Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Black and brown

I like sombre colors, and it's been such a long time since our weather allowed wearing them. Today happily teaming black and brown, one of my favorite color combinations.

Accessorizing a very basic outfit consisting of a black V-neck sweater and herringbone patterned pants..

..with a 70 Vintage Carré 'Chaines et Gourmettes', 32 Ebene Kelly, extra large 'Grand Apparat' and black clic enamel bracelets.
Scarf ring: black moyenne, MT Collection
Scarf tying method: Twist wrap knot

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Many thanks for the lovely comments on the previous post. It made my day reading them, and I will get back to you ladies shortly. x


  1. MaiTai... hello I love these colors together. You look great :) Blessings -P

  2. It is still humid and fairly warm here, so your lovely post made me want to reach deep into my closet to fetch a cashmere jumper and my black kelly (sigh).
    What can I say? As much as I have commented on the lovely pops of colour in previous posts, I am loving the warm browns, blacks and neutrals you are known for.
    Now, I think I will wrap myself in a GM, roast some chestnuts in the fireplace and sit by the air conditioning...

  3. wonderful look, Paris weather accomodated...! Bonne journée !

  4. Two of the most classic colours ever, I love how you tied one of my fave 70s, and paired the whole outfit with a touch of gold and Ms Kelly <3 Very chic! Thank you for sharing yet again an amazing look. xoxo

  5. Better than any magazine ;-) - you're truly the best real life inspiration to any classic loving woman! :hug:, Macs.

  6. Love the term "sombre colors". Your black and brown combination is perfect for autumn.

    Many thanks again to you and Angela B for the Twist wrap. It has become my current favorite knot.

  7. Dear MaiTai

    Brown and black is also one of my favourite colour combinations. I think Macs is right: your blog is "better than any magazine",and you are so "inspiring"!
    Warm hug, M.

  8. Hello MaiTai - I too love black with brown and blue with black. I remember when I was younger and wanted to wear these combinations and SAs said it was a no no ;-)!
    Thank you again for sharing and allowing us the view through the windows of your world.
    Hugs, Maisie
    PS. Jamais' last comment - too funny! M.

  9. ITA ....better than any magazine and we can actually wear the chic,elegant looks you have so willingly styled for us!!
    Once again, a true home run (sorry,have just been watching the World Series) with the brown and black combo! I adore all of these Autumn hues-keep them coming. T xx

  10. Looks like I did something wrong....either that or blogspot ate my post...
    Dear MaiTai, I just wanted to let you know how much I love this combination. Very chic and elegant. And I love the way you tied your scarf.

  11. Dear MaiTai,
    Thanks for publishing the twist knot.
    I have used it today with my ash-rose Marwari horses 90 scarf. Looks gorgeous! - and thanks to the lady who has advised that to you and effectively to all of us.
    Adored your brown twilly as well. Gosh, I have seen it in Nice and as it was August somehow it was not inspiring so I opted for Maillons in navy blue together with Quand Soudain in blue (actually slighlty different vlue than the one on Maillons) and white.

  12. Hello dear Penney, and thank you!

    Jamais, can I come and sit by your fire place too? Lol re the AC, perhaps we should roast the chestnuts chez moi instead.

    Merci, michelhermes. Bonne journée à vous aussi!

    Thank you, dear DD. Loved the touch of gold too... thought it would break up the look in a nice way.

    Aww, hair-mess you are so sweet, many thanks. Thank you also for posting the pic on your blog, I am so honoured.

    The Twist knot is one of my current favourites too, dear SMR. Here’s to AngelaB, autumn and ‘sombre colours’!

    My dear Manuela, you and hair-mess are the reason I have become too inflated too get through the door! But very happy, of course. Nice to have yet another thing in common, hugs.

    Hello Maisie! Love how our black/brown and black/blue club is growing! Pink&orange is another combo that used to be a no-no. I can’t wear to much of it (too strong on me), but love the pink/purple/orange Tours de Cles I have.

    Aww, you too Trudye! I need someone to come and deflate me. Cheers to the World Series, and to autumn colours!!

    So sorry, dear booksnchocolate, it’s just awful when all one’s been writing is gone, hugs. Happy you love the combo!

    The Twist knot with the rose Marwari sounds so lovely, dear Anna! Last year, when the Dip Dye came out, it was August too, andI was not drawn. Mid November I fell in love with the darkest one of them, lol.

  13. Hello dear MaiTai,

    Your ensemble has an elegant, rich look to it. You look, as always, beautiful.

    How envious am I of your changing seasons. I am in a place much like Jamais, though without the fireplace, whose comments so made me giggle.

    Your combining of black and brown is quite lovely ~ and a color combination I've not tried, but will now! Thank you.

    I love your ability to seamlessly and elegantly mix and combine color and pattern.

    What will you share with us next, most lovely MT?


  14. Many thanks for your warm and lovely comment, dear G. Wishing you fun and enjoyment trying out the black and brown color combo, and blowing some autumn leaves your way..hugs

  15. I have just discovered your blog and my lord! you are so unbelievably classy.

    I have been flicking through pages of your blog and I am just so impressed by your looks.


  16. My dear MaiTai

    Thank you for your lovely words.I coudn´t help smiling... Big hug, M.

  17. Dearest MaiTai,

    Oh, so gorgeous! As it is for many, black and brown is also one of my favorites - but the way you do it is something special - variety of tones, textures, and layers of browns exquisitely placed and coming together in one beautiful you!  Love the twist wrap knot - so sweet and elegant.       
    So my dear MaiTai, may I humbly make another request?  Now that we have true autumn, would you ever consider including some shots with your coats? In admiring your outfit, I wondered what fabulous outerwear you may have worn if you went out that day.  You know I am forever grateful to you for sharing your awesome shoe collection :-)       
    Thank you for continuing to delight us. Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend, warm hugs always, xx

  18. Dear Manuela, Fashionista on tour and Scarf Enthusiast, I apologise for this late reply, your lovely comments somehow slipped under my radar when being away.

    Belated hugs right back to you, my dear Manuela! x

    Fashionista on tour, you are very kind, thank you. Good luck with your blog :-)

    Dearest Scarf Enthusiast, how I love your suggestions! Many, many thanks for your latest wonderful contribution <3 I must have been reading your mind when in England, as I took the pics before having had the chance to read your lovely comment. It does rarely get very cold here, a lot of times it is mild and sunny. So there won't be many coats, but I will definitely try to include outerwear (mostly jackets) more often. xx