Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Capsule wardrobe #14 ~ Paris travel wardrobe variation

In the same spirit as the previous post, here another variation of the city travel wardrobe, replacing the black top with a creme colored one. Accessorizing with the Cent Plis de Miao, happily honoring the request of dear MonSacHermes x

Capsules: black trousers, creme tank top
Shoes: croc pumps
Inspiration: MonSacHermes
Accessories: Cent Plis de Miao 90 Carré, BdP Bolide, MT pearls and turquoise ClicClac bracelet.
Scarf ring: MaiTai Collection (black moyenne)
Scarf tying method: click here for a how-to


  1. What a fantastic way to tie your cent plis: it really brings out its colors. And thank you for providing the link to the how to. This way to tie a scarf should go really well with my "Les Dômes célestes", so I'll give it a shot....when it's not so hot. I can't bring myself to wear a silk scarf in this weather... so I just take them out of their boxes to admire them... ;-P

  2. I love this look Mai Tai! The blue is so summery with the pearls and shell. Very, very pretty! I'm going to copy it tomorrow for work.


  3. Someone once said: l'élégance, c'est la grâce. I am torn between telling you how much I love the look, and how flattered and touched that I am mentioned here.
    You know how much I adore les Cent Plis, especially on you, and in this particular capsule you are even more radiant than usual. The MT pearls, the turquoise clic clac, paired with Ms BdP Bolide, the perfect black trousers, croc pumps and creme tank top all work perfectly to frame your beautiful smile, your poise and wonderful gesture.
    Merci ma chère amie,

  4. Classic and elegant as always, Mai Tai! I particularly like the cut and fit of your trousers (I notice this in a few of your posts) and lament how difficult it is in Australia to find trousers that are tailored to sit just under the waist rather than under or at the hip (which seems to be favoured here).

  5. I love the way you have tied your scarf MaiTai! And just so you know, every time you post a picture of this beautiful scarf I weaken further towards a little purchase...

  6. Only you can make a "tanktop" look this elegant! Hermès silk sure helps, but it takes more than just expensive accessories to look like an aristocrat! ;-) Your stunning beauty and grace are just perfectly underlined (and not outplayed) by those chic additions. Maitailicious! <3, HM

  7. Sublime.... love the entire look, especially the way you tied the les Cent Plis. Inspiring as always MT.

  8. Merci, dear booksnchocolate. I can just imagine how beautifully the asymmetrical shoulder wrap would work with the LDC, a truly fabulous match.. would love to hear your report, once it gets cooler <3

    Hope the look was ‘da bomb’ at work, dear emiliyatheart! x

    So happy you liked the post, ma chère MonSacHermes, I loved doing a special pic for you. There will be more to come, I am truly smitten with the CPDM. It has become too hot to wear it around the neck for now, but will think of another way to wear it ...soon!

    A warm welcome to the readers and friends group, dear WhiskySour, so nice to see that you have joined. Great nick name btw.. as far as cocktails go, I much prefer a WS to a MaiTai, lol! Hmm... tricky with the trousers, mine are from Apriori, which is part of the Escada group. Most of their line is tailored that way, and perhaps they are stocked in Australia..? Good luck! :-)

    Aww, I sense a crumbling resistance, dear sushi queen! Looking forward to becoming twins with you....hopefully sooner than later, tehe ;-)

    It is a Zara tank, dear hair-mess, no less!! Blushing happily at your sweet comment, you are way too kind, but thank you very much <3 Wishing you and the HFT a wonderful weekend ahead x

    Many thanks, my dear SMR. The shoulder wrap is such a nice and easy way to cover up just a little, and it makes a tank just a tad dressier. Very happy that you like it <3

    Thank you, BlackistheNewBlack. Love the collage of the wonderful and inspiring women in your avatar pic! :-)

  9. Dearest Maitai, How extraordinarily beautiful! The splendid scarf framed by your gorgeous pearls and the creme tank, your exquisite blue beauties, the sunlight gently illuminating you and your smile - I'm totally speechless. And those shoes - just delectable!

    A heartfelt thank you for your very sweet and generous words, dearest MaiTai.
    And thank you for passing on the mousseline washing tips - but like you, I'm also scared to try my hand at it.

    Thank you for posting the H scarf story book - aren't they delightful!
    Hope you are having a happy weekend. xx

  10. Love the colours on your cent plis being accentuated with all the accessories! Gorgeous as always! xx Lovely week to you =)

  11. Dearest MaiTai,
    The Cent Plis is just lovely on you!
    This also reminds me that I could tie my scarves asymmetrically - I'm always in such a hurry and forget!

  12. Merci for your lovely comment, chère Scarf Enthusiast, very happy you like the look. The shoes were my mother's, she gave them to me as she does not wear them any longer. They were handmade for her in the sixtees, and I am more than lucky to have the same shoe size/shape of feet as her! x

    It was such fun to see you, my dear DD! Hope you had a safe journey back <3

    Thank you, dear dance! 'Forgeting' knots is a common problem, lol! The asymetrical shoulder wrap is such a nice way to wear a scarf in summer, especially in the evenings.. x

  13. this look definitely combines the parisian elegance whilst being a casual outfit that would be suitable for the office and evening.