Saturday, September 18, 2010

Garden Party joys

Please welcome the newest member to my H family, Ms Garden Party!

I've been wanting a light weight canvas bag for the longest time, and then an H angel came (actually, two of them) and scored one for me at the summer sale, such an amazing coup! I am completely over the moon, and grateful forever.

To celebrate, wearing all chocolate and beige... the capsule 3/4 length Jeans, a chocolate cotton sweater, Bolduc au Carré Twilly in a criss-cross knot, petite scarf ring in honey, Elephant and Torana bangles, and bi-colored ballet flats.

Specs: Garden Party MM size, toile so H, in cocaon/ecru

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  1. MaiTai.. I love this bag and your outfit is always on point. Have a great week ahead :-) Blessings

  2. Oh, congrats on your new garden party! It's beautiful. I can't wait for the NY sale next week - hopefully they will have some great things there as well.

  3. As always, MaiTai, you have coordinated everything perfectly and in such a polished, effortless manner. The Garden Party is magnificent! I've never seen one like this. I believe it was made just for you.

  4. Love the GP Mai Tai-so versatile and fabulous with the Bolduc! Great for travel too-must get a GP some day-eying the beautiful blue and/or Iris!

  5. Great score and oh so chic.

    Lol... a party in Paris sounds good anytime!

  6. Yay!! Congrats on the Garden Party =) Love how it matched your twilly perfectly...tres chic! xx

  7. Dear Penney, Altera, xandrah, lanit, SMR and lifeatmyfingertips, many thanks for your sweet compliments and the warm welcome for the new bag xx

    Penney, the clothes must have been waiting for the GP to arrive, I've had them for years! The sweater is from H&M, I never thought it would last that long, lol.

    I hope the H gods will smile at you at the sale, dear Altera. Wishing you the best of luck!

    I love the pattern too, xandrah, and I still can't believe that they had it in the sale! I think it comes in blue too. I might have to find a matching sweater...just in case, lol.

    Hope you'll have your blue or iris GP one day soon, dear lanit. I'd love a blue one too!

    We're on then, SMR, woohoo! Happy you like the GP, many thanks!

    Thank you, my dearest DD. The bag chose the outfit, and I was glad that I had a matching Twilly. Might have to go and find a big scarf for this beauty too!

  8. Great outfit MaiTai! And congrats on your new GP. I had never seen this toile pattern.

  9. Yippie! So happy for you and your wonderful new addition! My thoughts were exactly the same like xandrahs. This garden party looks like it was made just for you, ment to be your bag. Wishing you lots of joy and of course you were her just perfectly, with the beige and brown. :hug:, Macs

  10. As usual, love outfit! Your GP is unusual and stunning - much like the owner!

  11. Dearest MaiTai,

    Congratulations and a big warm welcome to the lovely Ms. Garden Party! She is truly very special and I think the prettiest Garden Party I've seen. Aren't they so wonderfully practical - I have an all leather cousin - indeed so light, even in the leather version, can slip over my shoulder and can carry so much - I know you will love carrying her.

    Your outfit is just delectable - your Twilly and Ms. Garden Party are meant to be together. And may I say once again, your shoe collection is exquisite - all so comfy and gorgeous.

    And finally, thank you for asking, dearest MaiTai. I'm all right - some family members needed a little extra care. Your blog is a ray of sunshine and instantly transports me to a beautiful, happy place. Hugs, xx

  12. Aww, thank you, dear booksnchocolate, hair-mess, June Tan and Scarf Enthusiast. Sharing my joy with you ladies makes it all the more special, merci.

    It's true, this toile pattern seems to be less common than the other one, dear booksnchocolate. Love them both, and am so thrilled to have one of them!

    It looks as though your cute H fairy have sprinkled a litte fairy dust my way, dear Macs! So happy you like Ms GP, mille merci <3

    Merci, dear June Tan, so sweet and kind of you to say :-)

    Thank you for the warm welcome for Ms GP and your good wishes, my dear Scarf Enthusiast. Wonderful to be GP cousins with you, and I will definitely try the over the shoulder method! Including the shoes here (and yes, they are all comfy) is such fun, and I will always be grateful to you for having initiated me to do so. We seem to be in similar circumstances re the extra care, hugs to you and my best wishes to yours.

  13. Congrats on your Ms. Garden Party. It matches your outfit perfectly and you look so chic, dear MaiTai.
    A party in Paris would be just great!!!:-))) Wish you a good week ahead. Hug, M.

  14. Oh, what a lovely addition to your bag collection, MaiTai! Love the way this kind of bag can be dressed up or down, and the colour is so you! Just perfect as usual!

  15. I am so excited to have found your blog (via Faux Fuchsia). I was so inspired by your fabulous style that I wore a silk scarf knotted around my neck on Saturday (first time in about 10 years) & received lots of comments, so thank you.


  16. The little fairy is sitting right behind me, looking over my shoulder and always loving what he/she/it sees here. :D

  17. Good Morning Dear Mai Tai - another elegant winner! How is creation of the scarf rings progressing? I'm so looking ofrward to the "buy" button making an appearance. Hugs, Maisie

  18. Congrats on the addition of this unusual GP! looks like it was made for you!
    I can see you really rockin' it with your capsule pieces as you have so beautifully done with these last two outfits.Such a great tote the GP,I know you will enjoy her.I love the almost Batik texture the interlocking H gives. Lv,T xx

  19. Dearest MaiTai, Thank you so much for your sweet and kind wishes. And I send you and your dear ones my good thoughts and wishes. I truly appreciate your enduring dedication for this most awe-inspiring blog. Re your Sunday post - I love variations - it's one of my favorite ways of looking at things. Hugs, xx

  20. So happy you like Ms GP, dear Manuela and sushi queen, and many thanks for your lovely compliments!
    Yay to Paris, Manuela, and hope you had a good week too.
    So true about the GP, sushi queen, I am having such fun playing dress up and down with her!

    A very warm welcome to my blog, Third Avenue Style, so glad you have found your way here! Absolutely thrilled to hear that your silk scarf ‘re-debut’ was such a success :-)

    Blowing a kiss to your cute fairy, Macs!

    Many thanks, my dear Trudye, so wonderful to hear that you think she is cool!! I am already having so much fun with her, even went scarf shopping for her yesterday.. xx

    Merci for your lovely words, dearest Scarf Addict, and thank you for your good wishes and thoughts, that is so sweet of you. I am such a fan of variations that at one point I have considered a separate blog, consisting of nothing but variations, LOL.