Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Capsule wardrobe #26 - reader's style challenge

I know I have fallen behind on answering comments on a few of the older posts, but did not realise quite how badly. I remembered Anne's style request on one of the this year's first posts, but could not believe when I found out I had not answered it yet. I terribly sorry, dear Anne! Here's to make up for it :-)

Anne from Germany:
...I like wearing v-necks with a scarf following the neckline, with a lower knot. What kind of scarf knot would you recommend for this style?
My favorite knot for this style is the Ascot knot, as it holds very well and I like the way both ends end up being parallel, and face the right way. I thought it would be nice to go for a generous and loose basic bias fold, so that the scarf drapes like a collar, or necklace.

I very much enjoyed putting this look together, dear Anne, so many thanks for the inspiration your question provided. Vielen Dank, und viel Spass beim ausprobieren!

Capsule pieces: Check wool trousers, black v-neck sweater
Shoes: mocca (does anyone know how to call this style?)
Accessories: 'Brides de Gala' Dip Dye Carré, bourgogne clic-clac bracelet and Ebene Kelly
Scarf tying method: Ascot knot


  1. I would need to see an up close pic of the shoe, but it looks like a cross between an Oxford and a shootie(boot'n shoe.) How about a fashion Oxford? :):)

    The knot is perfect for a vee-neck though I would have no problem tying choker style around my neck and then layering with a long chain. MT could show it with the Farandole:)

  2. Dear MaiTai

    Thank you so much for showing us a new but gorgeous outfit! I like the ascot knot very much. It can be quite useful if the decoloté of the pullover or t-shirt you´re wearing is too big. I love your bracelet! Beautiful colour! I would call the shoes a kind of "Richelieux" according to Repetto´s home page but I don´t know if I am right! Thank you to Anne as well for the suggestion.
    It is great to exchange ideas in this lovely place that is your blog, dear MaiTai.
    Cosy hugs, Manuela

  3. Totally lovin' this whole ensemble ! Beautiful look,beautiful lady !
    Hugs, T xx

  4. Dear Mai Tai Beautiful look. Dip Dyes are a passion of mine. Thank you for letting me know how often FSH changes its windows. I will see what they are like in June. Do you keep each H bag tucked up in it's box or do you have them ready to hand? I am so torn about either option, but currently keep them in boxes.

  5. Hi there MaiTai, I am afraid I mentioned you name again in connection with Hermes scarves, over at my blog - I met someone very glam wearing a Twilly at Libertys of London. xx

  6. Dear MaiTai,
    thank you very much for your effort and for this wonderful style suggestion. It looks refined but not too severe (Hope I got it right). I agree with Manuela: This is a lovely place to get new ideas.
    Have a nice week and greetings from Germany again,

  7. MaiTai - Thanks for this tip seeing as I also like to wear V-ncek tops to help elongate my neck. Have never tried an Ascot knot before but it looks great. Thanks again!!

  8. HI MaiTai,
    Well, I can say that I am happy now.
    You look (well gorgeous as always) rested, nourished and have your glow back.
    Thanks for the scarf lesson, I am HOPELESS with tying and arranging my scarves, so I'm going to practice your suggestion right now.
    I'm off to Southampton to look at boats. Sigh, not my favourite past time.. So I've decided to "Hermes it up" to garner a bit of enthusiasm for today.

  9. Looking stunningly elegant, as always! Have to go and try this myself a.s.a.p. ;-) hugs, Macs

  10. As always its such a treat to get updates on your blog! The scarf and V' neck is so beautifully put together, and as another said, you are glowing my dear!

    The pics from the new H store are a visual delight, thank you so much for your skillful 'reportage'!

    Lastly, many congratulations on your new clic clac, the color is delectable! How I wish I had strayed from my mantra of 'safe, safe, safe' and gone for some other color than black...as always you are truly an inspiration!

    DB xxx

  11. You're always so chic and elegant dear MaiTai! This is a beautiful look.
    Thank you for sharing pics of RdS H and congrats of your new clic clac. Its color is gorgeous.

  12. Adore ‘shootie’ many thanks, dear gracekelly!! And thank you for the new suggestion, love it! <3

    The cover possibilities really are one of the many virtues of our beloved scarves, my dear Manuela. Richelieux sounds wonderful too, I now call them my Richelieux shooties! You ladies are the best, thanks and hugs!

    Thank you, my dear sweet Trudye. Hugs right back xxx

    Merci Julie! I only have one Dip Dye, but I might just have to get another one... Re the bags it is probably best if they are kept in their boxes, but I prefer to have them at hand. I empty them at the end of the day though (I use bag inserts, which make this so much simpler), and fill them with the stuffing material they originally came with (or leave an empty bag insert in).

    Loved the post of you and Louise, dear Blighty, looks like you have had a great time! I am honoured to be mentioned, thank you :-)

    Very happy you liked the outcome, dear Anne, many thanks for your kind comment :-) Have a lovely rest of the week too, and mille merci again for the great inspiration. Tschüss und bis bald!

    So true re the neck, dear Valencia! Have fun with the Ascot knot :-)

    Aww Louise, I am happy when you are! You can always practice knots while looking at the boats, in fact there might even be some inspiration there! Robert Dumas allegedly came up with the Chaîn d’ancre scheme after looking at anchor chains in the harbour of Cannes.. he made a scaled down version in silver, et voilà, the first chaîn d’ancre necklace was born!

