Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yesterday in Paris...

it has been sunny and fresh, and I had a busy day. Some of the fun, fabulous and beautiful things I saw on my way made me stop and get my camera out, like these Chihuahuas in St Germain, wearing coats to keep warm on their promenade (not quite as distinguished looking as Louise's Arnie and Siggi in their H finery)

waiting for the lights to turn....

...C'est parti !!

... lined up spools while sourcing ribbon

... a shop dedicated to Champagne ('mai tai'pe of place, lol)
Cave St. Sulpice
3, rue St. Sulpice

75006 Paris
Tel: +33 (1) 53 100 100

the golden city lights and evening sky I saw on my way to FSH
 .. and the limited edtion 'Photos-souvenirs au carré' Carrés displayed at FSH, a result of Hermes' collaboration with french artist Daniel Buren. The scarves are ink-jet instead of screen printed, allowing a most realistic reproduction of Buren's 'photo souvenirs' art works.

wall hanging displays and Buren's 'photo souvenirs' book

To find out more about H's artist collaboration with Daniel Buren, click on the link below
Wallpaper article
Ending the day with a glass of champagne at the Train Bleu, while waiting for the train back home, wearing 'La Femme aux Semelles de Vent' in the basic bias fold, held in place by a black MT scarf fur collar.

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  1. Les chiens sont adorables!!!

    I have Le Train Bleu on my "must see" list for our next Paris visit in May 2011. It looks fabulous!

    Oh, and after salivating over your fur collars and scarf rings for months, I've finally purchased one of each.

  2. Ah Paris...Champagne and le Train Bleu, all the beautiful pictures make me miss home even more.
    Ok, I won't refrain myself...WHAT IS IN THE H BAG?????

  3. Paris in May, how wonderful, Deja Pseu! Have fun planning your trip, and a great time at the TB. Many thanks for your order, wishing you much enjoyment with your fur collar and scarf ring!

  4. Lol, my eagle eyed Jamais! Something that makes me 'Jumping' up and down with joy ;-) Sending Paris hugs to you x

  5. Such beautiful sights as always from your trips to Paris and the pups are so cute!!
    I was just going to ask about what was in the bag,but it looks like I am late to the dance!
    Sounds like it could be a new pair of brown jumping that would have me jumping for joy,too!
    Please correct me if I am happy for you:)
    Hugs, T xx

  6. Bingo, dear Trudye! Between you ladies, my little puzzle was discovered and solved rather quickly! You are right on the colour too, even though for a milli second, I was torn between the moca and rouge h... then I thought of 'our' leather jacket (and also the GP, modulation etc) and it became an easy decision in the end!

  7. Ah ha...I knew it! Soo...looking forward to your modeling shots!
    I can think of a million different ways they will work with your wardrobe AND mine!! Lucky girl!
    T xx

  8. Aww, many thanks dear Trudye. We must be twins separated by birth, you always know what I'm up too.. the boot babies will come into v good use, soon you'll be all tired of seeing them!

  9. Darn...Trudye beat me to it, I was going to say JB (even though you guessed brown as well, T. bravo!). This blog is getting to be a race, hope I can keep up, better go train in my non-H boots :(

  10. Beautiful photos of what looked like a fun day, MaiTai! And congratulations on getting your perfect boots! Looking forward to seeing them in action! xx

  11. Dearest MaiTai,

    How magnificent is Paris! It is indeed the most fashionable city - just look at those well-dressed sweet chihuahuas! And a city so alive with an amazing old world sense of what is wonderful and cherished. The evening shot is breathtaking - shimmering lights in expansive space. The scarf displays must have been incredible in person. Thank you for the link - love that the artist made them to be worn. But the most beautiful is your happy smile at the TB. Congratulations, on your new JB! Her sister must be overjoyed to welcome her little sister very happy for you, dear MaiTai. Warm hugs always, xx

  12. "Jumping" up and down for joy with you. At least one member of the family, who has slim enough calves to fit into those booties! ;-) oth I do have quite a nice pair of boots in black and brown, so maybe good to save here and spend the left over orange money on something else. the, he. Again can't wait to see them in action and certainly don't think we could ever tire of seeing your long, slim legs in the most beautiful boots ever created! :Wohoo: Congrats and hugs, ls Macs

  13. I am back In HK but at Heathrow bought a scarf from Hermes that was a reissue with ladies on it, sort of 1950s models with a black background -was the smaler size like the Tres Kelly. xxx

