Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Capsule wardrobe #20 - Reader's style challenge and H it Up!

Today's post combines my three favourite series of this blog: reader's requests, capsule wardrobe, and H it Up!

Here is dear 'G's' question from last week:

Can you think of a way to to wear a carre tied in a more masculine fashion either with a crisp, cotton, french cuffed blouse. The scarf would be tied to recall men's wear.

As well, I thought or hoped that I could wear the same tie on an open neck with a suit that is somewhat men's wear inspired. The blazer is fitted and has single button placket; just hip length. The pants are pencil, and more ankle length.

I was happy to discover that the description matched pieces from the capsule wardrobe. For the scarf, I thought a traditional feel would work great, and chose the 'La Réale' 90 Carré, as it has a fleur de lis pattern (reminiscent of men's ties) and lots of gold. Placing it under the collar adds a masculine touch, which is emphasised by a traditional tie-knot, pulled close to the neckline. Brogues shoes play along in the same line, whereas the bright red of the scarf and belt (and some lipstick) bring a playfulness without weakening the look.

Capsule pieces: black trousers, white shirt, black jacket
Shoes: Black brogues
Accessories: La Réale 90 Carré, Muse belt buckle with rouge garrance belt strap, black clic-clac bracelet and silver rings
Scarf tying method: Tie knot (like in men's ties)

Below a more casual approach, but still using the exact same capsule pieces and accessories as before, with the scarf placed inside the collar, and the knot tied in a looser way.

I hope more of you will come forward with style requests/challenges so that the fun can continue!

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  1. Hi Maitai (or should that be MaiTIE? ;-)),

    I've posted before about how much I adore La Reale 90 Carre scarf - the colours and design are stunning!

    I love the way you've tied the scarf in the two outfits and how by simply moving the scarf inside your collar and loosening the knot creates a completely different look!

    My personal favourite is the second outfit, which although more casual is still incredibly smart and stunningly chic.

    Thank you for sharing, I can't wait for the next outfit especially if it includes La Reale!



  2. Oh MaiTai!

    How sweet of you!

    I love how you've put together your outfit - the suit and scarf are quite lovely; and there is a playfulness to the whole that I'd not anticipated.

    I don't think my version is going to come out quite as well. I've been struggling with the correct shoe and accessories. I wish I had a shoe like yours - it is perfection. Your ensemble is very Isabella Rossellini meets Hermes - with an elegant, playful twist.

    I hadn't considered the open, lower tie -- but am going to give that a try too. My shoes are an older Manolo high heeled mule with a lace up detail. Accessory: classic Cartier wristwatch.

    And, my scarf? If I had that beautiful La Réale - it would be my choice now that you've pointed out its perfection. (It is a design I adore and now think I will look for in this very colorway!) In its absence, front and center is an over the top bright pink bordered 25th Anniversary Aube. (I only wish I had your good sense of taste, lovely Mai Tai.)

    Well, you've inspired and empowered me to go forth in my outfit for my meeting. Thank you so much for your thoughtful, thoughtful capsule and all the time dedicated to bringing it to us!

    Yours is a most special blog with a most special touch.


  3. Hi MaiTai,
    One how to follow up, please: when you folded your scarf for each look, how thinly did you fold it?? Thank you again, G

  4. Good Morning MaiTai - This elegant ensemble gives "doing business" a feminine flair which would help move things along very smoothly indeed. Beautiful!

    Maisie x0x

  5. Each outfit is better than the last and the combinations you do with your black suit are some of my favourites! To sum it up: :YOU ROCK:! hugs, Macs

  6. Hello M, very good re MaiTie, LOL!! Many thanks for your kind comment. I am glad you enjoyed the latest La Réale post, and hope you will enjoy any future ones too! :-)

    My dear G, all thanks is mine, I loved your style challenge!! Truly grateful you have put up the question, it provides so much fun and inspiration. I have not worn my brogues (also older) for a long time, and I am glad to have rediscovered them through this post. Mind you, I’d be gladly trading them for your Manolos, LOL! Your bright pink bordered scarf sounds perfect for this look, and I hope you will have a good and successful meeting!! PS. The strip I folded to start with, was approx. 2.5 inches wide, but whatever works and feels comfortable is right :-) Hugs x

