Friday, January 7, 2011

Reader's style suggestion - how to keep warm and cosy

This year, winter has had Europe firmly in it's grip, large parts have been covered in ice and snow for weeks. Chez nous, in the South of France, it hasn't snowed, but we've had endless days of rain, gloomy skies and cold temperatures. C'est pas normal!

When looking out of the window, I remembered Silje's fab style suggestion from a few posts ago: in the arctic roll necks are a staple in my wardrobe, heavy wool ones as well. I can find those itchy, and there I have inspiration from an old Elle Macpherson photo on tpf, where she had her scarf inside the roll neck (it has to be of a certain size and with of course ;). It really makes it more snugly and soft, and gives a pop of color as it flows out of the roll neck as much and as little as you please.
Still very much in the mood for simple looks, I went to find my heavy turtle neck sweater, and chose 'Tours de Clés' tied into a cowboy knot to go under the roll neck (as it is a 70 Carré, I tied the ends behind the neck). Silja is right, wearing a scarf this way feels incredibly soft and wonderful, and it's great fun to pull and tuck the silk, bringing out it's different aspects and colours. Thank you, dear Silja! x

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  1. Great idea, and unsurpassable the exposition you have made of it.
    Your latest post always seems that cannot be bettered, until you publish the next one.
    Thank you very much for your blog. It has become a Magic Place to me.
    My warmest regards.

  2. Beautiful scarf and interesting idea. I do not have any turtle neck sweater, for the reason I do not like wool on my neck - it sounds perfect to use the silk scarf to change that uncomfy feeling.
    It seems you have a lot of dedicated pupils (aka followers here)

  3. What a great look MaiTai. Thanks for sharing.

    I agree with cecilia... this blog is a magic place thanks to you and the readers who post here.

  4. Dear Mai Tai,
    I like it. It's a wonderful idea.
    Here in Paris, the month of december was very snowy, and now it rains every day ! I will try this style suggestion very soon ! (Elle Mac Pherson is for me the most beautiful model of the past decades and her style is always great).
    Even if I don't leave a comment after each post, I am always happy to see a new post. It is always a very good news. Thanks to you, I am leaving my post-student wearing and I am starting to be more like a woman.
    Best regards.
    Charlotte FT (I saw another Charlotte in the comments so now I will add the first letters of my last name)

  5. Here snow only started to melt away two days ago due to heavy rain. For weeks it's been (and still is) pretty chilly. So rolled and turtle necks have been the way to go, even if I'm not a huge fan of the feel of wool on my neck. Using a silk scarf inside the rolled neck is a fantastic and elegant way to prevent that feeling. Thank you for sharing dear MaiTai! Have a great weekend.

  6. Oh dearest MaiTai, I am blushing here :)

    You look so spectacular, love the combination of black and the orange/purple of your scarf. Just yesterday I had the same look, only with different colors (posted on the SOTD thread on tpf).

    So happy to be able to inspire you, since you have given me so much inspiration over the years.
    Hugs Silje

  7. You are truly an inspiration, my dearest MaiTai! Your Tours de Clés is such a bright and cheerful scarf, a perfect antidote for the gray winter days. I love how this styling adds both silky comfort and a touch of mystery. And I so love your version, I am encouraged to try it - so thank you to Silje for the wonderful suggestion and to our dear MaiTai for the fabulous application. Nothing can blow away the winter chill like you, dearest MaiTai. Sending you all my love and many cosy hugs, xx
    PS The newly formatted links are absolutely fantastic! A million thanks for your labor of love <3

  8. I'm a guy, but I love to wear a silk scarf in this manner under a turtleneck. Ideal in the cold weather and adds a touch of colour to a simple black sweater. See pic:

  9. As I sit here watching more of the dreaded white stuff come down this morning near Philadelphia, PA, this idea is most welcome. I will be wearing it for sure! Even cashmere turtle necks can get a bit itchy after being on all day; I think this idea is great for any sweater that is close to the neck! Thank you!

  10. Thank you Silje for the motivation and to you dear MT for the inspiration and styling! This is a lovely way to add a little " punch " to a dreary winter's day and to play peek- a-boo with a little H. I think all of the ladies and gents gathered here agree that nothing feels better against the skin than something silky! This is also a good idea for resurrecting a less often used silk.
    Obviously a day to forgo the neck cream and or makeup...and I guess if all we wore were turtle necks we would not need the neck cream! LOL!
    Wishing you some light filled days soon and a warm and cozy weekend.
    Many thanks and hugs,
    T xx

  11. MaiTai, Hello to you and I hope that your New Year is off to a great start. I love this scarf. The colors remind me of Spain :-). Thanks for the great tips. Have a great weekend. Blessings-P

  12. In the cold Scandinavia, where we still have lots of snow, this is a perfect way of wearing a scarf. I have done it with the gavroches.
    Thank you to Silje for the sugestion and to you, dearest MaiTai, for showing it to us. Like Cecilie and SMR said, your blog is a magic place.
    We are scarf twins again!
    Warm hugs, Manuela

  13. Very cold winter here as least for us:) I love this idea of having the luxury of the silk next to your skin inside the sweater. I have just the sweater for this too! Have to dig it out from the depths of the armoire! Always nice to find a new way to wear old pieces.

    Thank you Silje for the suggestion!!! And MT for modeling!!

  14. Dearest MaiTai! I never had a woman figure in my family to teach me how to dress, wear such simple thing as a silk scarf and silver ring or cook perfect madeleins - and how important those little things are in life. Thank you for this wonderful blog. It is such a terrific place to learn those little things I've missed grownig up as a little girl.

