Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunny autumn day at the beach

Today we had the most beautiful warm and sunny day, so DH and I decided to scoop DS up after his sports class and go to the beach for lunch.

First, we went for 'a petite promenade' along the quai, watching the anglers..

and then settled down for a lovely lunch on the outside terrace of our restaurant. With the apéritif came a delicious tapenade, and rather than being blended to a smooth paste, the olives were left as tiny chunks. I very much liked it, and will try making this version at home someday soon.

Wearing my new 'Maillons' Twilly

Accessories: Elephant and Torana enamels, Garden Party bag
Shoes: Leather and suede sneakers
Scarf: Maillons Twilly
Scarf ring: MT collection petite honey
Scarf knot: basic slide knot

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

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  1. Were you once a model?? You are stunning 0__0

  2. So lovely to see you relaxing with your family and enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon .....forever memories for you all to cherish,always.
    I have been wondering when your new taupe jacket would make an appearance. Looking beautiful with your twilly and relaxed smile dear friend.
    The tampenade sounds TDF....yum!
    Hugs, T xx

  3. Hello Maitai, you do live a beautiful life! These are gorgeous photos. x

  4. What lovely photos of a wonderful family moment! You look gorgeous, as always.
    Have a great Sunday!

  5. Thank you for letting us share a beautiful moment of your life. Autumn days can be so wonderful and a walk at the beach has always been one of my favourite things.
    You look so beautiful and relaxed!
    Your jacket is very pretty and I am happy that we have the same twilly. Enjoy your Sunday, dear MaiTai. Hugs, Mxx

  6. Once again your beautiful pics made me think about leaving behind our orange/red coloured woods and drive right down to the South of France to enjoy a wonderful autumn afternoon at the beach with you. <3, Macs

  7. to Trudye-I meant Saturday afternoon !!
    I hope you are having another sunny Autumn day to relax with dear family. T xx

  8. Dearest MaiTai,

    Thank you once again for sharing your treasured moments - laughter and fun by the beautiful blue sea, warmed by the caressing sun, enjoying a wonderful meal with your DS & DH - pure bliss! You radiate such happiness and contentment.
    The outfit is terrific, my dear - how beautifully the soft browns work against the blue sea. The beautiful Ms. GP looks so happy by your side, and the Maillons Twilly with your petit ring is like a silk necklace. Your jacket is lovely - a perfect couple with the gorgeous suede sneakers.
    A happy Sunday to you, dearest MaiTai, and warm hugs always, xx
    P.S. A date it is at Dalloyau's :-)

  9. You inspire me to try neutrals dear MT. Wonderful look and a wonderful day for you and your family. Very sweet of you to share such precious memories on your site.

    Your DS posts always make me smile because I have a fair-haired-bundle-of-energy nephew the same age.

  10. MaiTai... I love the colors and the scarf is beautiful. I hope you have a good week ahead. Blessings-P

  11. What fun and it looks so relaxing. I must give congrats to your photographer, what a wonderful portrait he took of you! The neutrals you were wearing are so fitting for the beach.

  12. Wonderful photos!Thank you for sharing with us!
    I miss the sea so much.I come from Crete,but i live in Verona ,Italy.No sea here,just the Adige river!

    You're absolutely right.The Monet exhibition was amazing.You must go,if you have the chance to visit Paris.I spent two hours admiring 200 of the most important masterpieces of the 'maestro'.

  13. Love the Autumn vignettes of the beach, the neutrals and the wind swept photos, my dear Mai Tai. The coarse tapenade and the glasses of rosé just add to the charm of the day. Your GP is TDF, I am yet to see one like this.
    I am now wearing my Twillies with the petite honey scarf ring, and I have to admit that it adds another dimension to my wardrobe when I am not dressed for, or not in the mood to wear a scarf or a GM, thanks to you.

  14. Lovely photos of your time at the beach! What brand are your shoes?

  15. I also thank you for sharing this wonderful afternoon with your family. DS is certainly growing! I love your ensemble. I am very fond of this twilly and have it in the periwinkle. I did not see this CW and love it also or I would've purchased two :-) I love the very rich and versatile colours!
    Maisie xo

  16. PS Did you purchase this twilly at FSH? I can't find it on any of the H websites. Thanks. Maisie

  17. Thank you for the lovely comments and compliments, dear ladies. Wishing everyone a great rest of the week <3

    Thank you, A. But honestly, it would have bene too long ago to even remember! Lol.

