Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paris - Repetto

Last week, I strolled through the Rue de la Paix, a small street connecting the Place Vendôme and the Opéra National de Paris.

In No 22 you find 'Repetto', a true haven for lovers of ballet flats. It was there when Rose Repetto started to make her famous half pointed ballet dancing shoes in 1947, supplying the dancers of the nearby opera house. A few years later, she invented the ballet flat (ballerina). They became almost instantly famous, and are adored to this day, for their simple elegance and chic.

The boutique is lit by crystal chandeliers, and it's walls are covered with high shelves full of pointed ballet shoes, tutus and all sorts of ballet supplies.

The collection of ballet flats is fanned out on low round tables, resembling the circle shape of a tutu. Each collection is limited, and each shoe is made in the traditional way (outside stitching and return technique) and finished off by hand.

I fell in love with this gorgeous pair, a wonderful mix of floral and animal print. Love the packaging too, so pretty and adorable!

22, rue de la Paix
75002 Paris
Tel: + 33 1 44 71 83 20


  1. Hello Dear Mai Tai - How lovely is this shop! It reminds me of all the years my DD danced and how much I love everything about dance. Congratulations on your choice of flats. Such impeccable taste as always IMHO. Again, thank you so much for sharing and inspiring! Hugs, Maisie

  2. My dearest MaiTai,

    I don't know what to say first - I've missed you - congratulations on your scarf ring collection - a happy start of another season - and as always, many 'wows' and thank you's for the most joyous and beautiful posts! So many things have kept me from coming here to express my admirations for my very favorite blog! All of your posts of the past month and a half are just nothing short of extraordinary. Each post is a favorite, including today's - what an incredible store and gorgeous flats you've selected - they will be a perfect accompaniment to so many of your gorgeous outfits.

    You are an embodiment of grace and beauty with an amazing grand heart, my dear MaiTai. Warm hugs, xx

  3. Dear Maitai

    I have posted an Hermes scarf on my blog that I covet. You might have it- the Tres Kelly. I love it. Hermes is opening in my city. I hope they'll have it. x

  4. I went to the store earlier in the year and was in awe. I'm a huge fan of Repetto and have worn their ballet flats in different colors and styles for years. I wish we get the same variety here in the UK.

  5. Hi Mai Tai, could u mind telling me how much are the shoes? I think I feel in love with these shoes:D

  6. Beautiful pics as always! And thank you so much regarding your remark about my blog. But I'm afraid, I'm a long time away from presenting pics and posts like yours. Seriously hope, that exercise will help and that it's not all about talent. ;)

  7. Sigh, I love Repettos and wish we got a larger variety here in the States--especially in the Camille. Congrats on a beautiful choice.

    I hope your week is winding down toward a lovely weekend Dear MT.

  8. I couldn't believe what I was seeing when I checked your blog this moring.

    I ordered the same Repetto feather print ballets from Bergdorf's here in the US three days ago. I just couldn't resist them, (but I do hope I ordered the right size.) I wanted them in brown and beige too and had to restrain myself!

    I'm definitely adding Repetto to the Paris shopping list thanks to you and your marvellous blog.

  9. Dear MaiTai

    I had a big smile on my face when I read your post today. I was at Repetto, in rue de la Paix, in the beginning of August. It is a beautiful shop! I endend up bying a pair of blue ballerinas at the other Repetto shop on 51, rue du Four. Your ballerinas are so pretty and your post today a delight!!! Thank you. Warm regards, M.

  10. dear Mai Tai. I love this post - I instantly fell in love with this shop. We do have some Repetto shoes in my country but not such a rainbow of colors. I do hope to be able to visit Paris in the near future - Repetto (as FSH) will be on the "to go" list :-)

    Can't wait so see more posts from you.

    Have a nice evening

  11. Lovely new shoes MaiTai they are really lovely and so you - enjoy!

  12. OMG! These ballet flats are another impeccable choice from the Queen of Chic. I am going to try to track down a pair. Thanks Jerrine for the leg work! I just adore the texture of this little jewel! I am curious to know how they run in size since I am between sizes.
    I loved your description of the shop and displays....a happy reminder of childhood days spent in tutus and ballet shoes.
    Thank you for this lovely post. I am definitely a shoe as well as an H girl! LOL! Hugs, T xx

  13. Dear MT, thanks for showing us your lovely shoes. I'm in love with that pattern and found a store in Seattle that carries this brand. Do you mind sharing the name of your shoe ? Do they run true to their size ? Thanks !!

  14. I see Repetto shoes all over Vogue or Harper's Bazaar, but I never thought they were so luxurious (look at that box!). The pair you bought is absolutely fabulous! Wear them always in good health! :)

    Mai Tai, would you mind informing us about their prices? Is there a wide range, for example?

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards,


  15. Having had the honour of seeing this lovely pair in person, I must check out the store when I next visit Paree for sure =) Thank you for sharing this! (Couldn't believe it when I mentioned Repetto, and viola! ;D) Your pics of the store are beautiful too, I cannot wait to see your new flats in action! <3

  16. Thank you ladies for your lovely compliments re my new shoes, you are all so sweet to say so!

    Comfy like slippers, and light as a plume, dear dogbiskit!

