Saturday, July 3, 2010

Deux chevaux

A quick snap of what I saw in the streets of Nîmes today.. such a cute and happy sight :-)


  1. Dear MaiTai, How joyous! Thank you for sharing so much goodness and happiness with us all. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend, hugs xx

  2. Love it, what a joy, and adorable car!! xx

  3. Maitai, do people on the streets recognise you?

  4. Thx for sharing such a lovely image. Félicitations et bonne chance to the lucky couple. And with such stylish chariot to carry them off into beautiful sunny day, it looks like they are off to a great start.

  5. The good old 2CV décapotable, quite the clin d'oeil...lovely!
    Happy summer, my dear Mai Tai.
    Looking forward to following your blog from la mère Patrie,

  6. This precious picture immediately puts a smile on your face!
    Thank for bringing us this joy dear MT.
    XoXo T

  7. Many thanks for your sweet and kind comments, dear ladies, I very much enjoyed sharing that sweet little moment with you <3

    A great and wonderful week to you too, dear Scarf Enthusiast x

    Aww, DD.. isn't the car just the cutest <3

    Only at FSH, dear FauxFuchsia, LOL!

    I hope your lovely wishes will bring the unknown couple much joy and happiness, dear Valencia :-)

    Bonne vacances, chère MonSacHermes! Isn't it wonderful that the 'home land' is maternal in France :-) x

    Joy and happiness to you, my dear Trudye! Hugs

  8. so beautiful! and the choice of the mouss Au couer de la vie with your dress is Perfect!

  9. Thank you for your lovely comment, it is so nice to hear that you enjoyed the posts :-)