Friday, January 14, 2011

A trip to Paris - FSH update

Does anyone remember the little peek I took when the redecoration of FSH's corner window was under it's way? I spotted mint green curtains and candy coloured artificial flowers, not able to imagine what the end result could possibly be..

a couple of days ago, I finally found out!

A wonderland of macaron pyramids, glittering escargots and sparkling bags, candies and sugar craft

For once, children are as enthralled by the splendor of the main window as their mamans
All patisseries by Pierre Hermé

And a few more pics of the fabulous displays along the rue Faubour St. Honoré and the rue Boissy d'Anglas, the opulence and creativity are simply breathtaking

It was fun to check the new scarf designs, but most of the colours I looked forward to seeing where not in stock that day, and so I just have to wait patiently. The new scarf booklet made up for it though, it is so summery and fabulous. The cover features 'Brides de Gala en Finesse', and I will post the rest as soon as I get the scans done.

And there are more good news from my trip to Paris, the Poudre collars will be back in stock in about three weeks time, along with a new silvery taupe colour. For pre-reservations, please send a short message to:


  1. Those windows are absolutely breathtaking!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. I completely agree with you, dear Deja Pseu! Merci <3

  3. MaiTai WOW! It was worth the wait. Have a great weekend. Blessings -P

  4. Thank you, dear Penney. Have a wonderful weekend too! x

  5. The windows are delightful to see! Thanks for posting the pictures.

  6. Glad you enjoyed, Stephanie. Thank you! :-)

  7. Thank you for sharing. The windows are absolutely STUNNING! They could have been only better if you were in one of the shots!



  8. Oh, drool! Macarons and accessories all together...just delightful.

    Merci mille fois!

  9. Those windows are works of art in their own right.

  10. PS What carres were you hoping to see?

    Maisie x0x

  11. AMAZING!! What a feast for the eyes! I agree,totally breathtaking and tantalizing.
    Thank you for this breath of Spring and I cannot wait to see what is waiting for us inside of the booklet!
    Wishing you sunny skies for the weekend ahead,
    Peace and love,T xx

  12. It's always a delight to discover FSH windows. They are breathtaking. Thank you for sharing. Hopefully i'll get to see them 'en personne'
    On Wed. I went to my H store. I wanted to check a couple scarves, but they had not all arrived yet (and on some the SA told me they might not even get them at all :-(( ) But then one scarf caught my eye. Concours d'étriers in bleu gris/sable. I fell in love with it and brought it home.I find the design and colors gorgeous and I'm amazed at how versatile it is.
    Sorry I'll stop rambling now.
    Have a great weekend dear MaiTai.

  13. after watching hours of vile sludge covered flood damage these pretty images are cheering x

  14. Dear Maisie, Rubiatonta, Belle de Ville, Trudye, booksnchocolate and Faux Fuchsia ~ it is always such fun sharing with you, thank you for the kind comments. Wishing you a great weekend ahead! x

    Maisie, you are the sweetest, thanks! I was hoping to see Cuirs de Desert and Concours d’Etriers in one of the warmer CWs, Fleurs d’Indiennes in a more monochrome version, the Grand Manege and Ronde de Jockeys (or does it just come in the pink and green?), the new giant summer twill and The Soleil du Soir GM mousse. The rêve de corail is beautiful, and I loved it in the black/cream, a truly elegant winter scarf... BUT, I was hoping for a summery one. The brighter ones are fabulous, but did not suit me that well. The Fleurs in the blue CW was stunning, but I have to think carefully if I’d reach for it at home too. The Concours d’Etriers in the CW booksnchocolate got is another favourite, but would like to see some of the other colors too before making a decision. As for the 70s, Ferronnerie and Pois de Soie are pretty irresistible!

    Rubiatonta, drooling right with you!

    Beautifully said, Belle de Ville! :-)

    Wishing you beautiful and sunny skies too, my dear Trudye. Booklet joys to follow soon. Hugs x

    Congrats on you Concours d’Etriers, dear booksnchocolate! The bleu gris/sable is so very pretty and elegant, and the teal touches (was thinking of my bleu indiennes clic clac) by the corners make it so wonderfully fresh... we might become twins on this one ;-)

    Hugs to you, dear Faux Fuchsia! So sorry what people in your country have to go through, it is truly devastating. Stay safe xx

  15. Wonderful, just what I needed to brighten up this dull, english mid-winter morning. Thanks.

  16. What an incredible display... I adored the progression of colours. The Blue and Brown window with the coat, matching scarf and bag are beyond gorgeous. Thank you so much for the wonderful photographs and Have a Great Weekend.

