Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Today wearing ~ Coaching

With all the glorious lavender in full swing, and still moderate temperatures, today's scarf was an obvious pick.. it had to be Coaching, with it's beautiful shades of mauve, purples and blues. For the rest of the wardrobe, following the color scheme of the scarf, while choosing light and airy cotton and jersey tops, and a simple pair of jeans.


  1. Looking great, Mai Tai! Love the tie between the Coaching scarf and the lavender plants. It's still a little chilly in my part of the world so it's quite the treat to see your beautiful lavender plant - so full of color. Thx for sharing!


  2. A vision in purple, my dearest MT! And I love to peek at the scarf you have hanging in the background with the magnetic H hangers on the wall, this time the Cent Plis which always matches the theme. It is so fresh and lovely, which is a relief from the sweltering heat we have here right now.

  3. Hello darling MaiTai! I have been MIA from your blog for far too long and have finally caught up on all of your posts! You have been a very busy lady. I've enjoyed your capsule wardrobe and all of the other fantastic ideas you've shared. Loved the pavlova pics - you look like you belong on FoodTV!

    Love all the purples you've been wearing - it's a wonderful color on you and a personal fave of mine ;) I saw that we are scarf twins on the Cent Plis de Miao - but unsurprisingly, it looks far lovelier on you!

    Hope you and your family are enjoying the beautiful Provence summer!


  4. Beautiful pairing of lavender with your Coaching scarf. You are very lucky to have fields of lavender near you. It looks so calm and relaxing. Have a wonderful summer in Provence!

  5. Dear MaiTai,

    You look beautiful, as always! I like the combination of the top, the loose cardigan and the scarf. The colours are so pretty and fresh. Thank you for sharing. xx M.

  6. Great combination! Outfit + coaching + lavender plant = love!

    And I also love the way the cent plis in the background matches your outfit/theme.

    Thank you for sharing, MaiTai.

  7. Hermès chicness at it's best - you really make me want to wear blue, and that says a lot, as I still have nightmares of the blue dresses and 'faltenrocks' I used to have to wear as a little girl and in private school. I liked them then, but I guess it unconsciuosly made me ban blue out of my closet as a grown up. :-) Now, after getting Grand Apparat, it's slowly coming back and your wonderful (blue) inspirations are just in time :-). hugs, HM

  8. Chere MaiTai,
    (Je ne sais pas pourquoi mais le francais parait plus approprie pour mon comment :))
    Comme toujours - le choix est parfait!
    Merci bien pour partager le motif de la lavande avec nous.
    Merci bien aussi pour les explications tres detailles comment d'ordonner une Birkin (je n'ai pas encore ce sac, mais j'espere - How do you feel about that bag?
    I saw you are definiely a fan of Bolide and here in Moscow people are absolutely crazy about Birkins and rarely wear the other ones - or maybe as B. is sooo famos i cpot it every time I see it (though I cannot detecxt if it is real one when a person comes by - always a guess based upon the lady's appearance...)

  9. MaiTai... You did it again :) Here in Georgia(USA) we wear jeans with everything. Thanks for the look. Blessings -P

  10. Dear MaiTai, You look so elegant and natural in this combination. Love Coaching, I have a GM Silk/Cashmere and for me it is so adaptable. Bias fold it one way and it is 'pink' and fold it the other way and it is 'brown' - two shawls for the price of one - love it! Thank you again for your blog, finding it so inspirational. All the best

  11. I'm loving both the outfit and the photo collage, MaiTai. Lavender is one of my favorites and you used the inspiration beautifully. Ms. Blue Bolide looks stunning with the outfit! Aren't you just so happy you brought her home to live with you?

  12. Dear MaiTai, Mmmm.....I can almost smell the fragrant lavenders - the scent must be unbelievable. Love the picture - so many shades of light purple with the rich blues. You're using the Chaine d'Ancre horn ring? - it blends in seamlessly. Your Ms Bolide is so beautiful, it glows. From the outdoors, to the beautiful wall scarf, to your outfit - total harmony. Thank you, dear MaiTai. Hope you're having a wonderful week. Hugs x

  13. Hello, dear ladies! It looks as if we all have a love for lavender in common, and I am happy you enjoyed the post. Many thanks for your kind comments, wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead xx

    Dear Valencia, as it is beginning to become hot here, I long for a little chill in the air, and for the silk twill temperatures you probably still have! Sending you some beams of sunshine... please send me a cloud or two :-)

