Monday, August 30, 2010

Scarf and the city

It's been a while and I hope everyone has had a wonderful end of the month. In a few days, the summer holidays will be over here in France, and school routine will replace the long and lazy summer days. Having been North in the last ten days, it feels like I've already climatised a bit for the change to come.

Here a few snaps of my visit Düsseldorf, one of my favourite cities in Germany. Love the harbour area with its bustling restaurants and art galleries, and fabulous mix of old and new architecture. Since 2000, a stunning line of three Frank Gehry buildings have become a new land mark, all of them linked together by elements of their outer building material. The most spectacular one looks as if doused with liquid silver, a truly amazing sight.

Wearing all blue, and since I knew I would spent most of the day walking, opted for a pair of leather and suede sneakers, tying it all together with the help of the light and blue accents of the 'Coaching' 70 Carré.

Missed you all, and it is nice to be back. Have a great week ahead everyone! xx

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  1. Nice sneakers! What brand, please! Valentine

  2. I also love the buildings that Frank Gehry designs...
    The Seattle Music Experience and the Los Angeles Disney Concert Hall are two that I have visited.
    These building styles clad in sleek steel or titanium create exterior visual fluidity.

    The 3 in Dusseldorf look very edgy and moderne.
    His line of jewelry at Tiffany's is worth a peek too!

    I love your look here and the sneakers are perfect!
    You are so elegant as seen from your kayaking trip to the streets of Germany.

  3. Welcome back dear MT! What a delightful post <3 Thank you for sharing this with us...and just took a glance at all the energy your DS has! ;) Looking forward to seeing you soon xx

  4. Great picture of Frank Ghery's work. I have the fortune of living close to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, his work is awesome! thank you for sharing!

  5. Welcome back Mai Tai! we have missed you and your wonderful style SarahBx

  6. Welcome back Mai Tai, looks like a fantastic time in DDF. I simply love this coaching scarf... wish it was in my collection!! Perfect with navy.

  7. Welcome Back MaiTai :-). I love this look and the scarf is beautiful. Have a great week ahead. Blessings-P

  8. I also love Gehry's buildings.
    I wish I had long enough legs like you to look good in jeans with sneakers!

  9. Welcome back, dear MT! You were missed and it's good to see you BIA, looking chic as always! :hug:, Macs

  10. Welcome back, dear MaiTai! Hope you had some lovely days in Germany and am very happy to have you back! Hug, M.

  11. Thank you for the lovely photos, as always you look just Divine. May I ask please how you make the cris-cross knot? Regards, Angela

  12. So wonderful to have you home as our fearless style icon.
    Thank you so much for sharing the FG designs which are always stunning and what a beautiful contrast to this delightful old city.
    You look stunning as always and glad to see you opted for the sneaks for a day of walking! That always poses a little problem for me.I am not as long and tall as you,5'4" to be exact.All of my jeans and pants are hemmed to wear with a higher heel.
    I am curious to know if any of the other glam MT followers have this to look chic and stylish for a day of walking,while needing a little lift in the shoe department?
    DS seems to be doing a lot of leaping lately...? future basketball star in the making?
    As always, thank you for sharing this part of your journey.
    Big hug,T xxo

  13. Welcome back, MT! I'm scarf twin with you on the Coaching beauty. Actually, seeing it on you in one of your earlier posts made me ran out to the nearest H store to snap it up! And I'm sure glad I did. ;) - AngelaB

  14. MT looking so city chic! DS looks ready for the gymnastics team. I handle the city walking with Tod's loafers with thick soles. They look good and I don't feel like a tourist LOL! Wearing a scarf and the right accessories makes everything look great! Yes, preaching to the choir :)

    Trudye, I just have two sets of pants! One set for heels and the other for flats. Sometime I buy 2 pair of the same and hem differently. The new style this year is to roll them so if you can find the right style, that is an option for you. That would be perfection for traveling.

  15. Dear MaiTai, it is so nice to have you back!
    Thank you very much for sharing the Frank Gehry buildings in Düseldorf through your special glance.
    And the photo of your DS seeming to fly among wood, titanium, glass and air is thrilling.
    You look great.
    Welcome back!

  16. Thankyou for sharing your wonderful trip,( DS looks so cute and happy)

    And you look totally gorgeous as usual, hope you had a wonderful time dear Tai you are always missed.

  17. Welcome back MT. Your DS is too cute-- all that childhood energy bursting out.

  18. gracekelly,Thanks for your quick response!
    I agree,I usually do buy two pairs of jeans and hem to different lengths.I must say however,that I prefer that 'lifted' look!
    I guess I am getting to that age when all things look a little better lifted.LOL!
    I will give the Tod's Gominni a try.I have not worn that one!
    Again, thanks for your time. This is quite a fun, merry band of MT followers that have gathered;-)

  19. Thank you Valerie. The sneakers are from Goertz.

    Bonjour, hostess of the humble bungalow! So nice to connect here via the things we enjoy in common. You are lucky to have visited two FG buildings, and I will definitely check out the Tiffany line, thank you for mentioning it! Happy you liked the previous posts too, many thanks for your kind words.

    So true about DS, my dear DD! Thanks for your sweet comment, as always. Can’t wait to see you!

    Oh how I would love to see the Guggenheim in Bilbao, dear Birkinmary! You are fortunate indeed to live nearby. I’ll never forget the opening shot of one of the Bond films, featuring the building in all it’s glory. Such an amazing sight!

    Thank you for the warm welcome back, dear SarahB! It was a wonderful time away, but it’s so nice to be back again too.

    With our similar tastes in scarves, the Coaching should be in your collection, my dear msT! DDF was truly fun, it’s such a great place for a city break.

    Merci for the lovely welcome back, dear Penney, and happy you like the look. Have a wonderful rest of the week too! x

  20. Merci, Tabitha! It is so nice to discover the things we enjoy in common... starting with the love of H, and finding many more things along the way!

    Hugs, hair-mess, good to see you too! Can’t get enough of that cute fairy, still hoping that through it’s magic an orange box will find it’s way chez moi very soon! ;-)

    Thank you, dear Manuela, happy to be back! Germany was great, and we had scarf weather all the way, yay!

    Hello Angela, and thank you for the lovely compliment. Here’s a link for a how-to of the criss-cross knot. Have fun!

    Chère Trudye, it’s such a joy to see you again! Happy you liked the post, and lol re DS’s leaping and future sports carreer! Great idea to get a discussion going here, and wonderful to see that gracekelly already came up with the perfect solution. Big hugs to you too x

  21. So lovely to be Coaching twins with you, dear Angela B, silky hugs to you!

    Love Tod’s loafers too, dear gracekelly, they are so fab and comfy. Great idea re the two sets of pants, will keep that in mind when shopping next time, merci!

    Hello, dear cecilia, and thank you for the sweet welcome back message. Love your description of DS’s pic, such a beautiful caption!

    Thank you, dear Bettina, so good to come back and read your lovely message. Hope you had a great summer!

    Dear SMR, you are so kind, thank you. Very true re DS... today school has started though, it will be difficult for him to get used to sitting still!

    gracekelly and Trudye, loved your chat.. it makes it all the more fun here! x