    Thank you for the warm welcome to Ms Taupe, dear Trudye. Here’s to memories and happy times, my friend <3

    And so do you, dear FF. Loved the pics of your weekend activities!

    Merci, booksnchocolate, it was such a lovely time indeed. Have a great rest of the week!

    Twilly twin hugs to you, Manuela! Love the beach even more in autumn/winter than in summer :-)

    Hurry up, dear Macs, it’s another beautiful day today! Could you please give me a lift back, would love to stroll through your orange/red coloured woods. Have not heard the rustling of leaves under my feet for ages....

    Hugs again, Trudye!

  18. Dalloyau’s it is then, dearest Scarf Enthusiast, and cake’s on me. Can’t tell you how much I look forward to it! The Twilly felt exactly how you’ve described it, and none of my other Twillys have this effect. Love it so much that I’m wearing it again today. xx

    Here’s to neutrals, my dear SMR, and to 10 year old, adventurous, sweet and energetic boys! How fun to have a nephew that age. Every age seems to be better than the previous one, but I can't imagine it getting better than this! (especially not with adolescence around the corner, lol)

    The scarf was love at first sight, dear Penney, and a very lucky find. It goes with so many staples of my wardrobe too. Have a great week ahead <3

  19. Please say hello to beautiful Crete from me when you go home next time, marinaki! Italy is a truly wonderful place too, and I just love the food. Will try and see the exhibition when in Paris next time, thank you :-)

    The rosé definitely added to the charm of the day, dear JsmH, LOL! So happy to hear that you are having fun with Mademoiselle Petit. With the rings, I too have rediscovered the charm of my Twillys, so much in fact that I keep buying more and more of them, tahaha!

    Thank you Amy, they are from Görtz (bought in Germany)

    How fun to be Maillons cousins with you, dear Maisie, hugs! So often we fall for the same things, and I love the sound of your Periwinkle one :-) This one popped up out of nowwhere at my local H, along with a Promenade de Longchamps. I am hopeful that one day your Presentation will do too.

  20. Hi Maitai! What a lovely day! You look beautiful: casual and elegant. And, the tapenade looks quite delicious too!

    A little update, MaiTai. I tried the carré tied in a tie knot. Very fun. I am taking it 'out' tomorrow. I was wondering, when you tied your carré in such a knot, how did you manage the knot? Is it longer, less triangular than a true tie? Or did you somehow manipulate the tie to well mimic a man's tie knot?

    Also, your inspired incorporation of twilly scarves into your outfits is wonderful and enlightening. Your spot on use of these pretty silk 'ribbons' has caused me to take a second look at these little lovelies. They might be the perfect answer to a hot weather H look.

    Always such a pleasure to find you here!

    Hugs, G

  21. What a lovely day in the world of Mai Tai! The weather looks so wonderful - I love going to the beach off season.

  22. How lovely to see this new post =) Thank you for sharing this wonderful family outing, and how nice to have a glass of pink~ I sure miss that! As always, you look tres chic, and I love the neutrals on you, nothing short of fabulous! xx

  23. It was a lovely day indeed, Miss Kitty-Cat. Hugs from one 'off season beach lover' to another!

    Chin-chin, dearest DD! It's been nearly a year we've had our first...when are you coming back!

  24. As much as I always love to see your stylish self, the family "on location" shots are always my favorite.

    DS seems to be growing by leaps and bounds, and he looks so adult at this point.

    Oh, and lovely Provence in the background. It's why I love to visit your blog when I can. Like going on a mini-vacation. It's good for the soul!

  25. So true re DS, my dearest Jerrine, he seems to grow by the DAY! Always happy to see you stopping by, hugs.

  26. The word "tapenade" I also learned from your blog. I've never heard of it or seen it in my life before! If it's not too much to ask, could you please tell me how do you make your own tapenade?

  27. Dear De Merveilles, I am glad you asked, it is such a nice easy thing to make to go with a glass of wine and some baguette or grissini sticks. I've put it on my list, and I will try and make a blog post soon :-)