Sunday, May 23, 2010


Last week in Paris, I was very lucky, FSH already had a few of the Autumn/Winter 2010 scarves in stock (they came in very early this year) AND I have met with two readers of this blog! One meeting was organized per chance the day before, the other one was impromptu. A warm hello to both of you, it was truly wonderful to see and meet you :-))

These are the 90 Carrés I tried on, the Cheval de Légende, Jardin de Métamorphoses and Cent Plis de Miao

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The Cheval de Légende is simply stunning when flat out, the tiny beads that shape the horse have an amazing 3D effect, and the way they are arranged make the horse look magical. It is full of wonderful energy, which gets lost a little bit when the scarf is tied, as the beads are trailing off in the corners. I still loved the scarf, especially with the silver colored beads in combination with the brownish/grey background, but moved onto the next one...

Which was the beautiful Jardin de Métamorphoses, here in a display with the matching tableware. In the china, the pattern did not come out in a way I imagined it, but it looked divine with the scarves. I can only imagine how sensational the JdM would be as a mousseline, and have begun to pray to the scarf gods for a reissue in a mousse!

And this is the one I fell in love with, the Cent Plis de Miao. The design is inspired by the pleated skirts worn and made by the woman in Miao, China, which are apparently made of 100 pleats. Not quite sure how different dress sizes would work out! The Plissé effect on the silk is absolutely amazing, and the colors are warm, rich and beautiful. I love how all corners are different, not only in pattern, but also in color, and look forward to experiment with knots and folds, to bring out the different aspects of this fabulous scarf.

On leaving FSH, I felt relieved to have kept the damage to my bank account to one scarf purchase, but of course I have not made it past the enamel counter yet, which is located dangerously close to the exit. And sure enough, my eyes were caught by this beautiful Clic Clac bracelet, which turned out to be a perfect match to my new scarf, and to Ms Bolide too. I simply couldn't resist it, and so it came home with me too.

There was one more surprise at the scarf counter, they had the La Femme aux Semelles de Vent in the black/white/blue CW. Knowing that a few of you are searching for it, I snapped it up.

The price is what I have paid (280 Euros), plus shipping and PayPal fees. As a bonus, I'll include a set of the current scarf knotting cards :-))

Anyone who is interested, please email me at:

I will collect and print out all emails, and put them into envelopes. By the end of next week DS will draw the winning one, good luck!


  1. Beautiful colours in your new scarf Maitai. Can't wait to see you wearing it.

  2. A feast for the eyes, thank you MaiTai. Beautiful Clic Clac and scarf-- can't wait to see it all together on you with Ms Bolide.

    Seems there are many wonderful new designs for Autumn/Winter 2010... Did you by any chance see the Quand Soudain scarf when you were at FSH?

  3. Our paths must have crossed - I was at FSH 2 days ago and bought another LFASDV in brown plisse LOL!!

  4. So beautiful, dear Mai Tai. I will be in Paris next weekend (as you know), and can't wait to look at the new scarves. I too was taken by the Cheval and the Jardin des Métamorphoses from the photos on TPF, but I guess one does need to see them in real life. I will definitely look at the Cent Plis!
    Once again, Ms Bolide led you to a path of beautiful subtle colours, that you will wear so well, I love it!
    The clic clac is gorgeous, I bought a turquoise one recently, it literally glows and pulls the colour from some of my scarves and GMs. I am now itching for a blue bag, since I only own black, rouge garrance and gold in H (and an orange picotin lock).
    So sweet of you to have picked up a b/w FASV, I found one recently in Italy, otherwise I would have emailed you in the hope that sweet DH would have picked it!
    I will report after my FSH trip.
    Can't wait to see the next capsule with the new scarf and bracelet.

  5. The Cent Plis looks amazing in your photographs,and I imagine even more stunning IRL, the Clic Clac really compliments it perfectly ,and I am sure will do the same for several others in your collection !! Looking forward to action shots. Amou

  6. Dear MaiTai

    Me too, I would have chosen the Cent Plis de Miao. It´s very pretty! And so is the bracelet. And they both match Ms. Bolide perfectly!Do you know in which colours it was made? Congratulations! xx

  7. Les cent plis looks beautiful but I must say that the one that caught my eyes and is already on my wish list in two cws (vieux rose like the one you tried on and the dark blue one)is Le jardin des métamorphoses. I immediately fell in love with it when I saw it on TPF. And if it's as stunning in RL as I imagine, I'll have to break my rule of "not two cws of the same design"... ;-P
    The clic clac is a great choice and a wonderful addition to your collection. Can't wait to see ou wearing it. In next capsule maybe?

