Friday, November 26, 2010

Yesterday in Paris...

it was a cold, but beautiful day. I had a busy morning, and went for a visit to FSH in the late afternoon. As usual, I approached from the rue Boissy d'Anglas, rather than going along the rue Faubourg St Honoré, as I love walking past the bay tree planters along the Hôtel de Crillon, which look like a guard of honour, leading the way to H. The flowers and greens that make the ground cover are constantly renewed and changed, and checking on the current look is almost as much of a treat as trying to recognise which scarves the horseman on the rooftop of FSH (La légende du Poisson Corail) is holding this time.

Last week, all windows (except of the big corner window, which still showed the beautiful autumn forest) were covered, and I was hoping to see new displays this time. No such luck though, they all had lowered blinds, only that the main window's one didn't quite reach the I got closer, I could see an array of spring flowers through the gap.

Spring flowers around Christmas time! At first I thought they must be placeholders, but when inside FSH, I noticed the door that gives access to the corner window was open, and saw a huge array of more pastel flowers waiting to be arranged and brought in. The walls were covered with a pale mint colored fabric..looking very much forward to seeing the wonders that will evolve..

Inbetween the bag and saddle department, this beautiful camel reminds visitors of the 'Petit h' event (Nov 4th to Dec 13th) which takes place on the first floor. 'Petit h' is a temporary gallery/shop, filled with amazing items that have been made out of discarded or scrap pieces of the ateliers, or out of items with small faults. It's a beautiful concept of recycling, and as every piece is handcrafted to perfection, 'up-cycling' might be a better word!

Leather swatches were turned into postcards or place mats, scarves with minor defects into shopping nets, evening bags or lamp shades, and broken crystal glasses into chandeliers. All pieces are for sale, and one off.

These 'drainpipe' type of necklaces were great statement pieces, light as a feather and made of pleated scarves (I recognized Boutons De Vénerie, Ex Libris Camouflage, Cent Plis Des Miao and La Charmande Aux Animaux), and below some equaly amazing braided leather colliers (in Rouge H Box, and black Swift)

On leaving FSH, I crossed through the small and picturesque 'Le Village', which is always stunningly decorated at Christmas time. I took the left pic when already half way through, and the right one on leaving.. the time inbetween was spent in one of the villages' shops, sucessfully finding a new ski suit. Really happy about it, as in the last few years I only ever remembered just before the skiing holidays, at which time of course there were none left in the shops.

It has been a great day, not just because of the fun at FSH and shopping, but I had a very good meeting in the morning, checking on the final stages of my (soon to be launched) new generation of scarf fur collars, made in the city of lights.

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  1. Dearest Mai Tai
    My sister and brother-in-law are in Paris and were disappointed that the windows were not ready for Christmas. However, she did manage to rally and buy a fabulous purse at Louis Vuitton!

    I'll be interested to see if springtime has arrived early at Hermes!
    Warmest regards,

  2. Oh how I love these journeys to the City of Lights and FSH that you take us on....sigh:))
    From the amazing display of recycled H to the beautiful tiny street where you found your ski suit,these posts never disappoint!
    CEO seems very appropriate with the latest chapter for your fur collar business in the making....congrats!
    Happy weekend from the little birdie on your shoulder.
    Warm hugs, T xx

  3. Dearest MaiTai

    How I wish I had been with you at Faubourg Saint Honoré! When I was there in August, I followed your advice and went through Rue Boissy d´Anglas as well and I did enjoy it! Can´t wait for the new fur collars to arrive!!! Thank you for all your great and so inspiring posts! Have a lovely weekend, dear MaiTai. Warm hugs, M.

  4. Thank you again! Whatever you write about, there is beauty.

  5. Ohhh I can't wait to see the new window!

  6. Lovely report from Paris and FSH!

  7. Oh thank you for taking me with you (via the blogworld) to Paris - just what I needed. And how amazing are those leather necklaces. Just gorgeous. x

  8. Oh how exciting, I'm headed to Paris on December 10th, thank you for the little peek!

  9. Dear Mai Tair,
    Thank you for your report of the FSH, especially the exhibition of "Petit h".
    As soon I read your post, I wanted to go to see the items.
    I bought one of the necklace made with carré plissés.
    It's great to have a "piece unique" !
    Hopefully you are here to inform us !
    Have a great week-end.
    ps : you are really wonderful : thanks to you, a few days ago, I went to Chelsea Textiles... the curtains are amazing...