    Thank you for sharing your precious memories, dear Maisie, so happy this post evoked them.

    How I missed you, my dear Scarf Enthusiast, and so glad that you are back! II hope all is ok with you. Many thanks for your lovely and generous words re the previous posts, and I’m over the moon to hear that this is your favourite blog place. Warm hugs to you too x

    Went to check your blog asap, dear FF, and the très Kelly is très chic indeed! Woohoo re a new H boutique coming near you, how exciting! Since the TK is from this current season, they should have a good stock of it, and btw, it comes with a fuchsia border too!

    Here’s to Repetto, dear Chocolate, Cookies and Candies! How fun to have crossed paths, albeit a few months apart!

    Hi A, they were 265 EUR, I remember thinking that it’s very nearly the price of a 90 Carré!

    Sweet hair-mess, it was meant sincerely. Talent is often overrated, IMO practice is the key to (almost) everything. Mind you, with three great opening posts, I think you got great talent ;-)

  17. Hugs from one Repetto lover to another, dear SMR. Which one is the Camille? Hope you can come over one day, and get a pair in every colour! Have a wonderful weekend too.

    What a great coincidence, my dear Jerrine, and how wonderful to be shoe twins with you! I did not see a brown/beige version, thank God! I don’t think I could have resisted it. Thank you also for reminding me that they are called feather print, I completely forgot. Size wise, I am a 38 1/2 to 39, and had to take a 39 1/2. So it’s just a teeny tiny bit more than half a size up.

    How wonderful that we too crossed paths there, dear Manuela, this is so much fun!! One day I hope we will cross paths at the SAME time.. Congrats on your blue pair, I can imagine how pretty they must be!

    Thank you, dear Butterfly, and happy you enjoyed the post! Hope you’ll enjoy a browse in the Rue de la Paix boutique one day soon!!

    Thank you, dear Scarf Addict. With your passion for ballet, I thought you’d might enjoy the post!

  18. Thank you, my dear Trudye! Cheers to shared childhood memories, the boutique truly is so evocative.. Among the customers were some adorable mother/daughter pairs, shopping together for tutus, pointed shoes and ballet flats. The texture of the feather print shoe is pony hair, which makes it so soft and beautiful. Re the size, see my reply to dear Jerrine!

    Chkpfbeliever, I forgot to ask for the name of the model, but thanks to our Jerrine we know it’s called feather print! Apparently it comes in brown/beige too, drool! Good luck, my dear!!

    Dear Christiana, I could not agree more with you on the charming box, so cute! Happy you like my choice, and thank you for the good wishes. I found a web site that gives a good idea of the prices, in the Paris shop there are about 10 - 20 EUR less per pair.

    Hope you had a good trip back, dearest DD! It was so lovely to see you, and yes, it was almost like a magic trick in my boudoir’. Could you not have mentioned croc Birkin too, lol ! Hugs x

  19. The pattern of the shoes actually looks like marbling-the technique where you use paint on water and transfer onto paper/material. You often find it on the end pages of old books.
    I thought I'd comment as you did not seem to know what the pattern is.
    I'm a huge fan of Repetto shoes myself-but they are very overpriced in Australia. I bought three pairs in the Paris sales this July......

  20. So glad you commented, and many thanks for sharing your knowledge about the pattern. I kept looking at the print, as it seemed so familiar to me, but I did not 'see'. Years ago, I bought marbled notebooks in Venice, et voilà, I now have the shoes to match. Many thanks again, and congrats on scoring three Repetto pairs at the summer sale!

  21. Dear MaiTai, what delicious shoes, i have never been to a Repetto shop, looks divine, love the pair you chose Bxx

  22. Thank you for the good wishes MT. I have my fingers crossed for a Paris trip next year. The lovely Repetto boutique that you photographed and FSH will definitely be my first two stops. ;-)

    The Camille has a higher heel, but not as many yummy colors and patterns as the BB flat.

  23. Thank you, dear MaiTai.
    I also hope we cross paths one day in Paris. Have a lovely weekend!

  24. Thank you for the info on the Camille, dear SMR, I will definitely look out for it the next time!

    SMR and Manuela, let's have a party in Paris! x

  25. Thank you, dear Blighty, happy you like the pair! Have a good weekend :-)

  26. Now I have yet another reason to visit Paris. I love ballet flats! The ones you chose for yourself are stunning and quite special. I can't wait to see you modeling them.

  27. Many thanks, dear xandrah, so happy to hear you like my new shoes! The boutique is truly a special place to visit, and buying your ballet flats from there, is as if they come with a little bit of Paris' history attached. They certainly will have memories attached from your trip, and I hope you can make it one day soon!

  28. Dearest MaiTai,
    Although I've been too busy for words, I've breezed through your blog regularly. But now I HAVE to comment, because as you can imagine I have quite a Repetto collection... Unforgotten, my first visit to the Paris store a few decades ago: Madame, lioness-like ruling the sales staff - everyone terrified yet, like me, balletically ecstatic!

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  30. This post would not have been complete without your comment, my dearest dance, and I am so glad you managed to stop by. Thank you for sharing the memory of your first visit to the store, how absolutely amazing it must have been! xx

  31. You are very welcome, A. I am glad it helped you :-)

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