Friday, January 28, 2011

Capsule wardrobe #28 and reader's style challenge

Following the New Year's Day post featuring a 'Hart Déco' Stole, I received a number of messages from readers who either own this beautifully embroidered piece of cashmere/silk, or who were contemplating of buying one.

The underlying question was how to maximise it's use beyond evening occasions, in short, how to wear the stole in a casual, everyday way.

To emphasise a casual style, I opted for blue jeans and a Picotin bag, and would have teamed them up with a pair of Converse sneakers, only that mine are in need of replacing. I went for ballet flats instead, which always look nice with jeans and a blazer. It hardly matters what goes under the blazer, but a v-neck is a good option as it can dress the whole look up again just by taking the blazer off, and draping the stole in a different way. I added a MT mesh chain link to carry silver accents through to the neckline for balance, and chose a bag in a different colour from black to avoid a dressy touch.

For a casual loop knot it is important to refrain from folding the scarf too accurately. It works better to gather up the fabric instead, hereby creating an easy going draping effect.

Capsule pieces: jeans, black v-neck sweater and black blazer
Shoes: black ballet flats
Accessories: Hart Déco cashmere/silk stole, etoupe Picotin bag and MT mesh chain link necklace in argenté
Scarf tying method: loop knot, for a how-to, please click here


  1. Fabulous! When I tried it on the SA went on and on about balls and I thought well that's not my life, I love how you've draped it with jeans here, it's such a beautiful stole.
    Ah ballet flats and jeans - only for the tall!

  2. Lol re the balls, dear Tabitha! My stole would still go for brand new in ten year's time, if it were for these rare occasions only. Happy you like the jeans up'ed look, thank you! Re the ballet flats and jeans, I noticed that it is one of the favoured outfits of the (often) petite parisians of the 'rive gauche', needless to say how absolutely fabulous they look!

  3. This is such an elegant,casual look and you pull it together so effortlessly,as usual ! Just stunning dear MT.
    Thanks so much for showing a casual way to wear this this non-knot I think I can manage !!
    Of to play in in my closet and put this together.
    I agree with Tabitha,sigh,ballet flats and jeans best for the long,tall leggy gals ! Whenever I attempt,I glance way too often in the "rearview mirror"! Just realized what a perfect word or words " rearview mirror" really is or are...LOL!!
    Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, T xx

  4. I agree - fabulous! And your lovely chain link necklace helps to pull the look together. The perfect balance of polished yet relaxed.

    Have a lovely weekend!


  5. You look wonderful. Loving the stule whatsy.

    Meanwhile it is so hot and humid here that everyone is boling...

  6. Casual and elegant. I didn't get the stole even if i loved it because I thought it wouldn't suit my (very simple) life style. Now I'm having regrets... This is the proof that it looks amazing even with a casual look.
    Thanks for posting dear MaiTai. Have a great weekend.

  7. So gorgeous, my dearest MaiTai! For each amazing outfit you've created, it always seems, "but of course" - everything is so harmonious, in its own right place, and just meant to be. This casual version with the Hart Déco is so rich and relaxed - your fabulous mesh necklace adds such a special sparkle and the etoupe Picotin gives the perfect touch. All of your ensembles have so many wonderful layers and depth. Also thank you, in this and previous post, for reminding us the importance of folding and draping a scarf just right. I don't have this beautiful stole yet but am now very temped - is the cashmere holding up well for you?
    Thank you, my dear MaiTai, for all the beauty you share with us. Sending you all my love and warmest January hugs xx

  8. Beautiful MaiTai ! I have worn my Hart Deco both formally and casually since I received the beautiful necklace from you.

    I wore it to the Races one freezing winter afternoon with a black cashmere coat and received many compliments. Thank- you for all the inspiration. Regards, Karen

  9. You got me laughing with the rearview mirror, my dear Trudye! Love the word creations you come up with, you always make this place so much fun. Have a wonderful weekend too! Hugs <3

    Many thanks, dear Melusine! Happy you like the necklace, and wishing you a great weekend!