  8. Dear Faux Fuchsia, SMR, Scarf Addict, ABG, Amou, Manuela and booksnchocolate ~ happy you like the new scarf and bracelet, many thanks for your lovely compliments! Hope everyone is having a great weekend <3

    I love the colors too, dear Faux Fuchsia, and irl they are even more beautiful than in the photo, as the border is a rich and deep plum. Action pics to follow soon :-)

    I did not see the Quand Soudain, dear SMR, but I look very much forward to checking it out. Will play with the 100 Plis in the meantime, and post pics soon <3

    Congrats on your LFASDV Plissé, dear Scarf Addict, can't wait to see a pic! I've been at FSJ a week before you, but hopefully we will cross paths there one day :-)

    Have a wonderful time in Paris, dear ABG, I wish we could browse the scarf counter together! Looking very much forward to your report, and hoping you might find something in blue... Fun to have similar Clic Clacs, and I agree on the 'pulling power' they have. They certainly have the power to pull ones cc out of the wallet, LOL. Have a safe trip, and a wonderful and fun time. xx

    Happy you like the additions, dear Amou, and many thanks for your kind words. It is fun to play and experiment with the new clic clac and my scarves, looking forward to take some pics soon :-)

    Do you mean the colors of the scarf, dear Manuela? In the 90 silk, it comes in 8 CWs (you can see four them on's US site) and in the GM cashmere version, in 7 colors. Have fun deciding! x

    The two CWs you mentioned are very different from each other, so perhaps doubling up would only bend the rule a little, and not break it, dear booksnchocolate ;-) The JdM truly is beautiful, I hope you will have yours soon, and let us know what you decide on! <3

  9. Thank-you for sharing your purchases, MaiTai!
    The new A/W scarves are gorgeous. I've already seen Quand Soudain, EL Camouflage and Cent Plis and a few others IRL. But the one which enchanted and will be coming home with me next week is Jardin de Métamorphoses!
    Big fan of the Clic Clac bracelets, too..

  10. Happy you like the addtions, dear dance, thank you :-) What did you think of the Quand Soudain? Did you see it tied? Can't wait to hear which CW in the JdM you'll come home with, please keep us posted! x

  11. I tied every scarf I could get my hands on, and Quand Soudain looks lovely tied, but it was JdM that took my breath away! I adore Toile de Jouy and it is very reminiscent of it. Photos of all the scarves, flat and tied, have been posted on tPF, also QS.

  12. You have been busy at the scarf counter then! The Toile de Jouy atmosphere of the JdM draws me towards it too. Good thing is, that the AW season has only just started, so plenty of time left to ponder!

  13. It was absolutely lovely meeting up with you too <3 Thank you for sharing this post. I am captivated by the JdM. Am glad you got the 2 purchases, they look amazing on you truly!! xx Cannot wait to see you in Summer!

  14. Hugs to your, darling DD, looking so much forward to seeing you again soon! <3

  15. Dear MaiTai

    Thank you for the information. I will have a look. Hug.

  16. Have a wonderful and fun time browsing, dear Manuela! Hugs to you too x

  17. dear Taina

    lovely choices, perfect to compliment Ms Bolide. Looking forward to see Quand Soudain IRL...

  18. Dear MaiTai, Thank you for sharing your finds. What fantastic new selections you've made - I can't wait to see them on you!! I totally understand why you fell in love with this coloration of Cent Plis de Miao - adore the purple and gold, and the details are amazing. And your new Clic Clac is such a striking, gorgeous blue! Ms. Bolide must be very happy to have new friends to play with. ITA about JdM in a mousseline. You are the absolute nicest regarding the LFaSdV - and you make it so fun! Have a great week <3

  19. that scarf you chose is absolutely lovely. I may just have to copy you when I make my trip to Hermes this year!

  20. Beautiful choice of scarf, MaiTai! Such pretty colours (ait will be perfect with your Bolide!). And I know what you mean about the H enamels - I recently bought my first one (LFSdeV extra wide in b/w to match my scarf!) and I can already tell it won't stop there! Already have my eye on a couple more...