  15. Yay!! I have loved doing this with my H scarves for a while now (although you have elevated the look far better than the attempts I have made!) I love it with my Tigre Royale in purple(Vintage 70 size), and tend to fold it on the bias so its very long and flat, then wind it round without using a knot, the neck of the sweater seems to hold it in place well, and I adore the flash of color over an otherwise sombre item of clothing.
    Your use of such a fabulous scarf with its gorgeous colors tops anything I did, love it! Keep your beautiful modelling shots coming, they are always such a treat!

    DB x

  16. Good Afternoon! Just wanted to let you know that I've been reading your blog for close to a year, have purchased two gorgeous fur collars from you (always the source of many compliments) and so love your style, presence and commentary. Will def try this it gets a wee bit chilly this time of year in Minnesota.

    Thanks for your always spot-on ideas!


  17. I love this look, it's eye catching and sensuous at the same time and the pop of color brings the turtle neck to life. How would you suggest tying a 90cm? Is it easier to tie the scarf on first and bring the turtle neck down over it?

  18. My dear cecilia, your lovely words mean so much, thank you. My thanks to you and all the other fairies who come here and sprinkle their special fairy dust, making this a magic place for me too.

    Happy you like the scarf, and I could not agree more on Silje’s idea, dear Lilian! The rollneck really snuggles the scarf against the neck, a luxurious feeling one can easily get used too!

    My dear SMR, you are one of the special fairies here, so many thanks to you <3

    Dear Charlotte, so lovely to see you stopping by. I agree with you on Elle, she is simply gorgeous and always dresses with such great style and flair. Hope next week will bring better weather to Paris!

    Hope you had a great weekend, my dear fairy booksnchocolate! Same sentiments here re the rollneck, all changed now, of course! Happy luxuriating in silky neck comfort, and hoping the weather improves soon <3

    Dear Silje, you were so kind to share your fabulous idea, many thanks again! I love how we chat here, and exchange our ideas, all helping each other, and getting inspired in turns. With my inner eye, I picture a world map that has little glowing points for everyone who has been wearing her scarf and roll neck à la Silje over the weekend...thank you xx

  19. Thank you for your most kind words, my dear Scarf Enthusiast! The clandestine tying method inspired me to go for a brighter colour, adding to the fun! I’ve always regarded my TdC as a Spring/Summer scarf, which is why I am doubly grateful to dear Silje, and the inspiration she brought. I’m exited you’ve noticed the new links, many thanks my dear! Keep warm and cosy, my lovely fairy. Much love x

    Hi Steve, and welcome! I absolutely love the way you wear your scarf, it’s such a stylish yet masculine look. Thank you for sharing :-)

    Thank you, dear Leslie! Hope you will be all comfortable and cosy in silk AND cashmere to brave the snow, keep warm :-)

    Oh Trudye, you always make it all so much more fun, with your wonderful descriptions and extra pixie dust! I wish we could all play peek-a-boo together, and indulge in a ‘can you spot which scarf I’m wearing’ game au même temps! Lol re the turtleneck and cream, and warmest hugs!

    Thank you for your kind good wishes, my dear Penney, and for always bringing a sparkle here with your beautiful avatar picture. I love the exuberant colours of the scarf, and next time I go to Spain (which is not far away from us) I'll make sure to take the TdC with me!

  20. Twin hugs encore, my dear Manuela! Looking forward to trying this out with Gavroches next, perhaps with a lighter roll neck? Keep warm, my friend, and mille merci for always sprinkling fairy dust here xx

    Great to have all the ingredients ready at hand, my dear gracekelly! Like you, I love finding new usages for long loved items. I'm still experimenting with your fab 'Double Gavroche' ideas, might need to get a few more of them soon! Have fun! x

    A very warm welcome to you, dear De Merveilles! Your comment truly touched me, and I hope to be helpful in the pursuit of simple ‘joie de vivre’ pleasures :-)

    Dear DB, your basic bias fold version sounds lovely, and I can just imagine how gorgeous it looks with your TR! Thank you for sharing :-)

    Thank you for the lovely comment,dear Janelle! So wonderful to hear you are happy with your collars, and the compliments of others are the icing on the cake. Have fun with Silje’s suggestion, and keep warm and cosy!

    Hello A, and thanks for the great description. Unless the rollneck is wide and loose, I would first tie the scarf and then put the sweater on. But whatever works best is fine :-)

  21. So feminine... I once did something similiar but yours looks much better with the pretty bright colous. Will retry tomorrow. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas and suggestions. Your blog is such a cosy world with only kindness - a welcome retreat - Sarahx

  22. Thank you MaiTai. just thought I would add a further pic. Hope you like it...

  23. Always loved the style of a colourful scarf "beneath" a turtleneck. Your classic beauty is simply perfect for this look! A huge thumbs up from a soon to be "copying" this look Macs. :hugs:

  24. Another one here who loves this look! Thank you for sharing it...the knot is interesting =)

  25. Dear Sarah, SteveS, hair-mess and dreamdoll ~ a belated thank you for your kind comments, I am very sorry it took me so long to come back to you, I only now realised I never did!

    Dear Sarah, I hope your brighter combination was a success, and I am so happy to hear that you enjoy coming here, thank you :)

    Hi Steve! Thank you for the new pic, it is fabulous too. You have mastered this look to perfection!

    Aww Macs, thank you! All thanks to Silje though. It feels so wonderful against the skin, I can’t think why I have not done it before!

    Waving to you, dear dreamdoll! A great one for your next trip perhaps xx

  26. Thank you MaiTai. I'm pleased you liked the pic...