-on bag and scarves take up so little room and add such variety.

  7. always looking gorgeous, doll!

  8. I echo the wonderful words of ABGinDC! I hope you are not adversely affected by the volcanic ash and that the SNCF strike is soon resolved. Thank heavens your purchase awaiting you in Paris is not perishable and will, I trust, NOT have developed a patina before you retreive it LOL!

    Hugs, Maisie

  9. MT, you look wonderful in the pearls! What's the latest on your bolide? :) Joanne

  10. Love how accessories make or break an outfit, and yours always make your ensembles look spectacular!! =) Have a wonderful weekend, loving all the pearls on you, I would love to get a brazil zoom too xxx

  11. ITA regarding the accessories. And since I can't come up with anymore attributes to compliment your awesome style and grace, here's one just for you: MAITILICOUS!!! <3, HM

  12. Great reminder MaiTai... thank you as always. Love the jumbo pearl necklace.

  13. Lovely accessorising, MaiTai - it is true how little it takes to change a look competely! You look elegant and chic as always!

  14. I meant two different looks and not two different outfits. Sorry.

  15. Cheers to the power of accessories! You have such a wonderful way with them - just the right ones in fabulous combinations! I've always felt that those accessories around the neckline have the strongest influence on the overall look. You look gorgeous in both versions!

    I hope you and your dear ones are all right and surviving the air travel restrictions! Sending many good vibrations your way!

  16. ABG, booksnchocolate, Lulu, Manuela, Bonjour Madame, MiaT, dogbiskit, MaisieZ, Joanne, DD, hair-mess, SMR, sushi queen and JTandIS ~ it is always such a joy to read your kind and sweet comments, thank you ladies. With all your good wishes, I can’t see how I would not be able to pick up Ms Bolide very soon. Here’s to you, and to accessories!

    MaiTai xx

    ABG, hope your family and friends managed to get home safely, and many thanks for your lovely words <3

    booksnchocolate, you are so kind, thank you x

    Lulu, here’s to you, from one accessory lover to another!

    Manuela, happy you enjoyed both versions, and of course I knew you meant one outfit :-)

    Bonjour Madame, accessories are my fashion heros, and you are so right, they are a wardrobe miracle indeed.

    dogbiskit, mwah!!

    MiaT, scarves are definitely a traveller's best friend! And yes, they are our best friend at home too ;-)

    Dear Maisie, luckily neither me, nor my loved ones have been affected by the volcanic ash clouds so far. Hope travel in Europe goes back to normal soon, and yes, can’t think of a better place for Ms B to be in the meantime! :-)

    Joanne, I very much hope for sometime next week, fingers crossed!

    DD, have a wonderful weekend too. Sending you good scarf vibes re the Brazil II x

    Maitailicious, I love it! I admire you creativity, my dear hair-mess! <3

    SMR, happy you like the pearls, thank you! x

    sushi queen, changing small things to a big effect has to be the most fun way to accessorise or decorate, it is so wonderfully satiesfying :-)

    JTandIS, ITA with the accessories around the neckline, a scarf can truly illuminate the face. Many thanks for you good wishes, sending happy vibes right back to you :-)

  17. I love these jumbo pearls ... so chic!!!

  18. Thank you, LaVan. Great to see you stopping by! <3