Monday, February 7, 2011

Capsule wardrobe # 28 - Two requests in one

When bringing a new scarf home, I love to explore different ways to wear it, and see how different knots create different looks, and which clothes it goes well with . The recently acquired 'cheap and chic' scarf did not escape the routine, and first of all I tried dear Lilian's suggestion from a couple of days ago:
Might I suggest this scarf for demonstrating the already mentioned waterfall knot, as it is long enough and is not too thick, i.e. it would make a wonderful waterfall? :-)
And of course it did make a wonderful waterfall, thank you Lilian! The instruction video is in the making, and will follow soon :)

Curious how the scarf would work with a casual outfit, I remembered A.R.'s recent request, which I received by email
Since becoming a mother 3 years ago, I've lost my personal stye. Spending most of the days playing on the floor and changing diapers didn't leave much room for anything but lounge pants and t-shirts. Since my daughter started pre-school, I am able to better reconnect with my style. I have always had a passion for Hermes scarves and am trying to again incorporate them into my everyday wardrobe. My questions is, could you show more casual, mommy on the go looks in an up- coming post?

I exchanged the grey wool trousers from last time..

..for a pair of jeans, while keeping the rest of the wardrobe and accessories pretty much the same. When DS was little, jeans were the most practical basics for a casual mommy-on-the-go look, and as the scarves play the flamboyant part, I keep the tops simple. Shoes have to be comfortable, and I like to match their colour to the top (or pick up on colours from the scarf), to frame the jeans.

Capsule pieces: jeans, black v-neck sweater
Shoes: black suede loafers
Accessories: Cheap and chic silk scarf from Galerie Lafayette, beaded bracelets, ancient Prada nylon knapsack (when DS was little, I used it as a nappy bag, and it still comes in handy on more adventurous outings, such as tree climbing, rollerblading, canoeing etc)
Scarf ring: MaiTai Collection moyenne size in black
Scarf tying method: Waterfall knot, instructions soon to come!

PS. If going for a H scarf (depending on the age of children who are part of the outing) I would make sure to keep the ends short (ascot knot with the ends secured behind the neck, cowboy knot etc), or go for smaller formats such as Twillys or Gavroches. However, with my wonderfully inexpensive new scarf, I am going for a full length knot ;)

Many thanks for the inspiration, dear Lilian and A.R. xx


  1. Dearest Maitai, the waterfall knot is as nice as I expected and your overall look is fabulous (a Taurus, which I am as well, is often persistent - sorry though for mentioning the waterfall knot video repeatedly, as it required even more work on your side - thanks for your effort). Thanks for teaching us style lessons as well, you are a wonderful teacher. times...when I watch your non-H seems so much H! I guess that H feel comes from your inner beauty... Hugs

  2. Oh my dear Lilian, I should have known you are a Taurus! I am so glad you were persistent, as I found a better better way of doing it than before. So all thanks to you! Merci for the lovely words too x

  3. Another stunning look MaiTai; I too am really looking forward to the waterfall 'how to' video since it looks very graceful and elegant. It's also great to see how to create two different looks just with small changes.

    Have a lovely week,

    Melusine x

    PS: and many thanks for thinking about another recipe! ;)

  4. I'm happy you enjoyed the play with the nuances, dear Melusine, thank you! Wishing you a wonderful week too :)

  5. This look is amazing;
    I really love the way you are wearing your scarves and it inspires me a lot!
    I'm looking forward to seeing the waterfall knot tutorial.

    I have a question...
    Do you have any recommendations which knots match best with polo shirts?
    Thanks alot :)

  6. Dear MaiTai,
    Thank you for the demonstration of casual yet classy outfits. I love your scarf rings. They are so useful.
    Thank you also for the great market pictures. I long to sit there with you in a cafe and enjoy a pain au chocolat. DS is so cute!
    Have a great week.

  7. Gorgeous, and cannotcannotcannot wait for the video! I can't tell you how much I enjoy your blog, dear MaiTai. I never even thought of scarves a year ago, and now, I can't wait for winter to be over so I can start wearing my lovelies again. I've gotten a couple of cheap silk darlings too, old vintage pieces that are just so much fun with little cardie and jeans.

    Must master waterfall knot, must master waterfall knot *repeats ad infinitum*

  8. Another casual yet elegant outfit. I love how slight changes in the outfit give a whole different vibes to the look. Re the waterfall knot, I can't wait for your how to. Would it work with a 90 H scarf or would it be too stiff?
    Have a great day dear MT.

