Saturday, October 23, 2010

L'automne est arrivé

Having had so many warm days recently, I though 'proper' autumn would never arrive, but finally the season has changed. This morning I went to the market, and the stalls were full with locally grown root vegetables, cêpes (porcini), dried fruit, pumpkins and chestnuts, and at school, DS is learning poems about falling leaves by heart..

Autumn is a favourite season of mine, with the promise of Christmas coming nearer, and the prospect of cosy, candle lit evenings spend by the fire. The change of wardrobe with it's different materials and types of clothing always fills me with happy anticipation. And most of all, it's the beginning of a long scarf weather season!

I could not resist to welcome the new season with a Twilly addition, and inspired by the beautiful and rich colours of nature, chose the 'Très Kelly', in Chocolat/Tabac/Ebene. And just as I hoped, it turned out be a wonderful match to my Ebene Kelly double tour bracelet, a true double joy!

Wishing everyone a happy, crisp and wonderful autumn ahead.


  1. This is like fairy tale brought to life! My fav season,too,albeit short lived in my part of the world.
    That being said I can drool over your lovely post.The changing rust/red of the trees lining the promenade are perfect with your new twilly. Such beautiful textures and contrast in this post. I plan on returning often for my Autumn fix! Thank you dear MT for providing this beautiful escape. Funny....I picked up this same twilly last weekend!
    I adore this color way! Happy Autumn weekend.
    Big hug, T xx

  2. How pretty! We are in the midst of a rain storm here in Sydney - most typical weather for Spring. I am looking forward to longer summer days though... I love the changing of seasons and the promise it brings!

  3. Ahhh, autumn at last. Hope you enjoy your new Twilly.... I'm looking forward to seeing how you incorporate it into your wardrobe.

  4. Very, very envious of your lovely Twilly and bracelet :-) but you deserve them!

    In the North of England where I am now, the colours and seasons are changing so quickly. It's quite chilly now and today, the cathedral bells have been ringing and ringing. Just the right weather to put on a fur collar, silk scarf and stroll hand in hand with that special someone :-)

  5. Autumn is also one of my favourite seasons although lately we have had many days of grey skies, rain and falling leaves. Yet, if one looks for them, there are still wonderfully rich, warm colours to be found.Lovely photos of autumn in your part of the world and your H choices to compliment the season. Thank you for sharing.
    Maisie x0x

  6. Lovely Autumn colours and a pretty twilly matching this beautiful time of year! Once again, I love the way you combine the photographs. There is so much harmony in your posts, dear MaiTai! Big hug, Manuela.

  7. Hi MaiTai,

    Thank you for a beautiful, autumnal post ~ the colors and photographs, so pretty and evocative. And, the twilly and bracelet are the perfect counterpoint! Which scarf or shawl will you be most happy to wear after its long Spring and Summer of dormancy?? Hugs, G
    PS I imagine that listening to your DS recite poetry must make your heart burst with joy. What a precious moment it must be.

  8. A very happy autumn to you too, my dear MaiTai. And a warm welcome to Ms. Très Kelly - love the rich colors and the chic design - looking forward to her debut. What a beautiful description of the riches of autumn - who wouldn't fall in love with this wonderful season. Your sweet DS's studies brings back many memories... Thank you always for sharing the beautiful images. Warm hugs always, xx

  9. Ah, my dear Mai Tai your post conjured up so many wonderful feelings and memories. A fire in the cheminée, bowls of dried fruit, une poellée de cêpes (did not know they were called porcini in English, maybe I can find some here now that know what to call them lol), poems about falling autumn leaves that my generation had to learn too, all wrapped up in the rich colours of the new Trés Kelly twilly. I love that Fall is a prelude to Christmas and the elegant beginning of scarf wearing season instead of the sad end of the long summer days. Thank you from an expat on the other side of the Atlantic.

  10. How lovely!! My fave autumn season has finally crept in =) Thank you for sharing this wonderful post, and I love your new twilly too! Hugs to you xoxo

  11. I love this season too. I love watching the changing colors of Nature. And it means being able to wear H scarves again!
    Lovely twilly! I can't wait to see what outfit you'll pair it with.

  12. Dear Trudye, Miss Kitty-Cat, SMR, Frances, Maisie Z, Manuela, G, Scarf Enthusiast, Jamais sans mon Hermès, lifeatmyfingertips and booksnchocolate, it is wonderful to welcome the new season with you ladies, here’s to rustling leaves and silk, and wonderful autumn joys to come.

    Twin hugs on the TK Twilly, my dear Trudye, will be thinking of you when wearing it next. When autumn is short lived, it's all the more precious while it’s there, have fun!

    Hope the rain storm has passed, dear Miss Kitty-Cat! Spring and autumn both carry the promise of a big change, which makes them my favourite seasons. Have a wonderful spring ahead! :-)

    Yes at last autumn is here, mydear SMR, it's been long awaited for! Looking forward to play with the Twilly, many thanks for your sweet kind wishes.

    Awh Frances, I very much like the sound of your Sunday afternoon! Stay warm and cosy, and enjoy that special promenade :-)

    It just needs one ray of sunshine for nature to show it’s warm and rich colours, and I hope you are having a few of them right now, dear Maisie x

    So happy you like my collages, dear Manuela, I always have such fun putting them together. Big hugs to you too x

    Hello, dear G! After the long and bright summer, I look most forward to wear my darker scarves again, the stormy grey La Presentation, dark brown BdG Dip Dy, grey/brown Chaines et Gourmettes. And cashmere, of course!

    A very happy autumn to you too, my dear Scarf Enthusiast, and thank you for the warm welcome for Ms Trés Kelly! Watching DS learning his poems is my favourite homework supervision, one of the few tasks where the mistakes and hesitations are equally adorable as a flawless recitation.

    The description of your autumn memories is so beautiful, dear Jamais, ‘Le bel automne est revenu’! I hope you will find cêpes this year, which are called ‘boletus’ in english. I only wrote Porcini (italian) as I thought this is how they are most commonly known. Good luck!

    Thank you, dearest DD. Here’s to autumn, with all it’s joys! <3

    Yay to scarf weather, dear bookschocolate! The changing colours are a such a spectacle, every field of wines looks different from the one next, and when sunlight hits, they all look golden. Have a wonderful autumn!