Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Capsule wardrobe #24 - très simple

Once the holidays have come to an end, I long for things to be simple. It feels good to store away the decorations, cook simple food, get back into routine and dress simply.


Capsule pieces: blue jeans and black v-neck sweater
Shoes: black suede loafers
Accessories: La Réale 90 Carré and chain d'ancre enamel bracelet
Scarf tying method: Ascot knot. Click here for a how-to video

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  1. That enamel bracelet is one of my favorites of your collection. It's perfect for a simple--but still gorgeous--day!

  2. Many thanks, Aesthetic Alterations. The bracelet is one of my favorites too.It looked so unassuming on the rack that I nearly overlooked it.. so glad I didn't. Have a gorgeous day :-)

  3. Dearest MT, although this outfit is simple, you have so much class and are so elegant!!! I am so happy to see your beautiful smile again! Looking forward to many wonderful posts in this very special place that is your blog.
    Warmest hugs, M.
    P.S. We are scarf twins concerning "La Réale". I have it in light green.

  4. Greetings Maitai from the Great White North of Alberta Canada,
    I have tried to post earlier but it seems my comments have not gone through.
    I have only recently fell in love with Hermes wonderful scarves( and bracelets/having slid down the slippery orange slope since the end of Aug when I first found your wonderful blog). I have wanted to thank for sharing your love of these beautiful items and your wonderful sense of style in utilizing them ( for many when they think of scarves,equate them with Grandma and an era gone by & simply can't fathom how they can be such an intergral part of a wardrobe but you show just how they blend beautifully in a modern yet elegant& classic manner).
    Your blog is amazing (particularly for anyone "wardrobe challenged" :)
    I thoroughly enjoy the capsule wardrobe sections and I do have a request -as you identify in each of the snippets about each item-would you be so kind as to tell what color the new ballet flats(the bi-color ones) are and who makes the stunning "light taupe" coat you wore with your black jeans,boots and rollneck recently?

  5. Dear MaiTai,

    I would dress like that every day through the winter if I could!

  6. No matter whether it is glam or casual,you always challenge us to get our best H on !
    I adore this look...so elegantly worn in your usual chic,simple style . And I don't mean "simple" when I say simple ;)
    Hugs, T xx

  7. J'adore this look! Simple perfection!!

  8. Dearest Mai Tai, your très simple look is très chic and elegant!! Love your enamel bracelet too and oh, the transformative power of a gorgeous Hermes scarf.

    What I love most about your posts, Mai Tai, is that you make all your wonderful looks achievable for anybody. Of course you have exquisite accessories, but you make me feel like I too can achieve something similar with my own stuff. You've shown a possibility and illustrated how a few carefully-chosen accents can lift and transform an outfit. And for that, I'm very grateful.

    Thanks so much.

  9. Dear MaiTai,

    what a simple and perfect outfit! I will be going for something similar today. The Ascot knot works so well with it.

    I got my first Hermès scarf yesterday!! So today I plan to experiment and study some different knots and tying methods. Your videos are always so clear and easy to follow. Thank you!

  10. Hi Maitai,

    You've worked your scarf magic again - its hard to believe that you are wearing the same red & blue scarf that you've worn before - with some skillful folding the blue is replaced by the gold and the whole look is changed! Inspirational!

    I love the simplicity of this outfit yet its made chic, sophisticated and stunning with a simple but perfectly executed ascot knot and finished off by your beautiful smile!

    Thank you for sharing, I'm looking forward to you performing more magic with your gorgeous scarves throughout 2011 and beyond!



  11. Simple yet so elegant and classy. Thank you for sharing dear MaiTai.

  12. I love the look, MaiTai. Simple and comfy but also very classy.

  13. You're just the perfect example of "less is more"! Mwahh! :hugs: Macs

  14. MT, once again you show that simplest is best! Now I have that scarf on my radar :) Have the bracelet in the rouge H colorway and it is so easy to wear. Looks great when I pair it with the chaine d'ancre silver bracelet.

    Best for the New Year and 2011 to filled with more fab fashion!!

  15. Hello MaiTai - you echo my sentiments EXACTLY! I too am glad we are "back to normal" now! You look fabulous in this outfit, so easily achieved, as always! SAx

  16. I agree - nice to be back to normal after the holidays.

    Love your simplicty...

    I'm busy making my own capsule wardrobe - am going to keeps some things simple too!