    Merci, dear Macs <3 Will hop over to your blog later, and hopefully see a 'à la Macs' version there soon! x

    So happy you enjoyed both posts, my dear DB, many thanks for your sweet comment. You’ve done well on your black clic clac, my first was black too, and it’s the one I wear most. It is a great basis, and after that, it's play, play, play! x

    Many thanks, my dear booksnchocolate. Your gracious comment brought some lovely rays of sunshine into my day <3

  13. Hello MT,

    I love the shoes!! I would call them lace up oxfords. They are very instyle again. Cole Haan has a pair called the "Mackenzie Oxford" and they come in fabulous rich colors. Also, Church's has the best as far as traditional oxfords and Bergdorf's in NYC have a brand called Gravati http://www.gravati.it/inglese/donna1.htm Check out the two-tone spectators!
    They look fabulous with tights a skirt and cardi (of course, add in a H scarf!)
    The shoes you have are a bit more square toe, than the ones I see now....but they are fabulous. Who is the designer?

  14. Such a nice look and easy way to get a little extra warmth in the winter when wearing a v-neck. Thanks Anne and MaiTai.

    Loving the BdG Dip Dye and clic-clac!

  15. My dearest MaiTai,

    Beautiful beyond words! Just love this color scheme - you truly are a master artist. Your new bourgogne bracelet is perfect, like it was made for this outfit. The low ascot with a v-neck is so beautiful and classic - I have also used this combination quite often. However, since receiving your beautiful scarf rings to play with, I enjoy wearing a low criss-cross knot with v-necks, and it's actually my favorite at the moment - can't thank you enough, dearest MaiTai. Thank you to Anne for the inspiring topic and ITA with Manuela - thank you for creating such a special inviting place for all to come, exchange ideas and to be inspired - it's truly magical. Sending you much love and warmest hugs always xx

  16. Simply stunning, I love how the Ascot knot frames both the face and the V neck. I tried it today, but it is so cold that I used dear Macs' little twist to it. I adore the warm colours of your surteint, I am so envious because as much as you glow in them, they make me look ghastly and scare little children away I am afraid.
    The clic clac in Bourgogne is wonderful, a perfect compliment (and complément) to the outfit.

  17. Your blog is such a treat to visit, Mai Tai! You have the knack of making everything look so effortlessly chic and, importantly, accessible too.

    Love this ensemble and the soft, framing look of a loose bias fold coupled with a lower ascot knot. Going to try this sooooooon. Congrats on finding your clic clac too! It's a beautiful accent.

    Thanks as always for the inspiration, Mai Tai. Sending you warm hugs from the tropics.

  18. I am glad I called in the shoe experts in, many thanks for your input, Marla! Thank you also for the link, the Gravatis are spectacular indeed. Mine are from Italy, by Vera Gomma.

    Thank you, my dear SMR, happy you liked the post, and thank you for sharing my clic clac joy <3

    You are so sweet and kind, my dear Scarf Enthusiast, thank you for your lovely words. It is wonderful to hear you continue to enjoy the scarf rings, many thanks <3 Will try the low criss-cross next, what a great idea. Thank you for always sharing so much here, it makes this a very special place for me too. Hugs x

    Bonjour, chère Jamais! Definitely keep warm and toasty, and Macs’ variation is so pretty and lovely! And yes, the bracelet truly is reminiscent of your country’s finest Côte de Nuits or Côte de Beaunes... Bordeaux next, I hope. The brown Dip Dye was the only colour that worked for me back then, it is definitely worth it to try them all. I wish I could wear green, love the one Macs has! x

    I am so happy to hear you enjoy it here, thank you, dear Simone! The low ascot is a great knot for warmer weather too, so hopefully you will have much fun with it. Hugs to you too!

  19. Dear MaiTai, I am so glad I found your blog (a few months ago). I love, love, scarves but I have never bought a square one, because I had no idea how to tie them in a look that I liked. I have been learning so much from you. I love today's picture so much that I think I am ready to buy square scarves. You have opened up a new world of beauty for me! Thank you. Daisy

  20. Thanks for the gorgeous pics and the inspiration. I fell in love with Hermes and France during a study abroad session several years back, but always passed on the scarves as I could never make them work to suit my style (minimalist) thinking I'd wait until I'm older. Well, I'm old enough now; but it was your wonderful styling that made me finally pull the trigger. I have several coming my way and I can't wait! Keep up the great work!

  21. Such an elegant look MaiTai, I'm definitely inspired to try this! Love the 'shooties' too! ;)

  22. Dear Daisy, so happy to hear that my posts encouraged you to take a plunge into the square scarves! The key truly is the basic bias fold, after mastering that, the Carré is the most versatile format there is, with the added bonus of allowing us to enjoy the design as an artwork. Wishing you much fun choosing your first square scarf!

    Many thanks for sharing the beginning of your love affair with Hermès and Carrés! It is always so interesting to hear how it starts for everyone. Many congratulations on having your first beauties on their way, and wishing you a wonderful time playing and exploring!

    Many thanks, dear Melusine! And lol re the shooties, too cute <3

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