    Hello, dear Maisie! Loved your comment, and I am all for ‘doing business’ the H way ;-) x

    Awwh, thank you Macs :smooch: ! The variety that’s in a black suit probably makes it one of the most versatile wardrobe staples, and it’s such fun to explore the possibilities here with you guys. Hugs x

  7. How utterly fabulous, the first look is so Marlene Dietrich.

  8. Twin hugs back to you dear Maitai. I have La Réale in light green, orange, pink, purple,grey, etc... No matter how you tie your scarf, you always look beautiful!Hugs,Mxx
    P.S. Thanks to G for the suggestion. It is great to learn new ways of tying a scarf.

  9. thank you posting both: scarf over neck and scarf over collars. It gave me a good idea when i add a scarf to a white(or other neutral color) shirt next time.

    you looked very cool in the suit.

  10. Dearest MaiTai,

    You've left me totally speechless again - what a classic beauty! And what a way to do a black suit, a tie knot, and red. Many thanks to G for the interesting challenge question.

    Your 'La Reale' is such a regal, striking scarf and so perfect for your intended look. Love the continuity of the red scarf overlapping the belt. The tie knot is one that I use quite often - sometimes I do a combination of your two variants, with loose tie knot outside of an open collar. And of course, perfect shoes. Swooning here...
    Warm hugs always, xx

  11. What a great look. I love your blog - beautiful scarves to go with beautiful clothes and bags. What's not to love!

    I bought my first Hermes scarf a month ago and its quickly developed into an obsession! I now have 5 scarves and have learnt so much about how to tie my scarves from your blog. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    I bought your medium scarf ring and it works a charm with my smaller scarves but it's a bit small for my 90 carres. Would you recommend the large size for tying a criss-cross knot on my 90 carre?


  12. Hello MaiTai,

    fantastic outfits. I like the way you tie the scarves.

  13. Hi MaiTai-

    My meeting went well. In large part because of you and the boost of confidence you gave me with this Capsule Wardrobe. Again, I think you mille volte for your thoughtful addition to your blog.

    I continue to adore wandering through your blog ~ website. It is treasure of information on many topics, and is also imbued with a certain, and very welcome, openness and graciousness.



  14. Thank you, dear Tabitha. Marlene Dietrich is such an icon, and her masculine, yet incredibly elegant style unsurpassed to this day. Here’s to Lili Marleen!

    Woohoo, twin hugs right back at you, dear Manuela! Love the happy colours of your La Réale, it sounds so very joyous and pretty! x

    Hello Julia, and thank you for your kind comment. Happy you like both ways, and have fun experimenting!

    So true re the La Réale, my dear Scarf Enthusiast, it is the most regal looking scarf in my drawer, and I thought it would give the look a suitable gravitas. Love your suggestion, mille merci. It sounds as if it is the best of both worlds, and when trying it out next, I will think of you. Warm hugs to you too <3

    Many congratulations on your first Hermès scarf (and on the ones that followed so quickly, lol) Yenners, and welcome to the orange side. Lovely to hear that you are having fun with all the knots, and yes, the moyenne ring is mainly for the 70 scarves, Gavroches, Pointus and 90 Mousses. You can do a couple of knots with a 90 Carré
    For the criss-cross with a 90 Carré you’ll need the ‘Grande’ size ring, which is currently sold out. I am working on a new design, and will hopefully have it in stock by the end of Nov.

    Hello scarf, and thank you :-)

    Many thanks for the update, dear G, I very much wanted to know how it all worked out, and so happy to hear that the meeting went well. A bit of H silk around the neck never fails to give a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, sometimes I think they weave a bit of magic into their scarves! :-) So glad you enjoy coming and visiting here, and thank you for your kind and warm words x

  15. Amazing outfit yet again! I really do love the capsule series, have a good week! xoxo