  21. Dear Mai Tai,

    Thank you so much for the piece of information about the re-supplying of the FaSdV in this colorway at the FSH store. I was desesperatly looking for that scarf since I saw it on your blog at the beginning of this year. I went yesterday at FSH and found it ! The pattern is wonderful and the colors very easy to match. Fond of India and the area, I am so happy.
    ps : I like very much the scarf you bought from the AW 2010 collection, I looked at the collection on TPF and for me, it is the gorgeous on of the collection, so maybe my next one in September...

  22. Very good choice, the Cent Plis de Miao. Looks promising versatile by colours and corners and of course will perfectly match Ms Bolide,dear MaiTai. Very keen on seeing soon all possibilties you will come up with. By any chance do you know who was the designer?
    Love the idea of a mousseline Jardin de Metamorphose. So,let's send a mutual pray to the scarf gods, hehe. (And how would this go with your pyamas?)

  23. cute blog!
    I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)

  24. casiewbao, Scarf Enthusiast, Emily, sushi queen, Charlotte, angolfa and Falco Veronica ~ many thanks for your sunshine comments, have a wonderful and happy day everyone!

    Looking very much forward to seeing the Quand Soudain too, dear casiewbao, it is such a mesmerising and energetic design.

    So happy you like my choices, dear Scarf Enthusiast! The Bolide has opened wonderful avenues in terms of colour, I am having such fun experimenting. Here’s to purple and gold, and to all good things in life <3

    It would be lovely to become CPdM twins with you, dear Emily!

    Congrats on your first enamel, dear sushi queen! And you are so right, they are highly addictive.. they should come with a warning! The scarf is a dream, it is so very pretty. And as you’ve said, perfect with the Bolide! :-)

    Dear Charlotte, I am so happy to hear that you have found the LFASDV at FSH, congratulations! It is wonderful when scarf designs relate to other aspects of ones life, it makes them even more special. No wonder you like the CPdM too, as it is by the same designer :-)

    Thank you dear angolfa, so happy you like the new addition! The corners are so pretty, and with so many colours in the design, the possibilities to wear it seem to be endless. The designer is Aline Honoré (LFASDV is also by her, what joy this wonderful lady brings!) Happy that you are supporting the chanting: JdM mousse, JdM mousse, please, please... a JdM mousse!

    Great blog, Falco Veronica. Fabulous and hip looks.. and you carry them with such aplomb!!

  25. Dear Mai Tai, The first time I saw your De Madras a Zakynthos, I wanted an Hermes scarf... now I have over twenty, I'm mildly embarrassed to say, and it's a pleasure to see that sea-turtle again... the new scarf looks lovely---I love the colours you choose for yourself; they are completely on the other end of the spectrum from mine (many neutrals just sit there on me, I look better in vivid colours) but on you they look superb! You have the most unerring sense of your own style and the most exquisite taste in general--it's a pleasure to return to your blog, as I frequently do. Just sayin! Happy spring!

  26. Congratulations on your growing collection, dear Katriona, you have been doing well! It is so nice to hear how your silk journey began, and I feel honored that my DMaZ has played little part in it. Many thanks also for the lovely compliments, I am happy to hear that you enjoy coming here. Happy Spring to you too! <3

  27. I just found your blog!I love it!
    This scarf is amazing!I just made a post on my blog about hermes knotting cards!I love Hermes scarves!
    I followed you :) You can follow me too if you want!

  28. Thank you, RaiTs'. Your blog is fabulous, just had a look :-) Scarf waves to you, and have fun with your knotting cards! :-)

  29. I had to go back to this post after my weekend trip to H.... I desperately wanted to see Jardin des Métamorphoses in the pink/beige but they only had the deep pink and the coral CWs. Oh well. The Cent Plis cheered me and I picked it in the beige/turq such a beautiful scarf. So why back to your post, well I can't seem to get the purple/blue out of my mind, it looked fantastic when I tried on as a halter top, the design works perfectly.

  30. Dear msT, so nice of you to check back in, I love H reports :D
    Congrats on your beige/turquoise CPdM, it sounds wonderful, and is one of the CWs I have yet to see! Too bad re the JdM, but it gives you something to look forward to seeing, after all, we have a looong way to go before SS2011 arrives! Must try my CPdM as a halter, I can imagine that it is amazing. How is your resistance doing, lol!