Sunday, October 3, 2010

Reader's style challenge: 'navy blazer goes casual' by Manuela

I am happy and thrilled to have received so many emails and comments for future style challenges, as well as great suggestions for variations on the current challenge (How to accessorise a navy blazer in a casual way) Many thanks for everyone's participation, you are making this such fun.

Over time, I will turn your ideas and suggestions into posts, something I look forward to very much. Hopefully more ideas and requests will follow, and if you would like to participate, please write in the comment box below, or drop me an email

To kick off, here Manuela's suggestion on how to go casual with a navy blazer:

May I suggest another outfit :to use the scarf as a belt together with jeans or white trousers, the blue blazer and ballerinas?

Love this idea, and have put it into action with one of my favourite colour combinations, black and blue. Many thanks, dear Manuela!

Style challenge: Navy blazer
Capsule pieces: jeans and black t-shirt
Shoes: ballet flats
Accessories: Quadrige 90 Carré as a belt, chain d'ancre and black clic enamel bracelet, black 35 Birkin
Scarf ring: MT Collection, grande black
Scarf tying method: fold scarf in the basic bias fold, and secure as a belt with a double knot, or a scarf ring and the basic slide

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  1. Beautiful. Really like the navy and black combination.

  2. Dearest MaiTai

    Thank you so much for "publishing" my suggestion. I feel flattered!Needless to say that you look great!Warm hugs, Manuela

  3. You really look amazing in this outfit ! I'm a big fan of Hermès too (for the moment I just can dream about having a piece from Hermès ahah) and I love the scarf as a belt.

  4. This look is brilliant! Well done, Manuela and MaiTai.

  5. So elegant and chic....beautiful you are dear MT!
    I also love to wear the scarf as a belt. It is a great colorful option!
    Since you are in the navy and black mode,may I suggest your jumping boots with the jeans,white shirt and blazer?
    Then you can fill in the H!
    This like having our own live paper doll..a very lively one at that !! Have fun! Big hug,T

  6. Oops...did not mean to leave out Manuela!
    Great idea and I am sure you are rocking' this look as well!

  7. AMAZING! Really outstanding outfit, love it.


  8. Thank you, Xandrah33 and Trudye.
    Yes, Trudye, I sometimes use the scarf as a belt. Kind regards, M.

  9. Love this look - it's so chic. I need to find a blazer to rock in summer now!

  10. Credits to Manuela for the great suggestion and a big wohoo to our queen of style, pulling it off in such an effortlessly chic way! hugs, Macs

  11. Totally off-topic
    Have you seen Sichuan print - Ii simply adore it. Am afraid it is one season show!

  12. Dearest MaiTai,

    What a fabulous blue blazer variation! And cheers to Manuela for the wonderful suggestion. As you, I also love blue and black combination - just pulls me in - and I love how you've married the two in this post, even Manuela's quotes are in blue! Your Quadridge scarf makes the perfect belt - the browns in the scarf are gorgeous. Also like the varying lengths of shirt, blazer and scarf - adds so much interest and softness.
    Thank you for all your sweet words, dear MaiTai. Warm hugs, xx

  13. Lovely outfit, now I have to source a navy blazer, all of my pennies are going into house projects just now, boo hoo.

  14. Black and blue is a gorgeous ccombination; your post makes me want to wear it more. And yesterday I saw your Repetto flats at the boutique near the Paris Opera; they are so refined and beautiful, the fabric is amazing. Haha, now I can't wait to start work so I can go on a big shopping spree!

  15. Thank you, Hair-mess and Scarf Enthusiast. I am glad you liked my suggestion.

  16. Thank you, dear SMR, happy you like it <3

    I am the one to say thank you, my dear Manuela!! Loved your suggestion, and really enjoyed putting it into action. Hugs to you x

    Merci, Olivine, and silky greetings from one Hermès fan to another! Hope your first orange box will be with you one day soon :-)

    Thank you for your kind comment re Manuela’s and my teamwork, dear xandrah33! :-)

    This is such fun, dear Trudye, many thanks for the FAB (!) suggestion! The weather is just about turning into Jumping boots temperatures, and now that they have their new soles they are certainly ready to rock ;-)

    Aww, thank you ASAB, glad you like it!

    Oh Miss Kitty-Cat, hearing about our opposite seasons always takes me by surprise! Have a wonderful summer ahead!

    You are too kind Macs, thank you my dear! Hugs to you x

    I have, adesigna, and it is absolutely beautiful. And yes, it has been re-issued as part of the current AW2010 collection. Go for it while you can!

    Thank you, my dear Scarf Enthusiast. Here’s to blue and black, and to our Manuela! You are so right about the browns in the Quadrige, it is such a perfect combination. I have overlooked it for the longest time in the scarf drawer at my local H, it looked so drab when folded. So glad that I asked to see it eventually, it is now one of my favorites. Warm hugs to you too.

    Many thanks, dear Tabitha, and good luck with your house project! :-)

    Bonjour ritournelleblog, and thank you for the lovley comment. A beautiful pair of Repetto flats definitely is a great incentive to work, wishing you a very good and successful start!!

  17. Fabulous! I wore navy & black recently & a friend quietly pulled me aside to say - oh Kate I don't think you realised when you put your jacket on this morning that it is navy & not black..... I told her that yes I did realise & that navy & black together is very chic & very French, she raised her eyebrows & said no more. So now I feel vindicated thank you Mai Tai. Kisses.


  18. Oh Katie I somehow missed your comment, apologies for coming back so late. I bet you looked stunning in your blue and black outfit. There will always be people who like/dislike our wardrobe choices, but the main thing is, that you were happy, beautiful and chic. Here's to blue and black, and while we are at it, to black and brown too! Hugs xx