Monday, May 3, 2010


Last weekend I've been to the picturesque upper Bavarian town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, attending a beautiful and happy wedding. The town is located between forested hills, rolling green meadows and has stunning mountain backdrops. It's houses are picture book pretty, and most of them are decorated with amazing fresco paintings, called Lüftlmalerei.

The day after the wedding, I spent hours wondering around town, admiring the stunning trompe d'oeil effects, and wonderful creativity and craftsmenship of the fine Lüftlmalerei artists.


In Bavaria, the tradition of decorating houses with murals goes back to the 18th century, the colorful frescos were meant to show the status of wealthy merchants, farmers and craftsmen. The paintings often incorporate existing architectural structures or depict fairy tales, biblical or pastoral scenes.

The most famous Lüftl painter was Franz Seraph Zwink (1748-1792). He lived in a house called ‘Zum Lüftl' which might be where the word lüftl derives from. Others argue the origin of the word comes from the word lüftig (fast) or luft (air) - as the murals are painted in the open air.

The weather was sunny and beautiful, and the wedding was absolutely lovely.

It has been a long time since I saw the mountains in Spring/Summer. The last time was, when I was a little girl, holidaying with my family in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. What a coincidence to came back to the exact same town almost 40 years later! So here is Little MaiTai, pictured with the sweet and kind dog I befriended during my stay.


  1. Lovely photos, MaiTai,
    But best of all, the adorable one of you as a little girl!

  2. What a charming place! Thank you for sharing this with us <3 And you look gorgeous already even as a little girl, truly a precious photo xx

  3. Many thanks, dear dance and DD ~ little MaiTai blows you a kiss <3

  4. Thank you for sharing the Bavarian Alps with us. This post really brought back some memories to myself. I had been there, too, so long ago it feels as if it was a different life, then. And of course, when you're young it is a different life.
    I love the girl pic of you, so cute. Funnily enough I was searching for a scarf or necklace to go with the dress, as normally when looking at pictures of you....

  5. Adorable picture of you as a little girl, MaiTai.
    I've never been to Bavaria. Looking at your photos made me want to rush there. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Dear Mai Tai, This wonderful entry brought back lovely memories of a summer spent at dear German friends' house in Munich, when we visited Garmisch on several occasions.
    Thank you for sharing, and I love the photo as a little girl.

  7. What delightful pictures. I imagine living in a house like that would put a smile on one's face every day.

    And, considering Little MaiTai's looks, I can certainly understand Big MaiTai's present beauty. Good genes, I'm sure, too!

  8. What a sweet pic of you Mai Tai! I'm longing to see what you wore to the wedding, however. You were an lovely child.....

  9. What super photos MaiTai - reminds me of my own childhood trips to relatives in Germany! Thanks for sharing the history of the Luftlmalerei and your own childhood photo - lovely!

  10. Thank you - thank you - thank you dear MaiTai for sharing this wonderful story with all of us.I especially like the picture of you as a child <3 You have just reinforced my desire to travel to Germany. (Hopefully next trip!) Glad you had a wonderful weekend!

  11. T, what lovely pictures. My maternal grandmother was born in Bavaria, these make me wonder if she was ever in Garmisch? She came to the US in the early 30's when she was 16 and never went back to Germany. Your pictures were a wonderful reminder of her. xxoo Joanne

  12. Oh how beautiful, Maitai! It looks exactly like something I dreamed of reading fairy tales as a little girl. What a truly idyllic place to have a wedding. The green hills and the alps are breathtaking - I can almost taste the air. It must have brought back many warm memories for you. Thank you for sharing your happy moments. And thanks to you, I have many more places I would like to see in person. Have a great week :-)

  13. Such wonderful pics - I just love, that at least some things don't change. Good to hear you had such a wonderful time and thank you so much for sharing this beautiful childhood memory with us. hugs, HM

  14. Wonderful Mai,
    stunning and like a fairyland thankyou for sharing! and I love the chicken

  15. What a sweet childhood picture, and beautiful modern shots as well. Very thoughtful of you to share such a precious memory.... Isn't it amazing how the things we do now can bring back the most wonderful childhood experiences?

  16. Thank you for sharing your experiences, MT. I spent some summers in Central Europe and your entrance has bought back a lot of happy memories. What a graceful girl you were!

  17. On seeing litte Mai Tai, I`ve reminded of my beloved RL Stevenson, and from his "A child's garden of verses":
    "../But do not think you can at all/By knocking on the window, call/ That child to hear you/.../For, long ago, the truth to say, /he has grown up ang gone away, /And it is but a child of air/That lingers in the garden there"
    Alps are moving, and "old" black&white pics always give me emotion.
    Thank you, MaiTai.

  18. angolfa, booksnchocolate, ABG, Jerrine, emilyatheart, Scarf Addict, andiamo, Joanne, JTandIS, hair-mess, Betina, SMR, Birkinmary and cecilia ~ thank you for your lovely comments, personal stories and sweet compliments. Having our exchanges here makes it all so much fun, you guys are the sweetest. xx

    angolfa, do you know what I have spent my pocket money on back then? Buying different coloured felt ribbons for the dog’s collar, lol.

    booksnchocolate, hope you will visit Bavaria one day x

    ABG, another place we have crossed path at different times! Munich is a fabulous place, you must have had such a wonderful summer there, Biergarten et all!

    Jerrine, these are happy making houses indeed. Little MaiTai sends her love to you.

    emilyatheart, haven’t got any pics from the wedding yet, but will attach one when I receive them :-)

    Scarf Addict, so lovely to exchange childhood memories!

    andiamo, Germany is truly a wonderful place to visit. It would be great if you could make it also to Düsseldorf, my favourite place. And Berlin too of course!

    Joanne, I wonder too... Garmisch must have been popular in the beginning of the last century, so chances are high that I’ve been walking on your grandmother’s paths. We are all connected.

    JTandIS, so true about fairy tale land... I forgot about it, as I only ever see the Alps in wintertime, on the french side. I hope you’ll visit one day, and you are right about the air, it feels like oxygen therapy!

    hair-mess, one can always count on Bavaria to keep traditions up, a value I appreciate more and more. The work involved is considerable, and it is wonderful that it truly is a communal effort. Hugs to you too.

    Betina, so glad you enjoyed the photos. Hugs!

    SMR, I searched and found the hotel where I stayed when little, and visiting it again brought up so many fond memories :-)

    Birkinmary, here’s to sweet childhood memories! x

    cecilia, awh, thank you for the beautiful verses! I have not heard of them before, so glad I do now <3

  19. beautiful memories.. and u look so lovely

  20. Thank you, dear casiewboa. Hugs x

  21. What beautiful pictures, MaiTai - and the one of you as a young girl is prettiest of all!

  22. Mwahs to you sushi queen, and thank you <3

  23. Wow MaiTai! You were even gorgeous as a child! I've been missing you so much I had to visit your blog and WOW I've missed a lot. Thanks so much for sharing with us so generously.



  24. So lovely to see you, dearest Irish, and thank you :-) Missed you too, hugs xox