  14. I just love the amazing boutiques you've featured in your post. I must check them out on my next visit to Paris.

  15. What a delight! The puppies are too cute, and seeing your evening pic makes me miss Paris already (I cannot wait to be back in January, perhaps we can meet up then!). Thank you for sharing the new silks in FSH - the 2nd last piece took my breath away, very vivid prints. And finally, CONGRATS on your new brown jumping boots - YAY! Cannot wait to see them in action, they will go with everything (good choice over Rouge H). Sending huge hugs your way =) xxx

  16. ooh, before I forget, what a beautiful Veuve Clicquot bottle with flowers! I have to get the address of this amazing Champy shop from you =) And most appreciate if you might have more details on the 2nd last silk, the black+white+red one, I love it! xxx

  17. Thank you for sharing the pics of your trip to Paris with us. And congrats on the mocha JB! I can't wait to see them in action.

  18. Dear MaiTai

    How I wish I had enjoyed a glass of champagne with you at Le Train Bleu! Paris is beautiful!!! Congratulations on your new boots! I do look forward to seeing them!
    May I ask, dear MaiTai, the name of the shop that sells the beautiful ribbons? Warm hugs, M.

  19. Bonjour Madame, MaiTai,
    WEeee think thows Paris Chewowas look a bit gerly. CAn you plees tak fotos of the Chewowas hoo ware leather and spikes and chains and stuff.

    Au revoir, from Arnie and Siggi Boyle

  20. Oh, and I wanted to add, that one of my goals in life is to drink Champagne together with you in Paris! (sure hope, the HFT doesn't read this, he might get upset about me choosing you over him ;-)

  21. Bingo on the JBs, my dear Jamais! Trudye is eagle eyed and winged, one day she’ll beat me to my posts, lol! The race is worth it though, as there are crates of champagne on the finishing line. Chin chin!

    Thank you, my dear sushi queen. Sad that the visit to FSH was not quite as successful as I hoped, but will borrow Trudye’s eagle eyes and keep on looking!

    You are so right on Paris, dearest Scarf Enthusiast! So happy you enjoyed the pics. Went past D, and checked our table, and our cake is waiting for us too! I was truly blown away by the DB scarves, I could not have imagined ink printing to be that stunning. Thank you for welcoming the JBs, it was such a happy moment putting them next to the black ones!

    Aww, thank you, my dear Macs! Now that you have made ‘another saving’, you could get that sweet H fairy of yours to work, tehe! You are so sweet to be so welcoming and kind, and thank you for the lovely compliments <3

    Wow, almost back home again, dear Faux Fuchsia, how time has been flying! Will catch up with your adventures on your blog later. Congratulations on your new scarf (which has one of the longest names: Printemps Eté 69 - Automne Hiver 70) looks like the orange bug has bitten you! Have fun xx

  22. Thank you, Chocolate, Cookies and Candies! Your comment reminds me that I must add the addresses to the post, thanks!

    Paris in January, we’re on, DD! Thank you also for your sweet compliments re the JBs, it was quite a rocky road before I finally got the right pair. The Champy shop is at the top of Rue St Sulpice in St. Germain, will try and find the house number. As for the silks, they made only 365 pcs in total, featuring 22 designs. The price was similar to the Albers scarf back then, including the book they are 5000 EUR, I think. Don’t remember for sure, the only thing I do know that they were too expensive pour moi!

    Merci, chère booksnchocolate, no surprise you like the moca! Here’s to chocolate in all shades and tastes, and a yummy beautiful remaining autumn. <3

    One day, my dear Manuela, one day! In fact we could have a little party at the TB, I hear that Macs would like to join too. Will look up the address of the ribbon shop also. Warm hugs to you, and a great weekend. <3

    Nothing beats the cool of Archie and Siggi, dear Louise! I might stroll around Pigalle next time, to see if I can snap something interesting for the Dodgy bros. Archie and Siggi rock!!

    OK, my new year’s resolution is to have champagne with Manuela and Macs in Paris in 2011! Who else would like to join?

  23. Thank you, dear MaiTai! What a wonderful new year decision! I hope it comes true and we can meet in Paris in 2011! Big hug, M.

  24. Buren's scarves look fascinating. New jumping boots? Lovely! Le Train Bleu awakens fond memories.