  17. What a great classic look! I have to try my cardigan with my CSMC fluid soon =) Lovely week to you! xx

  18. Twin hugs to you, my lovely and sweet Manuela! Looking forward to sharing and exchanging here in the coming twelve months! Hugs x

    So sorry re your previous comments, abgirl! I have had so much spam recently, and your comments might have been filtered out, with me failing to notice. A belated warm welcome to the orange side, and I am honoured to be part of the departure! Wishing you much fun with your new found love, and hope you will continue to enjoy it here. I have two pairs of ballet flats that fit your description, one is brown suede and the other one grey. The tip on both is copper coloured. The coat is by Apostrophe, bought at a George Rech boutique.

    Lol, dear Suzanne ;-) Isn’t it just one of the most classic winter ‘uniforms’..so timeless and simple.

    Big mwahs to you, my dear Trudye, and a big yay to the simple pleasures in life! Even if some of them are not so simple after all ;-) <3

    Merci, chère Deja Pseu <3

    So happy to read your comment, dear Simone, thank you. You have described the esprit of this place so well. Mille merci.

    And I will go for something similar tomorrow too, dear Anna W! Many congratulations on your first H scarf, getting the first orange silk box home is so very special. Wishing you much fun knotting and tying!

    Dear M, I appreciate your observation re the tying of the scarf, and yes, it is amazing how different the same scarf can look when knotted in a variety of ways. The Ascot brings out corner symmetry so well, and so it’s perfect for the Reale. Happy Scarf Year to you!

    Merci, dearest booksnchocolate, so happy you like the look <3

    Thank you, dear Chocolate, Cookies and Candies (between you and booksnchocolate, I am starting to get quite hungry!)

    Hugs and mwas to you too, my dear hair-mess! And heartfelt thanks x

    Good luck with your hunt, gracekelly ..hope to be twins with you one day soon! Now I ‘need’ the enamel in rouge H, and a chaine d’ancre bracelet to go with it, lol! Have a wonderful 2011 x

    Merci, dear Scarf Addict. Yes it feels good, at least for the moment! Happy New Year to you :-)

    Have fun planning and making your capsule pieces, Julia!

    Thank you, my dear dreamdoll. Hoping to see a pic of you and your CSMC fluid one day, or better still.. see it live!

  19. Hi MaiTai, your blog, along with the scarf knotting instructions and videos, is a great resource! I have a blog dedicated to scarf inspiration and will direct my readers to your blog for specific scarf knotting instructions!


  20. Your beautiful smile took my breath away, my dearest MaiTai. You have a glow that can illuminate the whole world. I love simple too - isn't it sometimes so comforting. Your La Réale is truly a stunning scarf - love how you've folded it, allowing the gorgeous white and gold portion to reflect your radiance.

    Thank you for your most kind words and lovely New Year wishes, dearest MaiTai. I am overjoyed to have another year of visiting you here - it is something I treasure. Thinking of you lots during this wintery January month, with all my love and warmest hugs xx

  21. As mentioned above (and I found the same idea by some of your blog visitors a while ago) - it might be interesting to select some scarves and show what can be achieved by changing the knots - change in colours, style, etc. I used to lack any skills in that area, but started playing with your scarf rings and I feel you might be proud at times of how much I learnt from you LOL and how helpful you scarf rings have been on the way to make some of my scarves small chameleons which transform the outfit.
    Just an idea, there are many of your posts which could be used for that purpose already. Looking forward to your further posts, whatever they will be about.
    Best, Lilian

  22. Dear MaiTai,
    I am a great admirer of your wonderful blog. There are so many hints how to tie those colourful Hermes scarves. One of my favourites is your last post about this très simple capsule wardrobe. I really love v-neck sweaters.
    And there, I've got a question. I like wearing v-necks with a scarf following the neckline, with a lower knot. What kind of scarf knot would you recommend for this style?
    It would be great to get an answer in your blog. In the end: As I am German, I beg your pardon if any mistakes appeared. Thank you and many greetings from Germany,

  23. My dear Scarf Enthusiast, Lilian and Anne, I am SO very sorry to come back to your comments so unbelievably late! A warm thank you for your kind words and good wishes, you were so kind to write.

    Dearest Scarf Enthusiast, the prospect of having you visiting here in 2011 fills my heart with such joy and happiness. Thank you, my dearest lovely friend. With hugs and love xx

    My dear Lilian, you really make me feel a proud scarf ring mummy, so happy to hear that you are having a great time playing with your rings and scarves. Love the way you call your scarves small chameleons, and it's a great idea to highlight this point with a post as you suggested. Mille merci <3

    Dear Anne, so wonderful to hear that you enjoy my blog, many thanks. Thank you also for the great suggestion, which instead of answering here, I turned into a blog post. Your english is excellent by the way!