Monday, November 29, 2010

Reader's style challenge ~ how to wear a roll neck sweater with a scarf

A while ago, dear adesigna was asking about how to combine a roll neck sweater with a scarf. Today it's cold and miserable, in short a perfect day to tackle the challenge! The only downside is the bad photo quality, but there was not much natural light to speak off.

For extra warmth and comfort, opting for a cowboy knot, and dipping into winter capsule wardrobe pieces. A pair of jeans and a black roll neck are probably one of the most standard winter 'uniforms', and can be easily be dressed up or down with boots, loafers or heels.

Many thanks, dearest adesigna for this fab challenge! xx

Capsule pieces: jeans, black roll neck sweater
Shoes: ankle boots
Accessories: Cent Plis des Miao 90 Carré, black clic and blue indiennes clic-clac bracelet, black Birkin
Scarf tying method: Cowboy knot, ends secured with a black Moyenne MT scarf ring

Wishing everyone a great week ahead x

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  1. Your blue clic-clac makes this look for me! I adore those pops of colors.

    Cent Plis des Miao seems to working as a great everyday/every look scarf with your wardrobe. I'm taken with how often you wear it. It shows the life-value of a beautiful object.


  2. Simple, pure, neat ... as always, perfect!!
    Thank you very much for all, dear MT.

  3. Merci, Aesthetic Alterations! I fell in love with the blue clic-clac when purchasing the scarf, it was irresistable how well they worked together. It's always a joy to wear them together, and very happy you like it too <3

    My dear Cecilia, you are so kind. My most heartfelt thank you to you too.

  4. This is a stunning look Mai Tai - I've always wondered how to dress up a roll neck and you make it look fabulous! The use of the Cent Plis de Miao is inspired too; it's nice to learn that its colours work so well in colder seasons too.

    And I just wanted to say how much I adore your blog, thank you so much for taking the time to post.

  5. Oh,my this little birdie IS feeling stuffed from all of the macaroons being fed along the way! There were absolutely no crumbs left in case we lost our way...LOL!
    Totally loving this winter uniform,also! This look gets double overtime in my wardrobe.I love your CPdeM with the black rollneck.Very stunning on you dear Tai.
    Must run hit the gym and work off those macaroons :)
    Warmest Holiday wishes, T xx

  6. A warm welcome to you, dear Melusine! So lovely to hear that you enjoy my blog, thank you. Many thanks also for the sweet compliments, and yes, the CPdeM is a fabulous all round scarf :-)

    Don't rush to the gym without me, my dear Trudye! Here's to you, my wardrobe twin, and to our trusted winter staples. No worries re the crumbs, we'll always find our way back to FSH.. we just have to walk towards orange bags, lol! (check the first pic of the previous Paris post)

  7. I have always wondered if this could be done, now I know
    You look amazing and again thankyou so much for sharing
    we have lots of snow here so polo necks are great for me right now

  8. How stylish and elegant! Makes me wish we had snow or at least a reason to wear roll neck tops here in the tropics. LOL!

    It's truly amazing how lovely accessories can really transform a "uniform", as I'm discovering myself too, thanks to inspiration from you.

  9. As I ran out of the house this am, I grabbed a black roll neck, a scarf (LFASV), decided to try your cowboy knot with a MT moyenne scarf ring, a pair of jeans, my black Birkin, an iris clic clac, I kid you not. When I saw your post (same idea, but not quite the same allure on this end, your version would be the effortless "how to", mine the "trying to", lol), I was gobsmacked. Imitation being the sincerest (laziest?) form of flattery, you can say that your influence crosses the Atlantic, ma très chère,

  10. Just gorgeous, dearest MaiTai - so chic and relaxed. No lack of light, natural or otherwise, could dim your glow! The colors are amazing though - for me, the deep gold of CPdM peeking through brings out the amazing brilliant purple. And your beautiful blue indienne bracelet ties it all together. Love that you 'ringed' the cowboy knot to the side. Hope it will get warmer for you. Have a wonderful week. Warm hugs, xx

  11. Dear MaiTai,
    Great that you liked the idea - it is wonderful to feel like a co-editor of the blog ;) lol!
    I adore the way you fix the cowboy knot with a scarf ring - shall try definitely.
    I am planning another trip to Europe - this time it will be Berlin - and definitely Hstore shall not be missed.
    I am thinking of Sichouan (I beleive -that's the correct name for the scarf) 90' carree.
    The design is stupendous - really intricate!

