Sunday, January 23, 2011

Capsule wardrobe #27 and new Spring scarf

Last week, I finally had the chance to see a few more colour ways of the Spring/Summer scarves that were on the top of my list, and I fell in love with the Cuirs de Désert just as much as I was hoping for.

Design by Françoise de la Perriere (orig issue 1988)

Whether flat out or folded, it is a feast for the eyes, and the corners are unbelievably rich and beautiful

Ref number: 001786S Colour ref: 32
It's many different colours make it easy to pick clothes and other accessories to go with it. For the first outing teaming it up with camel and blue capsule pieces and teal/blue/turquoise accessories

Capsule pieces: camel corduroy jeans, camel cashmere top and navy blazer
Shoes: chocolate leather sneakers
Accessories: 'Cuirs de Désert' 90 Carré, bleu indienne clic-clac bracelet and bleu de prusse Bolide
Scarf tying method: Cowboy knot, ends secured with the criss-cross method, using a MT horn scarf ring in moyenne light honey.

As opposed to securing the ends with a double knot, a scarf ring hardly takes up any fabric, leaving the ends beautiful and long

Worn off center


  1. It is so beautiful and fresh outfit!

  2. Beautiful Mai Tai, congratulations, I have my eye on the gold/white c/w of this design.

    I see you have the scarf hanging kit, was this easy to fix to your wall? Julie

  3. Such a pretty scarf and such a casually elegant look

  4. MaiTai, I hardly ever use my Thalassa blue Birkin as I find it hard to match with the rest wardrobe. However, after seeing your Bolide, you've just inspired me to blow off the dust and start carrying it again.

  5. I really love this outfit and your new scarf really looks great - as well as bringing out the blue of your eyes and the blue of your Bolide. What a lovely colourway it looks very versatile and I am sure this will look great with summer whites too. Congrats MaiTai! SAx

  6. Wow, the colors in that scarf are amazing! And the ensemble you've put together really brings them out. Beautiful!!

  7. Ahhh, so nice to see a touch of spring in the middle of winter. Beautiful on you, and with the brown... good to see your gorgeous Bolide again too.

    Congrats on the Cuirs de Désert... have a wonderful week MT.

  8. Maitai, love your bolide - what a beautiful vibrant colour!

  9. So happy to see that you brought home a new scarf. I must admit the C de D is the first one that intrigued me from your scarf booklet posting and have it on my list to see at H !
    How beautiful it is, in almost " real life " ! This cw is so beautiful on you and the ensemble you gathered around is PERFECT !! The corner detailing is quite divine.
    I am going to play with my scarf ring for the cowboy knot. It really does allow for more of the beautiful silk to show.
    Love the C en C in the background. I wore mine yesterday to help soften a heavy cashmere sweater. Twins again dear friend!
    Happy Sunday and I hope the coming week is filled with sunny days and snuggly nights !
    Huge hugs, T xx

  10. MaiTai... Hello, The colors are beautiful making me look forward to spring. And you look fabulous. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Blessings -P

  11. Such a fresh and beautiful look! The scarf is perfect with your clic clac and ms bolide.

  12. This is one of my very favourite ways to wear a scarf, MaiTai - and I agree the scarf ring shows off much more of the design than a knot. So glad you were able to see some new designs, and the colours you wanted - I had a disappointing trip to my local H yesterday - they are still waiting for a lot of the new scarfs - no Brides de Gala en Finesse which I was really hoping to see, and only a couple of cws of La Pegase - I loved the white and taupe of this one but need to see the black also to make up my mind! Yours is a perfect choice for you - hope you get to enjoy it lots! xx

  13. I love this bright look, Maitai -- lucky you to have a new scarf in your collection!

  14. It's a gorgeous design, and this colorway certainly sings on you!

  15. Dearest MaiTai

    Congratulations on your beautiful scarf! The combination is perfect and the cowboy knot looks great with your scarf ring!Big hug, M.

  16. My dearest MaiTai,

    Congratulations on your new blue beauty! - a fascinating scarf with such incredible details - so very happy for you. The colorway is splendid on you, and as always, your outfit is pure perfection. Your criss-cross knot works so beautifully here and has truly become my favorite - whether it's centered or off to the side, high or low version, big or small carré, symmetrical or not, it is such an original, beautiful, functional, and an easy to do scarf ring knot. Thank you so much for the gift of your ingenious creations, dearest MaiTai. Love the wonderful picture composition too, the CeC is a delightful accompaniment and an extra treat. Sending you much love and big cosy hugs xx

  17. Great choice! I like it folded better than seeing the whole design. The scarf on the wall is a delight, too.

  18. Dear MaiTai - this is a beautiful addition to your collection. The cowboy knot is one of my favorites since it shows so much of the scarf. It is a great idea to use the scarf ring so the ends are longer.
    And I second Scarf Addict - the blues really make your eyes pop. Camel and blue are fantastic. Have a great week and thank you for the inspiration.