  9. How wonderful you have covered this subject! How well I remember those years where I was 'mommy' and glamour really took a back shelf.
    It made me giggle a little to see the 'shorter ends' depending on the age of the little one mentioned very true!
    With your wonderful insight and how to's, being a chic mommy is delightfully easy!

    As always, your blog is such a delight!

    DB XXX

  10. My dearest MaiTai,
    How I love these posts - variation and comparison - some of my favorite modes of study and appreciation. You are truly an artiste par excellence and as Lilian said, an extraordinary teacher. So love the wonderful transformation in this post and very much look forward to the world's best how-to video. Thank you for continuing to fill our treasure chests with your beauty and happy lessons in styling! Much love to you and warmest hugs xx

  11. I am so much sure everyone is in front of the desktop waiting for the waterfall video to come, as well as further styling ideas. I have not told you how much envious I am for your cheap-and-chic scarf and that I browsed Galerie Lafayette web, but have not found it, of course :(
    Better you got it, as you used it in the best possible way.
    Also missed to write that I am absolutely not a person who knew anything about blogs before and the only blog I adore is yours, for the classy looks, wonderful ideas and beautiful style - everything any woman can dream about when polishing her style. Coming here on daily basis, several times. My scarves are out, waiting for the video with your other followers, lol. Hugs

  12. Looking forward to the waterfall knot instructions MT. I plan to pass this post along to my stepdaughter who is in full mommy mode right now with a newborn. Thanks to Lilian and A.R.

  13. Dear MaiTai,
    Thank you dearly for this post. I was tickled to see my question featured on your site. Wonderful ideas for mommy looks! Jeans and fine rib cords with solid sweaters are my uniform. I love the way a scarf tied casually can transform the outfit. Im feeling very inspired! Thanks again.

  14. lifeatmyfingertipsFebruary 9, 2011 at 1:34 AM

    The waterfall knot is lovely, and you look tres chic as always! Thank you for this inspiration =)

  15. Dear scarf lovers & fashionable moms:

    For wearing long scarves in situations where the ends shouldn't hang down, I favor a twist knot, with the tail ends tied behind the neck. Our dear Mai Tai has a lovely version of this accomplished with two twillys ("Simple Twist Knot").

  16. Dear Mai Tai
    As usual just perfect. I may channel you tomorrow!(again)

  17. Thank you, Annika! Great question re the polo shirts. I would avoid elaborate knots or big scarves, and go for a sleek and streamlined look instead. Try Twillys, Pointus, Gavroches or 70s in neat double knots, or use a scarf ring and the basic slide technique. When using Pointus and 70s, I‘d wrap them once around the neck prior to knotting. A cowboy knot with a Gavroche would be cute too. Good luck!

    Dear Maedi, so happy to hear you are enjoying the scarf rings! It would be such fun if you were to join our Saturday routine, and I hope one day you maybe will :-)

    Dear Frances, I hope you’ll have a ball with the waterfall knot, it’s such a great knot to play with, as it drapes differently every time. It is wonderful to know you enjoy it here, thank you.

    Happy you enjoy playing with the nuances too, my dear booksnchocolate! The waterfall knot looks spectacular with a 90 Carré, I think Ms Grande might have arrived just in time! ;-)

    My dear DB, I never saw glamour taking a back shelf chez toi, au contraire, you are the epitome of a chic and stylish yummy mummy!

    So wonderful to share yet another hobby with you, my dearest Scarf Enthusiast, and I hope we will apply the concept of variation and comparison to D’s cake counter one day too! With hugs and love.

    Aww, my dear Lilian, I am so happy to hear you love it here. If I’ll ever see the scarves again, I’ll snatch one up for you!

    Many congratulations on the wonderful news of your stepdaughter’s baby, dear SMR! Instructions for the waterfall knot are almost on the way..

    My dear A.R., I am so pleased you enjoyed this post. It has been such a great and fun challenge, and I look forward to a sequel one day. Mille merci again, and have a wonderful weekend!

    Happy you like it, my dear lifeatmyfingertips, thank you <3

    Dear Dr.V.O., so true.. the twist knot is perfect for these situations, and as you have said, so lovely with a 90 Carré too!

    Merci, dear SarahB, such fun to be knot twins, hope it worked out well!

    Many thanks, dear Sydney Shop Girl!