  12. Will be wearing this look today, MaiTai - trying to keep cozy in this arctic weather we are having! I wear a lot of roll necks in the winter, and love the scarf tied cowboy style with it - adds a great pop of colour to a monochrome outfit! Keep warm xx

  13. I use rollnecks very often during the winter and I tried them with gavroche and they work fine as well if secured with scarf rings.
    For example gavroche in big simple slide with scarf ring or cowboy and slided in order it seems an half square (...I should send photos to make it more understandable).
    Sichuan is a great scarf! I just got it in cw 21 (lilac, light green, beige)
    I went for a La vie du Grand Nord which was not available and decided on this one. It makes a great effect because of shiny silk with some opaque details and playing with it I discovered that by folding and/or knotting it in different ways you can give prominence to lilac, beige, light green or animalier (showing the detail of snow leopards in the center).
    I propose this challenge to MaiTai: How to get different main colours from a carré by folding or knotling in different ways (if you need suggestions, I’m here!)

  14. How funny, I just recently wore a black turtleneck and combined it with my black and gold "Bouclerie d'Attelage" in a snowball knot. Since the turtleneck is already keeping my neck warm, I just use the scarf as decoration and your wonderful creation (snowball) is perfect for this matter. :-) As always you look simply Maitailicious! hugs, Macs

  15. Simple,classic and oh so chic.MaiTai you are lovely comme d'habitude.

  16. Beautiful look as always. Have to admit I am bit puzzled by the perceived problem of the roll neck. Of course first I had to figure out that you were referring to a turtleneck LOL! I thought it was a reference to your recently posted pix of the roll style scarf at Hermes Paris. I just tie the scarf in front using a square knot or scarf ring. Many times I will turn it to the side. Now that I see the cowboy style with the roll neck, I will have to try that!

    The other alternative is to use a plisse and just tie the ends and wear as a necklace.

  17. Dearest MaiTai

    With all the snow we have around here, the combination of a roll neck with a scarf seems to be just perfect!
    Regardless of the lack of light, you look wonderful, as always! Warm hugs, M.

  18. My dear ladies, your kind and warm comments have truly brightend an otherwise bleak and sad day, thank you so much for the rays of sunshine. I regret not being able to come back to you individually, as I have to prepare to go abroad tomorrow. Wishing you all a good rest of the week, and a wonderful upcoming month of festive preparations and enjoyments. With hugs and love, MaiTai x

  19. What a chic, warm look! Love it! Just got an Alexander McQueen scarf that I'm looking for ways to wear and my scarf addiction has now taken off...

  20. Thanks for the inspiration as always dearest MaiTai. Hoping all is well and wishing you all the best for you and your dearest friend in this time.

    I would also like to add, living in the arctic roll necks are a staple in my wardrobe, heavy wool ones as well. I can find those itchy, and there I have inspiration from an old Elle McPherson (sp?) photo on tpf, where she had her scarf inside the roll neck (it has to be of a certain size and with of course ;). It really makes it more snuggly and soft, and gives a pop of color as it flows out of the roll neck as much and as little as you please.

    Hugs and kisses from
    Silje aka 'baggiegirl'

  21. the simple outfit really accentuate the scarf and the heavenly birkin bag :)

  22. Beautiful styling. I really like your style and am also a fan of Hermes.

  23. I love this look!

    I'm new to Hermès, but have always loved timeless style and vintage scarves. Your blog and outfit posts are such an important source of inspiration to me.

    I have decided to get my first Hermès (a Carré) as the new year arrives. So excited!

    Thank you!

  24. Congratulations on your A MQ scarf, Pink Julep Abroad, and welcome to the silk road. Have fun!

    Many thanks for your kind comment and good wishes, my dear Silje. I love your suggestion of the scarf inside a heavy roll neck, and I think I can remember the photo of heavenly Elle too! Thank you for reminding me. Hugs right back to you <3

    Thank you, Shane Bailey and avenue-of-fashion :-)

    A warm welcome to the orange side, dear Anna W! So happy you enjoy it here, and I am sharing your excitment about your upcoming first Hermès scarf. Bringing home the first one is so special, have a wonderful time choosing!

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