Thursday, September 2, 2010

Things I love ~ my favorite cheese stall

This is my favorite place to buy young goats cheese and fresh eggs, and I love the way the owner decorates her stall, she makes it all look so very pretty.

Most of the time, her bouquets are made of wild flowers, and the handwritten boards, simple baskets, colorful fabrics and starched linens could not be more charming and invititing.. her beautiful displays never fail to bring a slice of joie de vivre to her many loyal customers.

Next on the shopping list is a crusty baguette, some tomatoes and salad...bliss!

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  1. So glad you are back!! Missed your beautiful and inspiring posts! Cannot wait for the next set of scarf rings to come in- missed the last batch!

  2. I agree, Deja Pseu, it's just wonderful!

    Thank you for the lovely welcome back, dear Samantha. Expecting the scarf rings to come back into to stock soon :-)

  3. Lovely and I'm inspired to go to the local farmers' market tomorrow morning!

  4. Mai Tai, that is a lovely little shop. What are the items behind to the right of the photo? They look like calendars? postcards? photos? It's intriguing.

    Looking forward to posts about Autumn wardrobing. I was rummaging through an old Harpers Bazaare and so a spectacular fall Hermes on a model with a chunky knit sweater. So beautiful for my fav season.


  5. How wonderfully enticing
    this whole post is...from the market scenes to looking fab (as always)in your cashmere and boots!
    Do I detect a touch of Fall in the air? Very lucky girl dear Tai!
    I never tire of these seasonal market trips...sigh:-)
    T xx

  6. I love when people take the time to elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary

  7. MaiTai, I enjoy your blog so much. I can smell the cheese from here !!!
    I left my country "so many years ago", still miss the food ...
    Thank-you :)

  8. Oh MT! I remember those crottin de Chavignol when we used to spend the summer in the Loire Valley, you have given me back a piece of my childhood! thank you, dear!

  9. So glad you're back! I missed your posts, even if I enjoyed reading all the ones I missed while I was away.
    Went to my local farmers market this morning! It's always a real pleasure to go there and get fresh and delicious fruit and veggies. Not to mention cheese!
    Cheese, fresh baguette and a nice glass of wine...Oh my!
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Beautiful. I love French markets - the produce is always first rate and the atmosphere always convivial. Yet again, lovely Mai Tai, you make me yearn to be back in France this year! Alas, for us it is Safari in Africa and a trip around the UK. Thank heavens for shopping in London! Perhaps I can close my eyes when I am in the Harrods food hall and pretend I am in the Apt markets once again...

  11. I can almost taste the goat cheese, simple and yet so pretty! It reminds me of when I was a teenager and drove by the french countryside with my parents. All those charming small villages... Hug to you, dear MaiTai.

  12. Sounds like a wonderful trip to the farmer's market. DH & I weren't able to get to the market much this summer. Seeing your pics makes me realize how much I miss seeing my favorite vendors and their wonderful goods. Must do better next summer! Thx for sharing.

  13. What a treat! =) Thank you for sharing, they look really lovely. xx

  14. Hello, dear liness, hope you had fun on the market!

    Hi emilyatheart, the items behind the cheese stall belong to the paper shop next door, and what you see are postcards, maps, place mats etc. Re autumn inspiration, in a few days I will be posting FSH’s autumn window displays, they are truly spectacular.
    PS Love autumn too!

    Happy market greetings to you, dear Trudye! Fall is definitely in the air, but only in the midday, we are back to summer. Looking so much forward to the cooler temperatures, and to the change in wardrobe!

    You have said it so well, dear Tabitha, so often, it is just that little bit of extra time and effort that makes all the difference..the cheese stand is such a perfect example for this.

    So happy to hear you enjoy it here, NIKAT, merci! Aww, I can imagine how much you must miss the food, I have never found a baguette abroad that is even half as good as the one from my local boulangerie!

  15. Oh the Loire Valley is so beautiful, dear Birkinmary, what a blissful place to have spent your childhood holidays! It’s been a couple of years that I’ve been last time, stocking up on some white in Sancerre!

    Hope you had a wonderful time away, dear booksnchocolate, and great to see you back! Can I join you in the meal? It’s one of my favourites too!

    A Safari in Africa sounds great fun, dear Miss Kitty-Cat, and shopping in London is such a fabulous treat! Have fun traveling, and hopefully you'll come to France 2011!

    So nice that this photo should have evoked teenage memories of time spent with your family, dear Manuela, much like Birkinmary’s! Hugs to you too x

    You must have had a very busy summer, dear Valencia, as I remember so well the wonderful things you and your DH used to bring back from your local market. Hope you can make up for it next summer!

    Thank you, dear DD! Goats cheese for you to come soon ;-)

  16. You make me want to go to the market, instead of just conveniently purchasing everything at the supermarket. ;-) Thank you for the lovely pics and the once again beautifully portraied "joie de vivre" in MaiTai-Land, :hug:, Macs

  17. Hop over to MT-land, my dear hair-mess, and let's do market shopping, wining and dining together! x

  18. Anytime! :cheers: - will ask my h-fairy, if I can borrow it's wings and fly over ;-)

  19. Better still, bring the H fairy too! xx