    Merci, my dear FF. Hot and humid makes the last trimester a marathon, hugs to you. Sending some cold and dry winds your way.. xx

    Probably many of us had the same thoughts re the stole, dear booksnchocolate, I was wondering too if it would get enough outings. So glad it works well in a casual way, happy you like it too :-)

    My dearest Scarf Enthusiast, you are so very generous, mille merci for your lovely words. So far, all is well with the stole.. no pulls, fuzzyness or pillings yet. After all, it survived New Year’s Eve ;-) I try to be careful though, because of the embroidery. The silk/cashmere mix is different from the current GMs (54% silk in the stole, as opposed to 35% in the GMs) so perhaps this contributes to the non pilling/non fuzzyness. Warm hugs to you too, and much love x

    I am so very happy to hear, dear Karen! The pairing with a black cashmere coat sounds beautiful, and is something I will try out soon. Many thanks! :-)

  10. Dear MaiTai, I totally agree with Scarf Enthusiast-- the entire look is harmonious. Really liking the touch of Etoupe too because it is such a nice neutral.

    Want to chime in with everyone regarding ballet flats and jeans. It is a pulled together look and one that I wish I could wear. For some reason I feel invisible when I wear flats... but the look is wonderful on leggy you.

  11. This outfit is something for me - must learn it step by step :-) Namely, I like casual outfits, but mostly must add something that makes the outfit chic and elegant (as the situation often requires it). Here, the stole played a wonderful role joined with the necklace and really gave a beautiful uplift to the outfit. Although I considered the necklace glamorous, now I can see how wonderful it goes with casual and chic styling. Thanks for a new lesson again, hugs, Lilian

  12. HI MaiTai,
    I'm home after being away for 6 weeks.
    My scarf rings arrived while I was away - and i LOVE them, thank you so much.
    Arnie and Siggi are about to do a photo shoot for you to SHOW off how gorgeous they (the scarf rings) are.

    Meanwhile we are about to have two cyclones here in Townsville, that;'s help me shake off my jetlag, I can tell you! It's action stations around here.


  13. What a fab casual look! yes, I think I´ll reconsider Hart Deco as a "wearable" item. Thank you.

  14. Bravo, and merci, ma chère, for this capsule, it is an élégant tour de force in my eyes! My poor little Cinderella Hart Déco had been sitting in her box since she came home with me a few months ago, eating her little anthracite heart out, unfolded, tried on, than folded and ignored again so many times in favour of her many half sisters, the 90s and GMs.
    A few days ago, she made her grand début at an event, and she has been out ever since.

  15. Happy you like the look, my dear SMR, many thanks <3 Next time I’m in Paris, I try and steal a few snaps of petite Parisians..;-)

    Thank you, dear Lilian! It sounds as if the Hart Deco might be the perfect stole for your needs, it can so easily be dressed up or down. Hugs to you too.

    Welcome back, Louise! Hope you had a wonderful trip, Arnie and Siggi must be overjoyed to have their mistress back. So happy to hear you enjoy the scarf rings, thank you! Hope the cyclones have passed without creating any damage, stay safe!

    Mille merci, my dear Birkinmary. The stole would look wonderful on you :-)

    Twin hugs to you, ma chère Jamais! So happy to hear Ms Cinderella is having a ball, in the ball room and outside! Wish I had a black leather jacket, to bring out her rock’n’roll side... vra vra vroom!

  16. So beautiful, dear MaiTai!
    The Hermès stole and you!
    Warm hugs, Manuela

  17. Many thanks for the lovely compliments, my dear Manuela. Hugs x

  18. lifeatmyfingertipsFebruary 9, 2011 at 1:40 AM

    This Hart Déco brings back memories! =) I love it on's more stunning than the JdM. Amazing how it can look elegant, chic yet casual, all in one! xx

  19. Thank you, my dear lifeatmyfingertips. Sweet memories for sure, and looks like it has been the right decision! ;-) xx