Sunday, September 12, 2010

Capsule wardrobe #18 - A hint of autumn in the air

The capsule wardrobe series is one of my favourites on this blog. I have always been convinced that accessories 'make a look', but it is through this series that I realize just how much a wardrobe gets maximised by slight variations of the basic pieces, or minimal changes of accessories. It is truly a fun and satisfying process to find ever changing new looks and combinations, much like playing with a kaleidosope.

Today wearing the purple knitted top from a couple of days ago, back then it was framed by jeans and a scarf in matching colours..

..this morning, we had a hint of autumn in the air, so framing it with darker colors (khaki colored trousers and khaki cardie) while wearing the scarf as an accent. Scarf knot and basic accessories like in the previous post.

Capsules: beige/purple tank top, khaki cotton trousers and khaki cardigan
Shoes: bi-color ballet flats
Accessories: Coaching 70 Carré, Ebene Kelly and MT collection horn bracelet
Scarf tying method: Snowball knot. Click here or on the thumbnail below for a how-to
Scarf ring: MaiTai Collection, honey moyenne

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  1. you do capsule dressing like no other. always so gorgeous and minimal. you will never look back at the photos and think "what was i thinking"!

    fantastic. xo

  2. Autumn is certainly in the air and I find myself starting to bring the scarves out to play. I am so enjoying your capsule wardrobe series. Todays look is perfect for the weather we are experiencing, as it is cooler in the morning and the evening and quite warm in the afternoon.Wearing a tunic and cardi is the perfect way the remain comfortable! Once again thank you for your inspiration.

  3. Mai Tai, i think I'll need an neck extension before I can wear my scarf like that!

  4. The snowball is my favourite knot - just love how it looks so casual, but stays securly in place all day. Your understated chic outfit brings underlines this awesome knot perfectly! Have a great week, :hug:, Macs

  5. I hope I won't, dear She Wore It Well. Many thanks for the lovely compliment, so kind of you to say so. x

    Really happy to hear you enjoy this series, dear andiamo! Looks as though we are living in similar climate zones, with daily transitions from autumn to summer! Such fun to get the scarves out again, it won't be long and we can wear them all day long!

    LOL, dear Tabitha! Judging by your gorgous avatar photo, your neck is nothing short of swan like.. so unless you'd attempt a triple snowball, you'll be just fine ;-)

    And you wear it with such aplomb, dear hair-mess, total perfection! Thank you for your sweet comment re today's look, and have a wonderful week too x

  6. :blushing:, you're THE inspiration, when it comes to looking effortlessly chic! <3, Macs

  7. I'll try again, yesterday blogger ate my post.... I so hate it whenever it happens...

    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your capsule series and how inspiring they/you are.

    And thank you for sharing the pics of FSH with us, it makes it up for not being able to go there myself.

    I bought LJDM in the craie/lie de vin CW.....I love it. It was a tie in with the blue CW but I could only get one... It ties beautifully!

  8. Tres chic MaiTai!! Really love the snowball knot - can't wait to try it out;-) Thank you for showing us how!

  9. You don´t imagine, dear MaiTai, how much I have learned with your capsule wardrobe series! As you say, it is such a fun to play around combining clothes with different accessories in order to create new looks!!!Can´t wait to try the new knot. It looks so chic!
    Hug M.
    P.S. I am not leaving for Paris right away, but if I were I would gladly take you with me!

  10. Chere MaiTai,
    Your own fascination with the wardrobe capsule series only enhances it for the rest of us, and your observation that your long-held theory on basics and accessories being all one really needs, is coming true for us as well as you! Time to go weed out my own wardrobe! If I stick to those good versatile basics, I'll have more funds left for the "H"accessories!
    C'est Chic! xo

  11. Thanks for the reminder MT-- since you began your series I have definitely looked at my wardrobe, and my accessories in a whole new way, especially bracelets... In the past I didn't wear many bracelets, but now I see how much they add to an overall look, particularly in the summer when I don't wear scarves.

    Can't wait to see what you do next....

  12. You are way too kind, my dear hair-mess. Congratulations on your fabulous new blog, by the way! Woohoo!!!

    Oh it’s so frustrating when posts and comments get eaten, hugs to you, dear booksnchocolate! So happy that you continue to love it here, many thanks for your sweet words <3 Congratulations on your LJDM, the craie/lie de vin is my favourite too!

    With any luck, you will have snowball playtime before the weekend, dear Scarf Addict, have fun! :-)

    Aww, Manuela, it's so lovely to read you've found inspiration in the series, it makes my heart sing! Will do my best to get the tools for the new knot to you asap. Here’s to capsules, snowballs and Paris!

    Chère A, so happy to hear that you love the capsule series! Your conclusion is spot on, more $$ to spend on beautiful scarves and co! It's also fun to see it on a cost per wear basis.. over the years, the accessoires are only pennies.. génial, non?

    Here’s to bracelets, my dear SMR! A costly addiction perhaps, but worth every cent! So nice to hear that you still enjoy the series, and many thanks for your kindness, and for supporting this blog over such a long time. Hugs

  13. Hello there, dear Mai Tai!

    Christiana from TFS here. I just started to explore your wonderful blog and I couldn't resist commenting on your idea. Using only 22 simple, yet gorgeous, pieces as a canvas was just brilliant. I love keeping my clothes simple, too, and experiment with(and spend more on)my accessories, such as scarves, and jewels. This particular look is so chic. The fact that you're naturally thin and beautiful helps a lot, too.;) I'm looking forward to many more suggestions and creative ideas.

    Kind Regards from Greece,


  14. Dearest MT, I'm back! =) Loving the capsule series, and you look amazing as always! xx

  15. A very warm welcome to you, dear Christiana, so lovely to see you here! Many thanks for your kind comment, and fun to know that we share the same wardrobe philosophy. Here's to accessories, and all fun things in life!

    Glad to hear you are back safely, dear DD! It was so great to see you, only much too short! x