  10. "up-cycling" is indeed a very appropriate, love the drainpipe necklace and the netting bag. did you get anything for yourself? :)

    Have a good weekend.

  11. Dearest MaiTai,

    As always, thank you so much for sharing your glimpses and experiences with us. What a wonderful, beautiful day in Paris! You are such a marvelous story teller, dearest MaiTai, both in words and in pictures - so vivid and engrossing. Love the window in progress photos - mint green can be difficult to do, but then of course H does it so deliciously. I am utterly fascinated by the 'Petit H' - definitely 'up-cycling' and a true mark of an artisan. These are incredible, fantastical creations - truly pushes one's imagination. So very thrilled for you for your new ski suit and the upcoming new generation fur collar babies. Warm hugs always, xx

  12. What a treat to see my beloved Paris in its winter glory! One can only wonder what they are going to do with the flowers, how intriguing!
    The expo petit H looks amazing, and lucky Charlotte to have bought one of the necklaces, they look amazing, and so unique.
    Merci for this glimpse into la ville Lumière at its best.

  13. Dear MaiTai,
    thanks for sharing your marvellous visit to the city of lights.My sister will be in Paris next week and I was considering asking her to purchase one of those necklaces made with carrè plissè. Could you possibly give me an idea of the price range for those unique little treasures waiting to find a new home ;->?

  14. Oops...excuse moi,ladies!
    Should have read UPCYCLED!
    MT..did you bring home one of these delightful one of a kind pieces???
    T xx

  15. Dear Mai Tai - how gorgeous! I am going to Paris for the first time in ages next weekend and will def check out "Little H" - thank you again for your wonderful tips. When do you think the new foxy's will be ready as I wished to order another one...

  16. Dear MaiTai

    The necklaces are very pretty! Do you know if Hermès will keep on making them? Warm hugs, M.

  17. Dear Donna, Trudye, Manuela, Linda C., Anne, dance, Semi Expat, Tabitha, Charlotte, ‘A’, Scarf Enthusiast, Jamais sans mon Hermès, ‘A’ and Sarah ~ happy you enjoyed our little trip to Paris together, and many thanks for your wonderful and warm comments. As always, sharing with you is such a pleasure and joy. Have a great week ahead everyone xx

    Congrats to your sister on her new purse, dear Donna! I hope she will bring you a little souvenir from her trip....

    My darling little birdie, you must still feel stuffed from all the macaroons I’ve been feeding you! Lean week ahead, as no further trip is planned for the near future, Christmas preparations starting instead! Many thanks for your sweet good wishes x

    Aww, dear Manuela, happy to hear you enjoyed the approach coming from the side street. It kind of heightens the experience. One day I’ll do a post on the planters! Hope you had a lovely weekend too x

    Many thanks for your lovely comment, dear Linda C. :-)

    Me too, Anne!!

    Merci, dear dance <3

    Glad you enjoyed our little trip, dear Semi Expat, as I very much enjoy the company of you ladies when away!

    Oh what wonderful and exciting news, dear Tabitha! Please report back on the corner window, and have a most wonderful and fabulous time!!

    Many congratulations on your ‘Petit h’, dear Charlotte!! How wonderful to hear that my post inspired you to go and see the exposition. I bet your necklace is stunning, wear it in health and happiness! PS. I could not agree more with you on the curtains of the CTC, they are so beautiful!

    Hello ‘A’, and thanks for the good wishes, hope you had a good weekend too. I left the expo empty handed, which of course I have started to regret since!

    I am so happy you enjoyed our little excursion, have been thinking of you every time I saw a beautiful cake, which was many times! Like you, can’t wait to see the wonders H will perform on mint green, and yes, the petit H was truly fabulous. I had a brief chat with the creator, she was absolutely lovely. Many thanks for the good wishes, and warmest hugs.

    Chère Jamais, Paris send a gros bisou to you, and was twinkling it’s lights très fort in an attempt to reach across the Atlantic... Have a wonderful festive season ahead. Bisous from moi aussi x

    Dear A, wishing your sister a fabulous time in Paris! Re the necklaces, the ones made of 70 Carrés are 130 EUR, the 90 Carrés are 170 EUR, and the leather necklaces 750 EUR (the box was pretty stiff, for once I preferred Swift). Good luck!

    Pas de problème, chère Trudye, mwah! No, I did not, and I am already kicking myself!

    Dear Sarah, wishing you a most wonderful and fabulous pre Christmas time in Paris! Have fun at H, and please tell us about the window in case they have finished decorating. New foxies will be available very shortly, but you can always email me for more details :)