  17. Very decadent and oh so beautiful Thanks for sharing the photos MaiTai.

    Have a great weekend.

  18. What exquisite windows! A true feast for the eyes!
    So wonderful to look at instead of our dreary Chicago winter weather. I think all of the 2011 scarves are pictured on Purse Forum (shhh). Donna

  19. What a treat!! I miss Paris already <3 Thank you so much for sharing =)

  20. Those windows could put you into sugar shock on many levels! The exotic bags are amazing. I liken this to see the Rose Parade floats in person. A picture is great, but experiencing it in person must have been awesome!

  21. Dearest MaiTai

    Those windows are really breathtaking and I can´t help thinking abourt Spring already! Thank you for sharing the stunning photographs.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Manuela

  22. My dearest MaiTai,

    Wow, what an amazing fantasy brought to life!  Now how did Hermès know what I was dreaming of when I was a little girl ;-)  Just like the pretty pink Dalloyau cake, I never thought I would see my childhood fanciful wonderlands realized. And you're right, those Parisian little girls must be in heaven.  The latter four groups of photos are just unbelievable.  I have always marveled at the amazing garland framed pictures in many of their windows, but these truly took my breath away. They really transcend one's imagination. The two with a grand piano especially warm my heart. Thank you for always sharing a peek of Hermès magic with us, my dear MaiTai.  Wishing you a warm and sunshine filled weekend, and sending you all my love and many sweet hugs xx

  23. Oh, thank you so much for this absolutely stunning
    eye candy! They never cease to thrill us all with their
    artistry. Yummy!

  24. Gorgeous! The window were all boarded up last year when I was in Paris. So sorry I missed such decadence!

  25. Thank you MaiTai - such beautiful pictures to cheer up the dullest, rainiest January day! I cannot wait to see the new scarves - am hoping to do so next weekend! xx

  26. I think we must have crossed paths again MaiTai LOL! I too was in Paris this week, I loved the windows at FSH so pretty and so looking forward to springtime. May I recommend you to visit the new boutique at Rue de Sevres next time you are in Paris? It is stunning! I put a few pics on my blog if you are interested. Great to see you have some new variations on your scarf rings oooh choices choices!!!!!! Thank you!SAx

  27. Thank you, Claire! Beaming you a few rays of sunshine over :)

    I agree with you on the brown/blue window, dear ssb. It was truly amazing, and so beautifully put together. Have a wonderful remaining weekend too!

    Happy you enjoyed the pics, my dear SMR, it is always so much fun to share with you girls. Have a great Sunday x

    Glad the pics brought some light into a winter’s day, dear Donna. Will check the thread, thank you! :)

    Come back soon, dear DD! <3

    It was truly awesome, dear gracekelly! Hope on to a plane, and we can drool together! And once we’re done, we could always try and find more ways with Gavroches :-)

    Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend too, my dear Manuela. I started dreaming of Spring too.. x

    My dear Scarf Enthusiast, I am so happy the pictures gave you so much joy. I imagine us sitting in the midst of all the glory and splendour, and banqueting on a pink fairy tale cake while the pianos in the garlanded frames softly play a beautiful tune... Happy sunshine hugs to you too xx

    Yummy eye candy indeed, dear pamella! Sweet best wishes to you <3

    Aww, so sorry to hear about the boarded windows on your last visit, dear A-T-G! I hope you will see them in full splendour on your next trip :)

    Sending you sunshine and blue skies, my dear sushi queen! Hope you got lucky with the new scarves, would love to hear back! x

    Oh, Scarf Addict, we’ve narrowly missed each other again! I went on Tuesday. Imagine we would have bumped into each other at FSH's scarf counter.. or at the rive gauche store ;-)

  28. T, Those windows are delicious and divine at the same time! They certainly hint of spring too. Thank you for sharing your photos.


  29. So nice to see you, dear S! Hope you are happy and well. Best pre Spring greetings :-)