  19. Dear Mai Tai

    We are almost scarf sisters. I have bought this scarf in the very pale purple and green combination and have being looking at the lovely cream, gold and orange colourway.
    I am so happy to see how you wear it (perfectly as usual...).
    Have a lovely week

  20. You always look tremendously chic, but this is certainly one of my top 10 outfits. So lovely how the scarf and your beautiful bolide seem to go hand in hand, perfectly underlined by the navy blazer and the neutral, earthy pants. Congrats on the beautiful spring carré, huge thumbs up and can't wait to see these two beauties again! hugs, Macs

  21. I love love love the colour combination, and am so glad to see Ms Bolide out from hibernation. So effortless chic!
    As I was getting a few scarves and GMs from the new collection the other day, I was wondering what a few of my friends would pick, and I can see Cuir du désert in this colourway being so you. Can't wait to see more. Congratulations,

  22. Love the color combo! Would you believe that I have this scarf, purchased many years ago, in the blue and brown colorway? It would be perfect for your ensemble. I will beam it over to you :)

    Tres chic and love the Bolide!! It is all so fresh looking!

  23. Many thanks, dear Tereza! A beautiful day in the second part of winter so often provokes a foray into fresher colours, happy you like it :-)

    The gold/white is so stunning, good luck Julie! Re the hanging kit, I had to ask DH. Apparently the actual fixing is not a problem, but finding the right position requires great accuracy!

    Thank you, Tabitha. I had a browse of your superb blog, and totally enjoyed your fab and witty style of writing. Thank you!

    Here’s to blue, dear Chocolate, Cookies and Candies! H has so much blue this year, you might just find the right friend for Ms Thalassa :-)

    Many thanks, dear Scarf Addict! So true about it’s versatility, and yes, looking forward to teaming her up with lighter colours too.

    Happy you like the look, dear Deja Pseu, merci! Everytime I look at the scarf, I discover more colours.. it’s another chameleon scarf!

    Thank you, my dear SMR. These little forays into Spring are such fun.. until the next cold spell comes! Have a great week too <3

    Hello A, and thank you. The Bolide got a lot of light from the window opposite, it normally looks a darker shade, but gorgeous still!

    I am ready to pop the cork out, my dear Trudye, twins again!!! Looks like we might become twins over the CdD too, tehe. Happy cowboy knot playing, and a wonderful week to you too! With hugs and love x

    You are so kind, thank you dear Penney. Hope you had a great weekend, and wishing you a lovely week ahead :-)

    Thank you for your sweet comment, dear booksnchocolate. I too love the menage à trois... I am so happy that it worked out as wonderfully as I was hoping it would.

    Hugs to you, dear sushi queen! I know how it feels, I went on three fruitless trips before finally finding scarf happiness. I have not come across the black Pegase either, would love to see how it ties! Fingers crossed, I hope your next trip will bring you all you want to see!

    Many thanks, dear Rubiatonta, and yes, I do feel very lucky :-)

    It was singing loud and clear, dear Aesthetic Alterations! Some scarves feel so right, straight from the beginning, and this CdD is one of them :-)

    Thank you, dearest Manuela <3 So happy you like the scarf and knot, mille merci and hugs x

    My dear Scarf Enthusiast, this blog post is again inspired by you.. your remark on the recent low ascot post brought the criss-cross knot back into my mind, which is why I applied it to the cowboy knot in the first many thanks and tight hugs to you! Thank you also for the sweet welcome of my latest silk friend. Much love to you <3

    Thank you, dear kathleen, so happy to hear you like both scarves! More folding variations to come :-)

    Many thanks for your kind comment, dear A. I always liked brown and blue, and with so much camel around this year it is a nice variation. Another great knot to see a lot of the scarf’s design is the criss-cross knot, you you like it

    Dear SarahB, how wonderful to be first cousins with you! Congratulation on Ms Pale Purple and Green, it is such a pretty colourway. I tried the beautiful cream/gold/orange too (the taupe border is so gorgeous), but the cream ended framing my face and sadly washed me out. The same happened with the Dôme Celeste a few seasons ago, but I will keep on trying.. Have a lovely week too <3

    Aww, so happy you love the look, my dear hair-mess, thank you! Wearing the CdD again today, so you will probably see it again very soon ;-) I was hoping the scarf would go well with the Bolide, but was overjoyed to see just how well it goes!

    What a fun game to guess your scarf sister’s choices, and congratulations on your new scarves, ma chère Jamais! Ms Bolide is happy sniffing the pre-spring air we’ve had lately, and so am I! Warm winds from across the Atlantic x

    High five, dear gracekelly! Brown and blue, you make me week in the knees...looking forward to the beam, and sending you scarf sister hugs in the meantime!

  24. It is, inded, a feast for the eyes, and so are you. The brown and blue combination is perfect with your coloring and eyes . . . and so chic and sophisticated too.

    And, you are absolutely reed slim. How do you every manage to keep girlfriends? I would think they'd be green with envy!

  25. How very lovely to see you, my dearest Jerrine! I fear that lunch boxes might start piling up on my doorstep, but it's all down to the weird and distorting lens of my new camera (my trusted old Sony Cybershot packed up, so sad). The colours are all wrong too, my eyes are not that amazing turquoise color at all! I am sure my GFs can vouch for both ;-)