    MonSacHermes, I thought of you when realising that the CPdM was in the background! Not quite how I intended to honour your request, though ;-) Will try and make up for it soon. Keep fresh and cool, my dear <3

    Dearest Pauillac, how very lovely to see you! And to know that we are twins on the CPdM, what joy! I can just imagine how stunning it looks on you. Happy you enjoyed catching up here, so nice seeing you stopping by. Hugs <3

    Dear ColorsnSilk, so true about the lavender, it is so very calming and relaxing indeed, both the sight, and the smell! Wishing you a wonderful summer too :-)

    Thank you, dear Manuela! The loose cardigan/wrap is my new favourite, love the colour and material (jersey), it is so light and cool, just perfect for early summer x

    Dear booksnchocolate, sharp eyes re the CPdM! And a great equation re the last post. Here is mine, in the same esprit: books + chocolate = happiness!

    hair-mess, my dear! Don’t I know about blue ‘Faltenröcke’! They were made only worse by the white ‘Kniestrümpfe’, that went with it, LOL! Good to leave it all behind though, and I can’t think of a better way to start a love affair with blue than the Grand Apparat! Here’s to blue! x

    Chère AA, j’adore reading your comments in french, merci for your lovely words :-) And it is true, I am definitely a fan of the Bolide.. I love the shape, and it is so understated and under the radar. I love my Birkin too though, it is a fabulous bag. If you are in the process of deciding which bag style to go for, try and work out which one would suit your wardrobe/lifestyle best (if you prefer to carry it open vs closed, hand held or shoulder strap, structure, size and weight of the bag etc) and which shape/style makes your heart beat fastest. Whatever you come up with, is the bag that is meant to be yours, and I would not be too concerned about the reasons other people might have for choosing theirs! x

    Dear Penney, I have such fond memories of Georgia (I've been there on a riding holiday once) and do remember the jeans, and the cowboy boots!! It’s too hot for boots here now, but you have inspired me for a post à la Georgia for next fall :-)

    Thank you, dear SMR! I love the Bolide with these colours too, it makes it so fresh. Pre BdP times, I would have probably reached for Ms Kelly, which would have been a nice match too, but probably more for autumn! x

    Dear Rosekirk, so nice to be Coaching cousins, and how beautiful it must be as a GM! You are right re the folding, I love that about Coaching too. I tried the pink fold first, but it was too light in combination with the other colours. Such a luxury to play with the nuances just by folding it the other way! :-)

    Many thanks, dear xandrah :-) The Bolide has truly opened new ways, it seems to swing things in a subtle way into a brighter direction. I am so very happy I decided on her, she is just perfect in every way :-)

    I know I have said it before, dear Scarf Enthusiast, but I have to tell you again how taken I am with the gift for words you have! You write such beautiful prose to go with the photos, many thanks, my dear. And yes, the smell of the lavender is heavenly! Not using my H horn ring though ;-) Have a wonderful weekend, hugs x

  14. Dear MaiTai, still absolutely loving your blog, love the colours here of the mauve scarf and blue bag; thanks for posting the scarf booklet too, loved looking at all the chic people, wonderful! blightyx

  15. Dear MaiTai, Ahww.....Can you see me blushing? You are the sweetest! Thank you for your kind, generous words, MaiTai <3
    It is your extraordinary beauty and grace, tremendous generous spirit, amazing presentations, and enduring kindness that bring all your readers to share an outpouring of admiration, appreciation and friendship. So what can I say, but thank you for being you!
    A huge thank you for the 'Petit journal de la soie' - I'm in love with the cover!
    As for the H horn ring - please do tell how you've tied it - it's lovely.
    Wishing you a very happy weekend to you too, hugs xx

  16. Lovely photos and post. I love how wonderful a "reference library" you provide to followers. Thank you once again for sharing!

    Hugs, Maisie Z

  17. Many thanks for your lovely words, dear Blighty, Scarf Enthusiast and Maisie xx

    Dear Blighty, and I love your blog, you are so funny. Thank you for all the wonderful laughs! :-)

    I am the one who is blushing, my dear Scarf Enthusiast. You are so generous and kind, thank you, dearest. Re the scarf tying..I folded the scarf (70 Vintage size) into the basic bias fold, and then pulled both ends through the scarf ring, coming from opposite directions. You can have it as close or as far away from the neck as you like. Have fun! x

    Thank you, dear Maisie <3
    So happy that you still enjoy coming here, after all this time! Hugs.